FREE Heroic Character – Until March 31, 2017

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  1. Sticky007 New Member

    And NEW accounts that go gold before the 31st?
  2. Kravn Augur

    Apparently they mean paying sub, I wasted a Krono to gold a new account and its not giving me the Heroic. And yes, I have two other paid accounts so I know what I am looking for. Yes, I have logged this new account in multiple times with the dummy lvl 1 shaman I made.
  3. Roshen Brand Manager

    For all intents and purposes, the Heroic Character you get during the 18th anniversary promo works like one you've purchased. If you already have a Heroic Character count waiting to be used, this just adds one to it.

    As long as you log into a character on a server during the promo, you'll get the Heroic Character added to your account. Similar to the previous question, the Heroic Character earned during this promo functions like a paid Heroic Character. There's no expiration date on it, once it's on your account.
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  4. Ghubuk Augur

    It appears that any free accounts that were previously made can get the free heroic but if you want it on a new account, it must be one that you open with a subscription (not a krono). I suppose it makes sense as they dont want people making a bunch of free accounts just to get a heroic toon.
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  5. Roshen Brand Manager

    Hey Kravn,

    Can you log all the way out of the new account that you just put a Krono on, and then all the way back into the game? (choose a server, make a character, log in).

    The check for if your new account has membership is at the first log in. The Heroic Character ought to be awarded to your account once you're on a server.
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  6. anvil Elder

    Roshen, Thanks for such a prompt and clarifying response. Thanks to the EQ team for the free Heroic Toons! Happy 18th Birthday to EQ. LONG LIVE EQ
  7. Kravn Augur

    I have done this multiple times, logged completely out of game, then back in all the way to the new character standing in the guild lobby.
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  8. Badhand Elder

    Thank you! My Shadowknight I had just started to level is now 85.

    As was stated it wasn't available in the character select screen until I logged into an individual character and then back to the select charater screen where it had become available.

    Now to camp Argath to sell armor to all these new tunes. :).
  9. Sticky007 New Member

    OK. So, I created 4 new accounts. For each one I basically had the same thing happen.

    1. Create account on the Everquest home page - verify email.
    2. Log into the Everquest game via the launcher - agree to EULA
    3. Log into the server and create a level 1 character.
    4. Log into game (however got continual disconnects)
    5. Finally get the level 1 into game.
    6. Consume Krono - hit DB - claim 500 DBC.
    7. Log out to character select.
    8. Account shows Gold - no Heroic upgrade showing.
    9. Log back into game on the level 1 - no heroic upgrade button on the inventory page.
    10. Log completely out of the game - run the launcher - log into character select.
    11. At character select, not heroic showing.
    12. Log back into game - no Heroic upgrade showing.

    So the promotion said new players will all access - and consuming a Krono gives you all access.

    I'm really hoping I didn't just waste 4 Krono =( because that promotion message did not say recurring monthly subscription. It says "All Access Membership." Kronos give you all access gold membership.
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  10. Badhand Elder

    Mine is
    Mine is currently paid for by Krono and it worked fine although I have had a recurring membership in the past.
  11. Sticky007 New Member

    The only unusual thing I'm experiencing are the continual disconnects - the moment I log in the first time, the green connection bar runs down to zero and I get the disconnect screen. It kicks to back to character select and if you try to log back in the same thing happens. Logging in from the launcher again seems to fix this.

    No Heroics are showing up though.
  12. Shazman New Member

    I am experiencing the same thing.
  13. Badhand Elder

    I was getting these disconnects too since the server restart. Maybe this is you guys issue??

    Just tried with my second account which has been funded by Krono, only. It worked fine, 1 heroic tune available.
  14. Sticky007 New Member

    Oh and also - new toons that I create and enter the tutorial get dropped down in the middle of the room outside Arias' cell and you can not progress. A disconnect comes and then you try to log in again and it puts you in the main Gloomdeep instance next to the main instance Arias. Disconnect again and next log in will make you pop in CR - with a disconnect right after getting in game. That's where I attempt to log in again via the launcher - which seems to fix the disconnects.
  15. Badhand Elder

    Do a good deed like this and all you get repaid with is moaning.

    Thank you very much Everquest, you have saved me many days!
  16. Sticky007 New Member

    Wow really? We are just trying to figure out how to get our Heroic to show up. I don't see any moaning . . .
  17. Adrihaen New Member

    Here's what I have experienced:

    Free account got the heroic.
    Silver account got the heroic.
    Going to try my paid account and a created account next.
    Looks to be account specific not server so only one per account unlike some past heroic characters.
    I made one from scratch and upgraded one from the character sheet since I never saw it on my character select screen.

    My recommendation is log into the character you want to upgrade and just use the character sheet method. Its near where it tells you how many days left on your sub. When making a new character, once I settled on the look and class, there was the option to upgrade it near when you'd enter the game. Hope that helps any not finding it.
  18. Cleaver Augur

    Doesn't work on new accounts. It doesn't even work on ones created 2 days ago.

    Even after adding a kroon to both.
  19. Lynnia Augur

    If you had that account before today you should be eligible for the heroic even w/o using the krono on it
  20. Cleaver Augur

    Nope. I have 2 accounts I created last night neither were able to get It with or without a krono.