Free 100 Heroic decision

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Chips, Apr 5, 2024.

  1. Chips Elder

    Hello. I'm struggling to decide what class to claim my 100 free heroic character. I've played on and off since 99 and rarely go over level 70 or so as I get bored.

    Right now I have a 35 Warrior and Shaman box. I was thinking of getting a free druid. The reason I was thinking druid is I could always have 3rd account just log in and come in every so often to cast a ds and occasional heals or buffs.

    I usually like making alts anyway and was thinking at some point to do a Magician and a Warrior or whatever the other tank is called and a mag or something. That way I'm not stuck on having a healer and could do some dps and still have a tank.

    The other option is no tank for the box, but use the 3rd account to eventually have the tank.. I think it'd get boring though not having a tank. I usually like to have one. Plus I'm more interested in old content than the 70-80 or so range. But, maybe I could get over the hump eventually.

    I get bored around 70 as I don't like a lot of the zones. I can't remember exactly what level it is, but somewhere around 70-80 or so I get bored with zones like Hill shades or whatever else there was.
  2. Brickhaus Augur

    Just remember, if you make a new toon and then upgrade to 100, you can decide to delete and reclaim your 100 Heroic (just remember to throw the plat in the shared bank cause you don't get that again).

    If you upgrade an existing toon, then you would have to delete that toon completely if you wanted to reclaim the Heroic.
  3. Chips Elder

    Oh cool. Maybe I should just pick one then for now because otherwise I'll be going back and forth and not pick one.
  4. Chips Elder

    I'm wondering if I should just get the free 100 heroic on my 2nd account and just use it to buff my tank. That way I get all access on the 2nd account. I don't think I'd really ever 3 box anyway and usually it's the tank that needs the ds and buffs the most anyway.

    EDIT: Yeah, think it makes more since to do act. 2 as the upgrade because otherwise I'd have to pay all access on the 3rd account just to get buffs.
  5. JohnnyRedLight New Member

    If your warrior and shaman box are both All Access, then you have 2x 100 Heroics. Warrior Shaman isn't too bad. Maybe hard to pull singles. I would say up the shaman to 100 and then make a new 100 on the warrior account. Maybe SK? Or a pet class. I have a bias towards BST but Mag would probably do you better.
  6. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Sound like a typical tlp player they play to 60 or something then remake a new char and redo. I got so bored of the level game very boring.