Fragment of Legendary Alaran History

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  1. Langya Augur

    This item still actively dropping since the Halloween stuff went live? Been slaying lots of Alarans and getting lots of Halloween themed stuff...but zero of these items. Typically the drop more than zero out of hundreds of kills.
  2. Yinla Augur

    Had one drop in Luna a couple of nights ago.
  3. Uxtalzon Augur

    Had a few drop for me yesterday, pretty darn good luck in Pillars. I'd swarm entire camps of alarans in Valley and Sarith but never find any, though. lol
  4. Mytoss Elder

    drop rate of these seems to have been lowered alot ) at first in heart of fear ) i saw quite alot of these , havent seen one in months since
  5. silku Augur

    I don't find them often in valley anymore.. but I still find them occasionally in shard's landing.
  6. Abazzagorath Augur

    Supposed to be 2% chance in RoF and 1% chance in VoA alarans. So even killing 500-1000 and not getting one wouldn't be that crazy.

    Its the RNG.
  7. Langya Augur

    Guess I was just getting lucky. I could see them lowering the drop rate in the swarmable zones but there should be no need to make a global adjustment just to counteract limited abuses.
  8. oogolx Elder

    an old guildy of mine used to farm them in evantil
  9. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Elder

    How much does one of these actually evolve the tear?
  10. oogolx Elder

  11. Caudyr Augur

    They should totally add this book to the heroic adventures currency NPC for people to buy for like...500 or so currency per (since it takes so many of these to max the tear, it could be even less...say...250...and still wouldn't be "OP" or anything)! :D

    Would also give people a way to work on this, while doing current content etc...since there are no alarans in CotF (thus far). ^^
  12. Phrett Augur

    I kinda wish they'd up the drop rate on these now, seeing as how the most current content doesn't have any Alarans...
  13. Feradach Augur

    That'd be nice, but I'd rather see the item evolve based on ANY kills made while on Alaris...not just Alarans.
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  14. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Elder

    That would make it easier to evolve, but I think there are enough Alarans to kill to make this a non-issue. Not to mention the fact that these tablets really make it easier than ever to evolve the tear.
  15. Langya Augur

    HA! "Easier" being a relative term. It went from "utterly insane to the point of don't bother" to maybe being actually worth while if your goal is to have it be useful but not fully evolved. Granted, there is nothing fundamentally difficult about it. Just mindlessly kill thousands upon thousands of Alarans. I have not been actively killing Alarans just for the sake of it, since it has been tied to aug camping. When all the augs are obtained, either its time to give up on the tear or make more alts to have excuses to camp more augs.

    Anyway, one dropped for me the other night in Windsong. Drop rate still seems dismal as of late though.
  16. Orbital101 Augur

    Seen a post on how many % per kill per tear lvl. think was 1.5% per kill or I am wrong? dont seem to find it any more if anyone could up it thx.
  17. Ranpha Augur

    If it was that quick, I don't think people would call evolving it utterly insane as then you could finish it by killing 1200 Alarans.

    It evolves quick at the start, but every level gets exponentially worse. At level 15 killing 1000 Alarans only moved it 5-10%. Evolving it without clickies means killing >100.000 Alarans... with clickies you may be able to get away with just 20.000. I killed atleast 7.500-10.000 Alarans since the drops went live, ended up with 95 clickies to go from level 15 and a bit to maxed.
  18. Trajet D'Or Augur

    I found some time to work on the tear.

    First the bad news. The evolving item system does not function if the item is an augment. The way the system is coded requires that an evolving item be in an equipment slot for it to work. So you have my apologies that that item is still eating your ammo / charm / face slot.

    Next, the less bad news. I've again dropped the experience scale required to level the tear from 1-20, somewhat dramatically. Halfway through what used to be level 17 will now be level 20. Compare the old exp required vs the new exp required following the next full patch:
    1. Starts at 1.
    2. 4500 -> 4500
    3. 6783 -> 6393
    4. 10224 -> 9083
    5. 15410 -> 12904
    6. 23226 -> 18332
    7. 35007 -> 26043
    8. 52763 -> 36998
    9. 79525 -> 52561
    10. 119861 -> 74670
    11. 180655 -> 106079
    12. 272284 -> 150700
    13. 410387 -> 214089
    14. 618536 -> 304142
    15. 932258 -> 432074
    16. 1405100 -> 613818
    17. 2117767 -> 872009
    18. 3191899 -> 1238803
    19. 4810831 -> 1759881
    20. 7250885 -> 2500140
    Finally I've adjusted the relative experience given by the Fragments of Legendary Alaran history so running the task is an even more rewarding endeavor than it has been. The experience given scales depending on the level of your tear and is now as follows [exp value - approximate % of the tear level you'll get per click]:
    1. 450 - 10%
    2. 474 - 25%
    3. 673 - 25%
    4. 765 - 20%
    5. 1086 - 20%
    6. 1157 - 15%
    7. 1644 - 15%
    8. 1557 - 10%
    9. 2211 - 10%
    10. 1571 - 5%
    11. 2232 - 5%
    12. 3170 - 5%
    13. 4503 - 5%
    14. 6397 - 5%
    15. 9088 - 5%
    16. 12910 - 5%
    17. 18340 - 5%
    18. 26054 - 5%
    19. 37013 - 5%
    Finally I've added some additional stats to the tear as it progresses, which is mainly moot because only the defense skill mod will benefit you if the item is equipped in the ammo slot, but it adds an extra incentive to reach level 20 for the augment version of the item.

    To make some sense of those numbers here is a chart that defines how much 'item exp' you gain per kill. (Basically, the amount of 'item exp' you gain per kill is based on your group size and the mob's level compared to yours.)

    Grey cons at all group sizes yield 0 points of item exp.

    Green: 20
    Light Blue: 30
    Dark Blue: 71
    White: 111
    Yellow: 120
    Red: 131

    Green: 12
    Light Blue: 18
    Dark Blue: 42
    White: 66
    Yellow: 72
    Red: 84

    Green: 9
    Light Blue: 14
    Dark Blue: 33
    White: 53
    Yellow: 57
    Red: 66

    Four People
    Green: 8
    Light Blue: 12
    Dark Blue: 29
    White: 45
    Yellow: 48
    Red: 57

    Five or Six People
    Green: 8
    Light Blue: 11
    Dark Blue: 26
    White: 41
    Yellow: 44
    Red: 51
  19. Caudyr Augur

    The exp gained per kill value should be tripled or quadrupled...and should not be affected by how many people are in the group.

    Make the Fragment of Legendary Alaran History available for purchase from the HAs merchant, too...because, y'know...'ancient artifacts found on antonica from early dragons' or some crap...or maybe even the Xulous who knew about the Alarans, too.

    The point is they could easily justify it lore-wise...and have it cost ~300 or so marks per.

    Aside from that, just let any kill update it + have that available and I think people wouldn't complain. It's no fun mindlessly going after just Alarans, that's for sure.
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  20. Caziku Lorekeeper

    That would certainly be welcomed. Sure there are a handfull that have maxed this out Before it was changed and I applaud them for their hard work. As such they've reaped the benifits longer.

    Now tho, 2 expansions later, it should warrant getting looked into how to make it even easier for those Close to finish, get it finished and those that are new to the game or up and coming to be able to max it out as well rather than work on it for 6 months straight.

    Sure it's not a HUGE boost or anything, but should be more easily attained now than it was in the past (just like all things become easier with time).
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