Not A Bug Fragment of Legendary Alaran History do not drop from green or gray cons

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Waldagar, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Yorag Journeyman

    "This is not a bug and is working as intended. These will not drop from green or grey con NPCs."

    And how were the players to know this? I didn't see it posted in any of the patch messages.
    I have probably wasted in excess of 30 hours trying to get a Fragment to drop as they used to. I knew something was wrong.
    As far as I am concerned, this is unacceptable and very poor design.

    The beauty of farming the fragments by killing is that you can do it alone when you have time. Doing the Pillars tasks, I believe requires a group, but are they still going to be awarded in those?

    Now a majority of people will have an item that they can't finish evolving. Nice design....
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  2. CatsPaws Augur

    Good reading here specifically from Fanra where he links the actual Dzarn posts about grey con mobs which originally was patched in 2013 and a few other mathematical calculations. It always has and always will be a grind as Dzarn has stated originally- "The item is intended to be a 'major' grind."

    But look on the bright side Originally, the final Tear took 7,250,885 xp. After the change it is 2,500,140.

    With the page after page of posts about the tear and patch notes too, I am not sure how it was missed
  3. Baldur Augur

    Wasn't it decided years and years ago that trivial loot code was bad?

    At one point you couldn't get any items to drop from grey con mobs. It was terrible, and so many people complained, that eventually they got rid of it. Think it was back in 2001 when they first tried it out.
  4. Winnowyl Augur

    This REALLY needs to be changed. I made a bard. I leveled her to 115. The Tear of Alaris was one of the things I very specifically went back to get. And now I'm locked into doing the missions repeatedly to level it, JUST because she's too high level for the last expansion to feature Alarans? They need to drop the fragments regardless of level, or you need to figure something else out, because that's not a practical way to do this.
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  5. Thunderkiks Augur

    Wish I had known this before I leveled my new SK to 115 :(
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  6. Jumbur Augur

    Well they had the "you can't beat naggy and vox after level 52"-rule, and look how that turned out.

    (and no, I don't like that rule either). :(

    Leveling up and advancing your character should never punish you!
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  7. RPoo Augur

    Sounds like it's time to make these items TRADEABLE
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  8. Velisaris_MS Augur

    No, they just need to get rid of the idiotic trivial loot code they're using for this.

    I remember when they tried to put the TLC in game. It was moronic's even more moronic now.
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  9. RPoo Augur

    But I want to get rid of the 56 I have rotting in my bags =(
  10. forum troll Elder

    didn't expect to learn something new but that's what is great about this game - TY for the tip Wulf!
  11. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Add fragments to the Overseer currency vendor is another option.
  12. forum troll Elder

    Just a thought but how about considering placing the fragments on the overseer merchant? I would have a reason to save coins
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  13. Wulfhere Augur

    Oops typo, that range was 106-107, not 101.
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  14. forum troll Elder

    What level would you recommend starting there? would love to level and up my tear at the same time
  15. Wulfhere Augur

    Depends on class. Mobs are 102. Chance for fragment drop is highest killing (soloing) red cons and reduces as NPCs go light blue at 108. So stop leveling at 107 if you want to max your Tear quickly. A knight (perhaps other classes too) can swarm each of the two camps (center and west) and keep em down until ya get tired or thirsty.

    ps: takes about 2-3 weeks to max Tear this way.
  16. forum troll Elder

    thanks a ton for the tips!
  17. Funky Augur

    i did the tear at 110 during RoS. i would do 3 of the 4 pillars tasks and then just swarm in the underground city in shard's landing for tablets. most mobs were light blue, some green and didn't haven't any problems getting drops then. with mobs starting to vary light blue and green, i wouldn't level beyond 110 if you were wanting to max the tear with fragment drops... or else you'll just be doing the pillars tasks for a good while
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  18. Wulfhere Augur

    Sorry, I need to correct myself here. The Tear evolves faster when solo and against higher con mobs. The drop rate on fragments is a flat %1 in VoA zones and 1.5% in RoF zones, for Alaran mobs that are high enough level to qualify (level 90+).

    Therefore the quickest evolution strategy is to solo the highest level Alarans in game (Epicenter) and maximize the 1.5% drop rate fragments by swarming them. I had tried all other methods (the quest method sucks) and Epicenter was by far the fastest.
  19. roth Augur

    As someone who did the Stone Tear by kills and then by the Pillars tasks, and has a True Tears of Alaris to prove it, all I can say is be GLAD that they made those fragments drop randomly off of Alarans.

    The quest method sucked back then. I can imagine some of those tasks being rather difficult to get a drop from today (getting hit by 3 AE’s from the mob before killing it might be a bit harder now than back then) but the worst part is the 6 hour lockout on them. I don’t know if that was ever reduced, but if the frags are not dropping based upon con, and the tasks are the only way left to get them, then the lockouts need to be reduced, maybe to 1 hour, so that someone can cycle through the tasks.
  20. Simplistik New Member

    Would have been great to know this as I've been farming this for the past 3 days wondering why I have not received one drop yet .
    I'm at 14/20 on shard and even killing grays at 115 I've gotten 4 % over those 3 days that's thousands of mobs.
    Please release the lockout timer on the quests or enable another way to gain these as this just wont do .

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