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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Xcelon Silverblade, Feb 20, 2024.

  1. Xcelon Silverblade Paladin of Tallon Zek

    after evolving the phoenix and handing it in to Elmara as instructed the quest says speak to her but she does not say anything that I can respond to or advance the quest,
    CS gave me back the phoenix because and she still wont respond,
    if I say speak she will say to take the phoenix up to the mountain top but the quest still stays at speak to Elmara
    this is happening to several people.
  2. Iuwene Augur

    Did you name the phoenix ? Just tell her an arbitrary name.
    I agree that this is a quite intransparent step that should be changed, but not a bug.
  3. Xcelon Silverblade Paladin of Tallon Zek

    I named it, went and evolved it, came back turned it in, I did say the name I gave still nothing, no matter what I did I didn't get the phoenix back and the quest still says Speak to Elmara.
    CS gave me a phoenix back but still wont do anything, if do say the word speak she gives me what to do next but the quest itself still says speak to Elmara
  4. Knifen Augur

    After you elove it and turn it in, you dont get it back at that time.

    • Help your young phoenix courier become full-grown 0/1 (The Hero's Forge)
    • To fill this out you must equip the Phoenix and defeat enough mobs to evolve the item

      Return to and Turn in the Phoenix to Elmara (as indicated by [IMG] on the map)

    Hail Elmara, say You say, 'What's your penultimate task?', than say sword

    Or just Say "Sword" to her after the turn in. ALot of these new tasks dont have the trigger words in the quest, and dont really give you clues.
  5. Raccoo Augur

    My bet is you started the second partisan again before doing the turn in, but didn't complete it. There is a faction required for the Lost/Found quests, and the 2nd partisan will reset the faction upon request, and then give like 300 faction when it is completed. If this is the case for you, complete the 2nd partisan and then try talking to her again.
  6. Xcelon Silverblade Paladin of Tallon Zek

    no I do not have any other Heros forge quest, I have completed all of the expansion and quest and do not have any of them, just started working on this and was going to do the lost one next.
  7. Xcelon Silverblade Paladin of Tallon Zek

    ok will try this thank you