Forum threads - any way to lockout certain users?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by scapegoat, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. scapegoat New Member

    When I post a thread in these forums, there are several users who have nothing useful to add, but who consistently troll threads with vitriol and opinion. I would like to block these users, to help facilitate more productive and friendly collaboration for everybody.

    Also, sometimes questions are asked which NO player can have the answer to, and which can only be adequately answered by a DBG employee.
    • Is there any way to post a thread and make sure that any users I have ignored will not be able to post?
    • Is there any way to post a thread and make sure that ONLY a DBG employee can post?
  2. Febb Augur

    No and no. However you can ignore users so you don't see their posts. Click on their user name and in the top right corner click on ignore.
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  3. scapegoat New Member

    I can ignore them to my heart's content, but it won't stop them from ruining a productive conversation or attacking anybody else who wants to discuss the topic.

    And it won't stop players from spreading opinions and rumors disguised as facts and rules and policies.
  4. CatsPaws Augur

    Hopefully you wont put me on ignore for this but if we waited for DBG employee to post then the boards would be dead. They (the techs, devs and customer service) send players here to get advice from us other players.
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  5. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Yup, there's no way to do either of these things. If you want to direct a post to an employee, you can always try to private message it to one of us. Things get pretty swamped in the inbox, though, so it's not going to necessarily get a 100% response rate depending on what's happening on all fronts.
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  6. scapegoat New Member

    Thank you for the reply. It's not what I wanted to hear, but I do appreciate it :)

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