Forsaken Order Recruiting 10GMT Oceanic based Guild

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    Hey all

    Now with the news of server transfers our leadership believe its the right time to start recruiting on RAGEFIRE for our guild on LOCKJAW.

    Forsaken Order is recruiting anybody that plays around (10GMT) - we are currently small but strong, we are increasing our numbers daily. Our short time goals include: leveling and gearing our main core - Getting ready for raiding in the near future, developing a guild website, obviously recruiting more friendly folk to join in our Order. Future goals; Building a raid armada to decimate current and future raid content, constantly sustain numbers for future expansion raiding.

    we currently have TeamSpeak3 server set up for grouping, raiding - also getting to know each other further because we strive to become not only just a bunch of people in a guild but a group of friends, an extension of our family.

    History of leadership:
    Our leadership have been playing, like many of you, since 99. Our guild history spans but at the peak we were top competitors. We know what it takes to run a successful guild and how to manage it. We gave EverQuest a break for a while to play World of Warcraft - We had a guild for years - back when it was hard to complete HardMode raids we were at the top tier on our server. We want to practice the discipline that we have learnt (and we are still learning) and bring it to our guild so that we can compete with the other guilds chasing top tier on the LOCKJAW server.

    Be friendly and fun. Have a sense of humor. Be courteous to your fellow guild members, leaders and more importantly the wider community - during groups, soloing, looking for a camp etc...

    If you believe you fit the description of what we are looking for or you just love the sound of us please send an in-game mail or a tell to one of the officers; Medousa, Scorpios, Lorik, Ezekiel, Alpine, Goladen ...

    Cheers guys and we hope to hear from you soon :)
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