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    Forsaken Order is Lockjaw's premiere Australian and Oceanic RAIDING Guild.

    We have players from many MMO's back for the TLP on Lockjaw. Some are veterans and some are new, wanting to experience what is left of the classic version of EverQuest 1. We have players who range from every state in Australia down to some early morning US players, Europeans and the South East Asia region.

    Forsaken Order abides by the PnP cited in DBG's rules but we have our own with no such grey areas: we do not condone kill stealing, training or anything to adversely affect other players in-game. We strive to be noted as one of the friendliest guilds and easy to cooperate with.

    We are currently on the Guild Mandated Rotation for Plane of Sky, Lord Nagafen & Lady Vox - Considering we are quite late in forming prior to the rotations being established, we have moved quickly to get access to raid targets in classic. It won't be long until FO is up there and competing with the larger zerg-like guilds. We are a very compact bunch of people and have all gotten to appreciate each other and work together as a team to advance further into the game.

    Our raids start at 8.00pm Australian EST which equates to 3.00am PST. . . Note: raid times are subject to change, most parts of Australia are affected by daylight savings, there will be a 1 hour variance -/+ every 6 months. Please adjust times accordingly to join us on our raid nights.

    Classic EverQuest is nearing the end of its era and as we get closer and closer to kurnak the less people need gear and trash in the plans, particularly hate and fear. Our mandatory raid days are Thursday, Friday and Saturday in which we try and get rotation mobs done, it is hard some times when swaping with other guilds is out of the question, if that's the case we adjust guild info accordingly and soak up a raid night. We also have 2 other casual nights a week which are just hate/fear trash, minis and boss mobs which are not on rotation list.

    Humor does not lack within this Australian guild - It is something we appreciate as a rarity in raiding guilds and it is not taken for granted, if you cannot laugh and enjoy the game there is no point in playing!

    We are currently open to ALL classes & roles. Our minimum level requirement is 20.

    A question frequently asked - 'Do you guys accept box's, up to 6 or more?'. . . We do accept box's as long as they follow DBG and our personal play nice policy. If you wish to bring your box's along to raids, you need to be able to play them and not have them standing there afk.

    So, if you want to be involved in the premeier Australian and Oceanic guild don't hesitate, contact our recruitment officer Jerricoe or directly with Medousa the guild leader. If neither are on, please /who Forsaken Order and ask for an officer or mentor who is online. Alternately, feel free to check out our website Forsaken Order.
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    Let's work hard together! Hehe
  3. FordakenOrder New Member

    We downed Lady Vox 2 nights ago, was great fun!


    Contact us today for phat loots and a good time!

    In game you can contact the following

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    Forsaken Order still recruiting all class/race combinations even gnomes!