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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Jerricoe, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Jerricoe Journeyman

    <Forsaken Order>

    Forsaken Order is the premier ANZAC/Oceanic raid guild on the Lockjaw TLP server. We are predominantly Australian, but look for anyone that plays within the GMT+10 time bracket.

    We are currently in the rotation for Naggy and Vox, and are looking for more mature like minded players to fill our ranks.

    Our raid schedule (subject to change) is as follows:
    - Thursday
    - Friday
    - Saturday

    Our raid times are 8pm AEST. What does that equate to you ask? Well for you americans that is 3am PST and 6am EST and for Euros that is 11am GMT.

    For more information message Medousa or Jerricoe in game, or drop by our guild forums and fill out an application.
  2. Jerricoe Journeyman

    Bump. Forsaken Order is the only Oceanic guild on Lockjaw. And by Oceanic, we mean Aus, NZ and SEA.
  3. Simone Augur

    Peace of Formosa EX also has quite a few Australian players and really only starts our raids about 90 minutes later than you guys do.
  4. Pigskin Journeyman

    A bunch of us Aussies started another guild on Ragefire and took the plunge to transfer to Lockjaw and join Forsaken Order, was a great move. Very happy indeed.
  5. Simone Augur

    Were you the Oceanic Outlaws?
  6. Endtime Elder

    United Oceania, or something.
  7. Simone Augur

    Ah I didn't hear about that one. I knew about Oceanic Outlaws which was a mostly Australian guild on Ragefire.
  8. Terranos Elder

    I didn't realise there was a new TLP server until 2 days ago, couldn't download and resub fast enough once I found out.

    I'm a ways behind but will be endeavoring to catch up as soon as I can. I'm an Aussie and looking forward to raiding current content on this server. Expect my app once I hit 20 :p
  9. Jerricoe Journeyman

    Look for me in game Terranos, we can have a chat :)
  10. Medousa New Member

    Forsaken Order are 99% Australian, the only true Oceanic guild on LockJaw. Formosa are a Taiwanese based guild, there might be a small percentage of Austalians in Formosa but they are two very different time zones.
  11. Simone Augur

    Our guys from Perth are actually in the exact same time zone and our guys from Adelaide are between the two. I didn't post that as a jab. Only as a clarification.
  12. Medousa New Member

    We have players from Japan and Philippines also, if any players are interested in join an all round great community, please visit us at www.forsakenorder.net or send jerrioce or medousa an ingame mail/tell
  13. Endtime Elder

    Due to the current situation on lockjaw with a top tier guild breaking Guild Agreed Rotations, Forsaken Order will continue to uphold the rotation with other guild leaders and keep open communication with everyone.

    We are currently recruiting;

    - Bards
    - Wizards
    - Clerics
    - Warriors
    - Shamans

    As our top priority list, but all welcome! Send us a /tell in game or visit the above website.

    Australians are our core, but early US & Others welcome.