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  1. Accipiter Old Timer

    Well, now we're screwed. Anyone using the 3rd party app "Windows" is now banned.
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  2. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    It's approved by DPG:

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  3. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Windows is the First party. EQ is the second party.

    It's only cheating if you're AFK, key repeaters have been explicitly said to be allowed.
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  4. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    As WW notes, it's complicated. I said "for your specific case" to mean, whatever Windows version you may be on, hardware, etc., as well as what type of 'key repeating' you will want to do, and if that's even possible ultimately with windows.

    I should have mentioned, there are any number of software solutions you can download that do key repeating, and I think there are free ones.

    I would be exceedingly careful if you go that route, as these places (website and download) can be very sketchy. Use at your own risk.
  5. Tatanka Augur

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  6. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Oh, and to complicate things.

    There is Windows Task Scheduler, which I don't have a tutorial for, but someone might find extremely interesting first party software.
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  7. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    "I was blind for three days"

    Oh the times I had watching this stuff as a kid.

    +1000 interwebs for today
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  8. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    I don't think that Task Scheduler is used quite that way. In my experience, it is used for a few OS operations and called upon by "3rd party" programs to set specific operations at specific times/dates. While it may be possible to force some operations, I've never seen it used in such a manner.

    On the other hand....

    After Microsoft dug Edlin out of the OS and added PowerShell, it opened a whole world of possible functionality, such as command broadcasting to open applications. (Yes, without a 3rd party app, you can use PowerShell to set up broadcasting to multiple instances of EQ).

    I'm not going to delve into how to do that simply because this is not the appropriate forums for such things, but more so because you ought to have knowledge of how to use PoweShell before just throwing commands at it and I don't want to be the one providing instructions on how do do something well beyond the average user's technical capabilities.
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  9. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Jump over here if you want to hear some crazy talk from me, , starts getting good about page 2.

    Yep on PowerShell.

    Task Scheduler can be used along with security policies to trigger on file access, as one example. Using /loginterval (in EQ) with a sufficiently long period might allow one to trigger a value check each time the EQ log is written to. As a totally theoretical example of course.
  10. Accipiter Old Timer

  11. demi Augur

    why cant they just add forage and fishing loot to the /advloot window ?

    then the items can be selected to loot or not loot and auto inventoried to your bags .. simple seems easy enough

    Make it so #1
  12. Bigstomp Augur

    If you keep your bags in order so new stuff always falls to the bottom cleanup becomes easier, but no real way to prevent you picking up items you don't want. (some zones even have non-stackable non-lore items which is really annoying).
    For water pods, just combine them into water flasks or delete them when you get too many. (and just assume a bag spot will be wasted on them since as fast as you delete you'll get at least one more)
  13. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    /pause 200,/do 2 (forage)
    Decide if you want to use your /autoinv button or OK Destroy.

    I don't personally favor binding to movement keys and using /autoinv in conjunction. I agree, you wouldn't put slimy boots, and rotting roots in your backpack to be sorted later. You'd throw them on the ground or campfire to be rid of them.

    Here are some levels of things you can do. I give Fishing as the example. You can add Forage. Or substitute Forage and take out the Bandolier lines.

    As Fanra suggests a quick key that picks it all up, especially if you forage multiples. His EQ wiki is a great resource in case anyone reading didn't know.

    Then the next level would be putting that on a key repeater, so you could run around and fight. For the most part it isn't going to interfere with actual play, if you're otherwise occupied and can't forage, it is a pretty quick executing macro.

    This leaves you with the issue of junk taking up bag space, and dealing with that later.

    Two levels of what I like to do. And can be put on auto-repeat.

    Toss it in the bag and deal with the junk later. Add a line for forage too if you have it. If you end up with extras on the cursor you'll have to deal with them at some point.:

    /pause 6,/Bandolier activate fish
    /pause 126,/do 5

    This presumes you have Fishing on 5 (/do 5), and a bandolier setup named 'fish' with your fishing pole and bait. This will put a fresh pole (of the same name) in your hand if it breaks, and put a single bait in the slot (from however many stacks you have of the same name).

    Make me choose to put it in bag or destroy. Just like a person with a fishing buddy (on auto repeat), and you choose what gets kept or tossed as they haul it out of the water. Same basic setup as above, a hotbar button for /autoinv, and an audio trigger when you catch something(optional).

    /pause 6,/Bandolier activate fish
    /pause 200,/do 5

    Now you'll have a 'ding' (or whatever) when you catch something (if you set that up), and you can set the pause to give you more or less time before it attempts to /destroy, which requires you to Click OK. It also conveniently tells you what the name of the item on your cursor is with the OK confirmation.

    You click OK Destroy unless it's something you want, you click Cancel (if you missed the pause time) if it's something you want, and click /autoinv.

    Hope that makes sense.
  14. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Maybe have a junk box which holds only junk loot and vendor loot. All the trash falls in there. Could even sell it in the store.
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  15. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    Vendor Trash Keyring, only 250DBC a slot.
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  16. Coagagin Guild house cat

    This appears to be one of those solutions looking for a problem. I mean automating foraging when the intent for foraging is primarily to obtain foodstuffs to be used in tradeskills that Ngreth does not want us force feeding our toons. This equates to what amounts to "down time" in game with no real purpose but to slow you down in the first place.

    Solution. Remove the non-stackable "chunk of velium" or make it stackable and allow for a forage/fishing script to run for say one hour max. Hate splitting the difference but the same script running over night would be far too much but an hour would be plenty of time. Much like auto-swimming in a corner but more useful as you only need swimming to be raised to 400. Foraging is far more useful and feel silly in its present form.

    Final note to Ngreth. No, this would not break the server economy but with limited time to forage would probably help many of us concentrate on character development instead of time sinks.

    - YMMV
  17. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    We've asked a few times to have a system like the Advanced Loot System added for foraging and maybe fishing. It wouldn't stop the crap from being foraged, but it would keep it out of the bags.