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  1. ARCHIVED-Poidog Guest

    With the current timer on Forage this seems like, well it is a very extreme to say the least. At nearly 2 mins allowed inbetween forages and with about a 30% success rate this is pathetic and unfair to players who tradeskill and need the items that can only be foraged. The amount of time you must commit to foraging is unusually high and warrants a reduction in the timer...Please.
  2. ARCHIVED-Skrax_Swifttail Guest

    Poidog wrote:
    Its hardly that big an issue, unless you are trying to skill-up using recipes requiring foraged only items (due to the nature of needing 100s of items) - but there is no tradeskill requiring foraged only items to skill up.
    And since forage is meant as a skill for players to keep full and not need to buy food/drink (the arugement used to give forage to everyone in the first place) - asking for it to be changed further for TS purposes seems to me . . . against the point of the skill.
  3. ARCHIVED-xenapheron Guest

    If you are just foraging and not doing anything else, you can camp out (to char select) and back in and your forage will refresh. This cuts the time down considerably.
  4. ARCHIVED-YaBaHowDoEye Guest

    Or make a hot key to do 2 forages at once.
    That is what I have set up. Something like this

    /pause 500, /doability 1
    /pause 500, /autoinventory
    /pause 500, /doability 1
    /pause 500, /autoinventory
    /say Press the button again silly, you need to do some more foraging.\

    Then just set an audio trigger for "press the button again silly" and you are all set. Most likly will have to play with the timing to get it right for you. That way, when I work at home, I can just reach over and press the forage button every 5 mins. Very minimal interuption. If you have a foraging toon that has the ability to forage more than one item, it gets a bit of a pain because the auto inventory does not drop every thing in to your backpack :-(
    Just a suggetion.
  5. ARCHIVED-Miasea Guest

    Poidog wrote:
    Just make a social to forage, and /autoinventory, put it in a hotkey bar, and in the key mapping portion of your options tie that hotkey to one of your movement keys. Mine is tied to my right turn arrow, so every time I turn right when the timer is available, I forage, and stick it in my backpack. I do this for each of my forage capable characters, and they always have plenty of food, and their forage is always capped. And, as an added bonus, I seldom have to stand around in one spot reading a book while punching my forage button.
  6. ARCHIVED-YaBaHowDoEye Guest

    Miasea wrote:
    I have often wondered how you could do that.
    I will have to see if I can figure out what you mean. Sounds simple enough when you say it fast ;-)
  7. ARCHIVED-jc12741 Guest

    playing a ranger this is how i set it up for maxing forage.
    do a soical key
    Autoforaging Line 1: /doablity 1
    Line 2: /pause 10
    Line 3: /autoinventory

    then i put it on my hot bar I used number 7 just cuz. then i tied number 7 to my left right arrow keys. To do this go to opitons then keyboard tab find hotbar #1 go to where its says 7 you will have 2 spots I did one as right key and one as left key. I always set this up when i need to raise non melee skills like forage or tracking.
    On a side note becareful with it as the hot key on all your toons will be set to left and right arrow. had a few friends kick there GM a few times from it lol.

  8. ARCHIVED-Miasea Guest

    YaBaHowDoEye wrote:
    ( here's a slower, more detailed version )
    In your abilities page, ( ctrl + a ) you have 6 buttons. These are your hotkey-able abilties. Right click one of them ( I always use # 5 ), and assign your forage abiltity to it. Next, go to your socials page ( ctrl + o ) and select a blank
    button ( right click it ). Name the button ( I always label mine " A-Forage " because there are a limited number of spaces available for text on the buttons ), and enter:
    Line 1: /doability X ( x being the button number you assigned to foraging )
    Line 2: /pause x ( x being the amount of time you want to have to see what it is you've foraged )
    Line 3: /autoinventory
    When you've all that, click the accept button, and you have an auto-forage button. Left click and hold to pick it up, and place it in whichever one of your hotbars you want to have it in. Then, go to your options window, ( alt + o ) > keys ,and in the drop-down box, select the number of the hotbar you put the button in and select the number of the hotkey the button is in. In the alternate slot for the appropriate number key, left click the slot, and press the movement key you wish to assign to your auto-forage button, and each time your ability is available, and you use that movement key, you forage and inventory it. one note, however. It is best to use a turn key rather than the up arrow ( forward motion ), because you hit the turn and release it, which allows the timer to reset. If you tie it to the forward motion key, it won't reset the timer until you release the key.
    That's the longwinded version. Hope it helps you figure it out. This type of social can be made for several actions, my rangers and druids all have one like it made for tracking, ( except for the pause and /autoinventory part ) to keep their tracking at it's peak efficiency You can think of other applications, I'm sure.
  9. ARCHIVED-mattmcbear Guest

    jc12741 wrote:
    Exactly then attach that key to a movement key so that every time you move left of right you atomatic forage.
  10. ARCHIVED-Fiche Guest

    Short version of what I do (Thanks to those taking the time to write out the details!!)
    I do have the AA's to harvest perhaps 2 items at a time.
    My harvesting macro looks as follows:
    /pause 30,/doability 1 Forages and pauses 3 secs
    /pause 515,/autoinv This dumps 1 item into my inventory and pauses for part of the 90 seconds +/-
    /pause 460,/autoinv Puts possible 2nd item into inventory, pause rest of the time for next forage
    /pause 600,/doability 1 Forages (maybe 2 items) and pauses 1 minute (max amout that can be paused)
    /cast 8 Cast a spell that makes some noise. Keep yourself targeted, cast perhaps "cure poison"

    I have a macro to /pause 5,/autoinv 5 times (nasty burnt bread done 5 at a time, as example). Clears cursor.
    The noise from the cast is my wake-up call to switch windows from reading this forum, to re-smacking my forage macro. I know I have about 30 seconds before I'd be ready after hearing my cast. I hit my autoinv macro button, then the forage macro and come back here to keep typing. Notice it stays pretty queit when your spell fizzles, or you forget to target yourself. OK...gotta run, I just heard my cast.

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