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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mizar, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Mizar Lorekeeper

    As per Antonius Bayle Server: Free Transfers to Vox Available , and as AB citizen myself as many others who may opt in to take this opportunity, I would like to have info about how is VoX community doing these days, server stability, population, etc ... also curious about the reactions on the players there upon this announcement
  2. Sissruukk Augur

    I personally would welcome any player coming over. While I am US CST playtime, I have played with some Euros in my guild, as well as a couple of Kiwis.

    Vox population is small at this point, but I think that is why they are looking to move AB to Vox, because it has the room to support a large AB move should it happen.

    Server is pretty stable, but I don't know if that is due to low pop or just being on new equipment. I have had no problems with zoning. Every now and then, we get some chat lag, but other than that, things run pretty smooth.

    The community, except for a few crotchety old men, is extremely welcoming to new and xferring players. People are generally very helpful, and there is very little drama that goes on. While we are looked at as being the country bumkins of EQ servers by some players here, we have a great community, and having AB come over would just make us greater.

    (Shameless guild plug) Right now, one major guild on Vox is Veritas Mortem, but as I have stated previously, the biggest thing we have downed right now is Dracoliche in TBM Fear Revisited. This is mostly because as we were starting to hit our stride working up through TBM, summer hit, and many of our members have been unavailable for the past few months. Having said that, Veritas Mortem is open to welcoming AB in and expanding our force. We have players, even stateside, that play at all hours of the day, so if we had more people playing "around the clock", per se, then it would open up a lot of opportunity for content, grouping, etc. So, yes, come over. We would love to have you.
  3. Pythlen82 Lorekeeper

    I've played on Vox all my EQ life after quitting for a while around 2006 and starting back around 2012. I've been in a lot of guilds, and can't complain about anything from any of them. There are a few trolls and grouches, as on every other server. The player base is mostly centered around late game, typically HoT to current era content. There aren't many raiding guilds, with the exclusion of VM and possibly Spirit Guardians of Vox, but I can only speak for the former. Economy is decent, though a tidbit overpriced at times. All around all people are helpful and nice, and it's a generally pleasant experience, though just tossing my 2cp.
  4. fortuneteller Augur

    So what you saying that recruiting of people are going to be close to zero ? Because of very low population.

    And like on AB there lag spikes where chat is bad, and same for raid/Group tools ?

    And if you should guesstimate the population to be ? and how many are there in general chat ?
  5. Pythlen82 Lorekeeper

    There are chat lag spikes, but they are far and few. General chat pop on a good day I would estimate as about 100, and for general pop on several, I can only give a rough estimate of around 2k, though probably a lot more
  6. Sissruukk Augur

    No, I didn't say that. There is active recruitment by some guilds on the server. With this announcement, and depending on how AB reacts to it, meaning, do they come in droves, or do just a few come, more guilds may actively recruit, or it may remain the same. I would also figure, going from what another person posted on the other post, that many AB guilds would be looking at coming en masse over, keeping their players and core structures in place.

    I can only compare to what I have read here. The only time I have experienced lag on Vox is in chat, and that is when it decides to take 10 secs to send a message I type. But that is not the norm, and does not happen very often. I have not experienced any spikes that have effected raid/group tools.

    I couldn't give a good guesstimation, because I am bad at that kind of thing, lol. Right now, at 4:57PM CST, there are 147 people in Gen Chat.
  7. Asmadeus Journeyman

    I had spent about three hours on vox back when they asked us to test and it was enough to get a couple of these "not the norm" 10 secs chat lag in chat channel. It was on euro evening so there wasn't a lot of folks around, and the servers didn't have to handle four raiding guilds simultaneously spamming abilities (hotkeys mashing is something you probably only see from raiders - I think for lag it is more accurate to look at raiding population than main population, because on AB lag is worst on evenings when we all raid and it was fairly decent yesterday with just us raiding)

    10s isn't really a duration you'd notice when zoning (well I usually zone in less than 10s, but I won't get annoyed if it sometimes take 10s longer - you don't zone as much as you talk normally) ; other actions are also not as common as chat so might have not noticed mecs not spawning and raid tool delays.

    To be honest I'd be happy if all we get is 10 seconds from time to time, but there is no guarantee it won't get worse if folks start to migrate - is it 10 seconds because the server is in the US and take less time to recover? If so it might stay the same... But is it because there's less to process at scheduled bottleneck point? We have no idea.

    I'm really unconvinced at this point, I hope it'll help, I'd actually be willing to try, a few raids - but for the idea of trying to hold its ground we need two-way server transfers, we need the process to be smooth (e.g. make sure we don't lose quest progressions and stuff like that? I don't remember if we do... Oh and housings!)
    The only alternative to trying imo is a full merge, no question asked - that way communities don't break up and we'll live with that wherever they decide to put us. But there is no coming back.
  8. Sissruukk Augur

    Last night, VM held an event in EoK FM. We had 136 toons in the zone at peak even time. Things seemed to have run smooth. I didn't run into any chat lag issues or anything. My ping went up a bit, but that was to be expected. I checked GenChat, and there were 360+ toons in it at the same time.

    We have been seeing some AB coming over, and I have been seeing welcome messages in GenChat for them when they announce they are there. The Vox community is happy to take you all in. We understand that this is a difficult thing, and difficult decisions have to be made, but we will do our best to help you out if you choose to make the transition to our server.

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