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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Damascus, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Damascus Elder

    Did you do it by playing this game for 14 years straight and doing nothing else?
    I mean I would love to have that kind of toon... At one point I endeavored to be "top monk" on my server. Like in Luclin. But I got bored shortly after.

    Did you guys commit yourself to EQ like you would to a marriage? 10 hour EQ days on avg? How the hell did you crawl your way past 4k AAs?? Assuming you're superhuman with computer like brain connections and reflexes and tireless. Say you made 8AAs per hour (pre AA 1000% bonus I'm assuming). And your grinding AAs for half your game time, while the other half you raided endgame content; we're looking at an avg of 4AAs per hour of game time. That's 2500 human hours of AA grinding. How you can grind AAs for more than 4 hours straight and not get sick of EQ (+eye fatigue) is beyond me. So capping at 4 hours, that's 625 days!

    I don't even want to think about the hours it takes to get to level 100, old school players didn't PL, so you guys probably have 1000+ days played.

    Is that how you did it? Committed like a marriage? I'm asking because I want to level and experience content, but I just can't get into the xp grind!
  2. Quiptos Journeyman

    For me it was over time. If you started back then the few aa's you get each year are easily remaxed and 5 levels every year or two.

    If you are just starting from scratch it can look daunting but it goes much faster now than it did back when aa's were introduced.

    Takes very little to stay maxed out once you get there.
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  3. Amor Augur

    Experience comes faster today than it did in the past. Just doing the tasks themselves you get alot of experience. So your numbers are way off in todays EQ.

  4. Trajet D'Or Augur

    Looking at the highest AA Monk on Magelo at a guess they max at around 8700aa.

    For the last 4 years (Level 85 + SoF content = AA rate jumped considerably for "typical" players) you would need to average 6aa per day every day to get 8700aa. During SoD that would mean playing about ~2 hours a week to get ~42aa if you had Lesson of the Devoted and played 4 half hour sessions or by activating LotD, camping or going AFK in Lobby and playing the following day in 2 one hour sessions.

    The amount of time for a group to get 42aa has decreased every expansion since and it's not that unusual for a group to gain that much AA in half an hour if the players have LotD.

    Attending all raids and doing some group content every week for glyphs, augs, fun or whatever is going to take at most 20 hours a week so it would take 24 years to get 1000 days actively played doing that.

    Obviously some players play more than 20 hours a week, most play less including those in high end guilds.
  5. Oranges Augur

    You seriously underestimate the amount of AA you can get by wearing raid gear, doing cross-taskadding during UF, having a ranger PL you with headshot, SK swarming, LOTD.

    You're talking 20-30 AA per hour, not 8.

    The amount of AA you gain depends entirely on your gear, the company you're in and what you're actually doing. Anything from 4 AA per hour to getting 50 in an hour is possible.

    If you carry max raid gear for an expansion, and go an expansion lower you can steamroll through the dark-blue like a knife through cake. Add in LOTD, taskadds and the right group and you're easily at 30 AA in an hour.
  6. Liliana Augur

    I'm not quite max Aa for rof yet on my toons but when I came back during hot my shaman was 85 with 1800aa, my bard 81 with 600aa and my monk didn't even exist. I created a raf acct the day they introduced them and made my monk. Since then the shaman is 100 with 9250aa and monk is 100 with 8500ish aa, bard is 99 with (only) 4500 aa. Raf accts are just ridiculous. Most of the aa came during hot, I had maxed the monk that expansion, and shaman was just short. Maxed monk again during voa and once again shaman was just short of max. Poor bard just can't keep up with raf accts.

    I forget when raf was introduced but I think it was about a year and a half ago. And it's not like i sit there playing all day, just a few hours every night and a little more on weekends, monk has 47 days played, not bad
  7. Delano New Member

    Nowhere near as slow to gain xp now, as it was in the early days of EQ. As was pointed out, xp gains are faster now, and certain classes are better at it than others. Right now, solo, I would guess I get around 150aa an hour, or around 30-40 grouping. While I used to be a serious player, I am much less of one now, only playing a few hours each night, with less emphasis on the hardcore, chain-pulling grinds.

    I also have the advantage of playing on the Test server, where double xp is standard, which kind of helps.
  8. Crystilla Augur

    I was one of the first folks around who started on AA when I hit lvl 54. Everyone thought I was crazy back in 2001, but it worked for me. I though "if lvl 54 was already a hell level, I'm certainly not going to notice some AA being siphoned off for AA". But doing that actually allowed me not to die on some raids that many others did back when doing epic 1.0 fights was common for guilds.

    By level 60 I believe I had 6 AA. By lvl 65 I had 24 AA and I think by level 70 I had around 124 AA. I stopped keeping track after that however.

    But now there is the AA sliding scale which goes up to a 1000% bonus on earning AA's when you're closer to 0, and the bonus decreases slightly until you get up to 4000 AA and now earn AA at the same rate as anyone with 4001+ AA. That's a HUGE benefit on top of having better gear, focii at younger levels, to help as well.
  9. Tobynn Augur

    I go into power mode when new content is released. I play quite a lot, level up fast, and grind out AAs in fairly short order. Then, I pretty much coast for the next several months. Play time drastically diminishes. So no, its not a marriage year round -- more like an lustful affair for a couple months annually :)
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  10. Damascus Elder

    What's a RAF account?
  11. Son of a... Elder

    What everyone here said and:
    • There are hot zones for each level stage that give double exp.
    • 6th annv scavenger hunt task that rewards you with Ceremonial Elixir of Scholarship (10 charge double exp potion) that can be repeated as many times as you want now that we can have 8 toons on a single account on the same server (need 1 roll-a-toon to complete each turn-in).
    Getting exp in EQ is pathetically easy, WoW'ish easy now. What used to take 2 months in 2001, now can be done in 2 hours. Death is a mear 2 minute reset instead of 2 hour corpse run/rez/return.
    My toon is Max level, and about 10,250 AA's and I've been back and forth for years, never PL, never sat in hotzones to grind without a reason (i.e. to get a named to pop for hunter achivement). I did do all the quests/mission/tasks. So getting Max lvl with tons of AA's is quite easy, which is probably why so many people have 3 or more toons at 90+ lvl with 4000+ aa's.
  12. Oranges Augur

    Recruit a friend.
  13. Vouivre Augur

    Are you sure about that? I thought that hot zones had a bonus, but it wasn't or rarely was double.
  14. Liliana Augur

    You're right, just a bonus, not necessarily double
  15. Vouivre Augur

    As for leveling and getting AAs. Leveling to max level (100) now is a bit boring and long. Killing up to 10 mobs for 1% of regular experience gets very old, but it will come eventually if you don't pay attention to your experience bar and focus on doing things that are more interesting like quest lines and getting gear.

    For AAs, it is very easy to get 10-20 AAs in one play session, especially with Lesson going if you work at it even with just you and a merc. If you could play every day in a year and get 10AAs a day, in one year you could have 3650 - 7300 AAs. Not focusing on getting to the end and focusing on getting your daily smaller count in also makes it easier.
  16. Gladare Augur

    Hotzone bonus is 50%. Exp potions persisting through death also helps.
  17. fransisco Augur

    Alot of people got TONS of AAs during UF and HoT before they nerfed task adds. It was tons of free experience.
  18. Crystilla Augur

    (Realized I did mention one thing - I'm not lvl 100 yet or max AA, just a newly 98 with somewhere over 7k AA at the moment.)
  19. Noobieguy Augur

    I took many breaks from EQ, and got an alt toon that I barely played max level and AA during VoA with maybe 6? months of playing. It's not that hard if you have some time. If your class can solo well you don't even need the help of a group. I would think using lesson (assuming you have it) every day would take someone quite a ways with just 30 minutes investment a day. I do play a lot, more than I should, but you don't have to play a ton to have a well AA'd toon if you use your time spent playing wisely.
  20. Retrievil Elder

    One of the best things about EQ is how skill and gear can alter how fast you can do things. I think my /played is like 200 days.

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