For the new TLP I plan to main Rogue.

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  1. Hirbow Augur

    At higher levels Trunch; in classic and Kunark you would use a:

    -One time applied (used on first hit) 350 or 450 (vs.undead) //mindmelt etc 500ish
    -one 15 minute buff for direct damage+stun 50-75dd
    -one 15 minute for debuff weakness/detaunt etc.

    The point of leveling poisonmaking is that you're trying to maximize your damage; as a damage dealer that's your whole point.. other than being MA ...
  2. Slambit Journeyman

    mind naming those poisons from classic with a duration?
  3. Hirbow Augur

    -Bixie Sting
    -Visionistic Pain
    -Calcium Rot
    -Aching Blood

    -Mangled Tendon
    -Mind Melt
    -Scorie Bite
  4. Lumiens Augur

    I love the class fantasy of rogues and seeing big back stabs is a lot of fun, I've mained one on 3 TLPs. After maining a monk on 2 TLPs now, rogues just flat out need a massive damage buff to make up for their lack of everything else.
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  5. Kodachi Augur

    Rogues exist in a design space where the original plan for them was deprecated out of the game and before solving that they made Berserkers. So a lot of the abilities and discs you get are either terrible or actively useless but a few are just bizarre.

    That said, I forgot how much I hate having to always find the back of a mob.

    Otherwise "only class" thing only applies to specific weapons in specific eras. Otherwise at any point in eq you will share gear with other classes be it chain wearing, pure melee or whatever metric it may be.

    Early on its an advantage because all the piercing weapons are terrible and theres 20 monks for every rogue... but otherwise later on, before rogue only piercing weapons, you compete the same as everyone else.
    I'm still surprised how tanky my rogue is going into TDS.
  6. merkmerk73 Journeyman

    I did the same thing in 2020 when Aradune came out
    You're going to do what you're going to do, but Rogues are awful

    Understand that it isn't like WoW where you are just 5-10% off the other top classes.

    You will dramatically under perform Monks and other DPS classes and there isn't anything you can do about it. You have to move around to backstab all the time while still doing pitiful DPS

    It's a bad class. It gets a little bit better in Kunark - but so does everyone else. You'll never put up respectable numbers for quite sometime

    On the upside, you get a lot of Rogue loot because nobody wants it and nobody plays them. Because they suck.

    On the downside, some of the best rogue loot is extremely rare - like the Vulak dagger.

    When PoP comes out you'll compete pretty well with good gear, but honestly most people quit around then because the nostalgia of the game wears off and you'll get bored.

    PoP is super exciting at first and then becomes really boring. Clearing trash in PoAir and PoEarth etc. is only fun for maybe once or two times and then you're going to hate it
  7. Hirbow Augur

    Just because you were a bad rogue doesn't mean rogues are a bad at all. In Aradune, I was in the top tier guild beating the 'top tier monks' and they would always get upset at me. Instead of talking crap post logs because I'd be more than happy to post mine.
    As long as you're competitive, asks for your buffs, get the appropriate resist gear, you will be at minimum 1-3 on parses and #1 in overall parses.
    You're probably speaking about your casual rogue friends performance and I bet you've never played one yourself, because rogues dont' perform that way.
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  8. Mithra Augur

    Honestly sounds like your monks aren't that top tier. Rogues are close but even with expansion ahead weapons they aren't #1 on anything.
  9. KobalWR Lorekeeper

    I agree. I've seen rogues doing very well, especially on overall parses. You don't have mana breaks, you're not busy pulling, and if you're not watching Netflix you'll do quite well. Their DPS is very consistent.

    Of course their DPS, compared to monks, should be higher, but my main issue with rogues is their lack of utilities. I really feel like they could easily boost the class with a poison rework.
  10. Arclyte Augur

    I vaguely remember LDoN having locked / trapped chests for rogues to open

    those still around?
  11. Arclyte Augur

    so hows the rogue
  12. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    When we did them on mangler there was one raid in LDoN that required pick pocketing from a rogue, that's all that I recall.
  13. WokeCat Augur