For the new TLP I plan to main Rogue.

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  1. Koshk Augur

    It's weird, right? Although these players and belief systems are not exclusive to the TLPs, I do believe they're more prevalent there.

    It's unfortunate because TLPs are sometimes described or suggested as being very suitable for casual players. The reality is a large chunk of the population are racing and competing just as fast as they can.
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  2. Arclyte Augur

    This is what I was talking about. If you use Hirbow's advice and squeeze every single bit of DPS you will do well. If you like the idea of being a Rogue you should play one.

    EQ doesn't require turbo sweatlord meta classes and performance. It's just that people on the fence reading this thread need to know even if you do, you will still be below the braindead monks or dot stacking necros while having infinitely less utility than them starting out.
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  3. Chopsuey Augur

    None of this rogue bashing would exist if monks weren't broken. Moral of this thread. Nerf monk dps.
  4. Vindar Augur

    I remember the wailing and crying when they nerfed enchanter charm pet DPS slightly, get your popcorn ready if they dared to do that to monks.
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  5. KobalWR Lorekeeper

    Monk DPS should be nerfed indeed. It's a very fun class to play with many utilities, and their DPS shouldnt be close to pure DPS such as wizards or rogues.
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  6. Chopsuey Augur

    That's ok, I like popcorn. The fix seems fairly easy to me. Reduce the dmg they receive from the passive melee AA's all of the melee get in the 1-70 range. Or if they don't wanna nerf monks, increase the AA for rogues.
    I still think rogues are fine enough to play. But the main reason people bring up to not play a rogue is "why play a rogue when you can play a monk", which to me is a bad reason but still one people use.
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  7. WokeCat Augur

    Pure math. How is a Rogue in classic using a Serrated Bone Dirk competitive with a monk who is dual wielding Mithril 2 handed-swords? It's common sense, quite literally.
  8. WokeCat Augur

    Opposite of reality. Think you're mistaking EQ TLPs for WoW and that's actually hilarious. Literally installing WoW to my HDD as we speak since EQ keeps minimizing off screen and is essentially unplayable. WOW = whatever you want to play, even if you suck, just play it. No one will care or notice.

    EQ = We're looking for a puller -- Rogues are useless and get out-damaged by any pet in the game. Invites monks. This group is better off with 5 players instead of inviting a Rogue under any circumstances.
  9. TLP Addict Augur

    Rogues are balanced by the fact that they can get full BiS faster than just about any other class and can could pick hillgiants clean while they are fighting mage pets.

    You can't PP raid loot but you can definitely take out your parse frustrations by cleaning mobs of their coin and gems, if anyone calls you out just claim "separate loot table" even though it doesn't exist
  10. Arclyte Augur

    there is no cow level

    the pickpocket message change last year was really lame, should take it out for oakwynd tbh
  11. TLP Addict Augur

    Almost as bad as the pickpocketing Rogue, is the Rogue that always has sneak on and takes 10 seconds on every mob to slowly walk to the back before engaging, possibly part of the reason many Rogues parse so poorly?
  12. Arclyte Augur

    I'll take "things that never happen" for $1000 alex
  13. Cardozo Journeyman

    I played a rogue main on the last TLP from classic - luclin. My experience, which aligned with some of the posts here:

    - if you fight for every inch, using poisons, getting multiple bis raid weaps for each specific mob resist type - and weapon swapping/changing augs per mob, rolling/timing disc's to maximize burn, bribing the raid leader for a bard, begging the shm for avatar, offering a HJ to the bst for fero = you will get near the monks and other "dps" classes on the raid boss, you may even get top 10ish on the parse with regular frequency, but you will never be the clear dps leader for the effort and work required. [* this is looking at a single raid mob parse]

    - you will fall within the top 5/10 of the cumulative raid parse for the night

    - you have zero utility besides your subpar dps.

    The crux of my problem with rogue in early EQ boils down to the combination of subpar dps (it is not bad, but compared to other dps it certainly falls behind), for a class with no noticeable or definable utility except for their dps contribution. Don't need corpse runs any more. Don't have any important doors to picked open (and you got bards for that). Pickpocket just for the epic? What else does the rogue do on raids or in the group besides dps? Hell, I was asked to pull more often than not. If not for my box's to level and grind, or guild groups who took pity, I don't think I would have reached max level or max AA with any speed.

    Rogues are/were intended to be glass canon dps machines who attack from the shadows, no? Increase the dps, or increase the utility, but as of now you have to really want to be a rogue to make that choice on a new TLP and live with the frustration until around luclin/pop.
  14. 7arami Irritably sharp-tongued.

    When did they change evade not needing to turn off auto attack to work ?
  15. Regulus New Member

    If one is determined to play a Rogue on the new server, what's the best place for bonus attribute points?
  16. Trunch New Member

    Forgive me if I'm wrong, I haven't played a rogue since Phiney. Aren't poisons sucky? Aren't they the single charge, hope you don't mess up applying, or hope you don't miss you next attack; poisons?

    If so they aren't very good and if I remember right, you don't get poisons with charges until Luclin, and you need some mat drops in higher group/raid zones and then after all is said and done I think its like, 1hr 60 charges and like 65dmg proc. Don't quote I'm just going off of memory.

    Also to level up poisonmaking I remember having to do some kind of quests to get the higher recipes that involved Plane of Fear I believe. A lot of mats are scattered all over every continent and some are quite rare, and some are heavily farmed for other trades.

    My point is, its really frustrating and expensive to level up poisonmaking for it to be subpar. I wouldn't think any non-raiding rogue or solo rogue would have the resourses or the capabilities to level up poisonmaking, I'm sure someone who buys KRs probably could.
  17. Mithra Augur

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  18. TLP Addict Augur

    Saw a super tryhard Rogue actually do well in VP due to camping all the best resist gear and swapping it out between fights based on what resist was needed. Basically topped a bunch of parses by being the only one that could stay in without dying while all the monks in their Wu's and what not had to joust.
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  19. code-zero Augur

    This is why Barbarian is the master Rogue race for quite a while starting in Original. First thing you'll want to get is the DE illusion in Guk ASAP
  20. Hirbow Augur