For the new TLP I plan to main Rogue.

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  1. Berkwin Elder

    It is the one class I always wanted to main out the gate, Sadly I have yet to get it done. thoughts? Also I am thinking WE for race.
  2. Hirbow Augur

    Welcome vagabond to the hidden most fun class! The rogue is a very rewarding class, its quite challenging at the start since its an uphill battle to compete with naked casters and monks and even rangers that right out the door do very well.

    I've mained a rogue for a few decades and here's a few things I can share with you for classic:

    -Befriend shamans (Be nice to them, help them during quests; if they like you, they will most likely favor you during Avatar rotations once Kunark start, specially when they see you're doing well in parses) (or if you're thinking of boxing , Shaman/Bard is a great combination)
    -Bards: You must be grouped with a bard to stay competitive ( if they put you in a raid without a bard kindly send tells to your RL and asked them to be with one. Also, learn the songs bards should be playing and don't be scared to ask them to change them . For example: Play resist songs with instrument or if no resist song needed play chant of battle with other melee songs and even a horn for extra attack. The songs playing should benefit YOU.
    -Druids: For melee, druids is the low key overpowered class in classic. Ask your raid leader to weave in a druid in groups for wolf form (+atk).
    -Stats: The single one most important stat for rogues in classic/kunark/velious is.... Resists. If you gear everything into resists, with a good bard, you will be able to withstand aoe's and stay in battle and overtime beat other melees. it works ! You need to also use Alchemy poitions. Resist potion+Resist ALL potion stack along with most buffs ! Level a mid 20's shaman for alchemy!
    Also remember Magician Damage shields will give you +FR.
    -Shields: Don't be afraid to get good resists shields and weave them in before the AoE of a raid mob hits you, then unequip it. Use bandolier to swap weapon/types. You can also use non shields to swap in the offhand like Steins. Speaking of shields...Shield of the Immaculate. If you plan to be a competitive rogue, this is a must item to have. Cure disease is important because most AoE slows are ..Disease based
    -Poisonmaking: Very expensive, quite rewarding and flavorful. Poisonmaking was made really valuable with the new banking system: Tradeskill Depot. Tradeskill depot its a separate banking system in which you can deposit all your tradeskill items in there, and you can use the items stored on the go as long as you know the recepie and have a tradeskill container. You can buy all your materials stack them to 1000's and put them in your bank/stash and just make them on the go without taking any space in your inventory. In classic You should use a 1xapplied poison & 2 buff poisons. Rogues can use a utility buff proc poison (snare, Str debuff, Detaunt, Dex debuff ) and a damage poison (direct damage proc+stun) buff at the same time. We are the kings of detaunting with Evade (Press Hide each time its up, to ''Evade'' reduce threat, you don't have to press attack off anymore)

    There's a lot more information to be shared ..but us rogues need to keep some secrets! Embrace being unique and getting your gear for cheaper than other classes due to low numbers and as one of the first classes to get their epic due to the low difficulty level to get one. You either have to min/max as a rogue or fall off the curve!
    Feel free to send me a message if you have any other questions. There's a lot of great rogues out there that can share some other information! /salute

    PS. As far as race goes.. rogues don't let other rogues go Halfling ..ewwwww. There's a nice thread on the class forums for race debate.
    At the end of the day , you have to play what you enjoy looking/looks good with your armor type. Try other genders also, see if you like how they look.
    Barbarians are normally on top in classic due to their innate high strength before getting raid geared (good luck starting in Halas!) and gnomes for +tinkering (perma shrink and perma sow-like speed hehe) good luck being stuck with all the giants !

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  3. Berkwin Elder

    Very Informative Thanks, What if your only ambition is to just group with others and have fun, without intending to raid or be the top rogue on the server, I raided my fair share back in the day so been there done that.

    Overall my ambition is making a Wood Elf simply to max out Foraging and Hide/Sneak my way around lol, Explore, perhaps fishing etc. my Gear will most likely be rotting in the form of no-drop trash gear no one can use. And maybe do the odd quest for some irrelevant item lol. over the last few hours really considered all the classes and what are required etc. My conclusion is just play a rogue and if i level great if i don't get a group ill probably stare into the great unknown while trains pass me by lol.
  4. Gnomie Denser than most

    Having mained a rogue for 20+ years on several TLPs, I’ll give a few tips to get started, especially for classic.

    1) Try to find a static group if you can, to level. Rogues are their absolute weakest in classic. So finding a group can be tough.
    2) Look up the burning rapier quest. This can be done in classic relatively easily and is used for some quests later. In classic, it’s just a very good leveling weapon until you’re in raid gear. The black burrow cask is the largest bottleneck.
    3). Go ahead and farm the weapons and robes for the rogue 1.0. They are required now.
    4). Disarm trap can be maxed out in 30 seconds by spam clicking the block trap in Sol B or Sol A. You’re gonna be there anyways for the weapons, so might as well max it.
    5) Pick lock can be done in paineel at the locked elevator into the city. Or you can go to permafrost and click the rocks there. Those are the two “laziest” options unless you want to run around befallen and unrest.
    6) Pickpocket your two notes for the epic. They are present in classic. Just always have an escape route!
    7) Don’t get frustrated. A lot of people playing rogues in classic get frustrated about their DPS and relative weakness compared to other classes. They get MUCH better in Kunark. And honestly if you prepare ahead you can finish the rogue epic within 30 minutes of Kunark release. You will see your DPS triple when you get your epic. And it only gets better from there.
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  5. Kahna Augur

    Bi'lih is more attack and does not stack with wolf form. Druids don't really contribute anything to a melee in a raid after bi'lih is in game. Dena is nice for PoK MGBs because it lasts forever and persists through death, but that is about it.
  6. Runes Augur

    Best advice I can give you is not to play a Rogue if they introduce FTE as your main, you are going to be frustrated alot that you cannot get mobs and unless you are in a guild that will carry you, random groups pass alot on adding Rogues classic and Kunark, unless you raid geared. You will be sitting LFG alot for long periods of time for 1st few expansions for pick up groups.
  7. Hirbow Augur

    You're right Shaman bhi'li is the go to sow like type buff to get later on. The poster stated he wanted to play on the new TLP from classic; Bhi'li is not available then
  8. Hirbow Augur

    Do it ! as posted above try to start the server with some friends, and if not, try to make friends by offering services like blacksmithing , tailoring etc. On a new server everyone is welcome , everyone needs to level and have fun .. just don't miss the leveling Train ! focus on weapons as upgrades instead of armor so you get invited into groups ; don't listen to the people that say you shouldn't play one, because they're the ones that probably never played one :)
  9. Tucoh Augur

    Most of the time I take pity on a classic tlp rogue and throw them an invite to get carried they need a loooot of help. Like, need me to come pick them up, constantly go afk, screw up assisting, are slow at everything, cause social issues in group etc.

    There are talented team players that roll rogue for whatever reason, but it turns out if you're foolish, naive, ignorant or inconsiderate enough to pick the worst class you'll probably also make a bunch of unforced errors in other areas.
  10. Chopsuey Augur

    Rogues are fine. Melee dps in general is great in classic, especially if you raid in PoSky. Early on summoned mage daggers are bis magic weps til you get something like a Pugius (spelling?) out of Unrest. Don't forget to use those low lvl discs like throw stone/elbow strike. Elbow strike does like 5 free dmg and when you're meleeing for adds up. Burning Rapier is a good wep to get for a not so hard quest. Then again, if you raid. Daggers like Shrieking Oldspice will be rotting and they are serviceable til you get the good ones ie serpents tooth/sky quest dagger.
    Don't be scared to offer to pull either. Any class can pull in classic these days but not many want to. Can be more than just a dps sitting in camp. Once the hole opens having a lockpicker to pull some of the camps is really nice. And unrest has locked doors until people can farm the keys. Offer more value and groups will want you.
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  11. Magneress Augur

    Wood elfs are gross.

    At least you have illusions.
  12. Vindar Augur

    Last time I played rogue in classic I ended up out DPSing a lot of people, just because so many put in minimal effort. I wasn't even aware of some of the tips here. Rogues aren't good, but they're also not nearly as terrible as people make them out to be.
  13. Stune Augur

    Very few actually keep playing a rogue, i think once they get a good raid dagger... they tend to disappear.
  14. Arclyte Augur

    For some people, min/maxing and metagaming is life. I think it's bizarre to be a meta slave in a 24 year old PvE game but whatever.

    I like to tell people to play what you enjoy. Having said that, it's a crime how weak the rogue is in early EQ. Some people around here mock classes like ranger or druid, but they can put up some respectable numbers if played properly. Rogue on the other hand is 8 weeks of suckage and there is nothing you can do about it except bribe your raid leader for the first serpent's tooth or crystalline spear.
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  15. Mithra Augur

    At least once you achieve level 60 and epic you're strong for the rest of the server's life, if never quite undisputed strongest.
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  16. Hirbow Augur

    I think the problem is you can't play a rogue like a monk or ranger etc... You need a different mentality in which you have to fight for the best groups and buffs and you will be quite competitive. You will be the #1 overrall parser in a given raid if you follow my guide..but, you have to fight for it. And like any other class in classic, everyone needs upgraded weapons, except monks off the bat... I had no problem being competitive with Hate/Fear weapons without such weapons you have mentioned.

    The problem with rogues is the conformist players that just play them and complain like you without trying to better the character with the tools that were given to them. And please, don't confuse being competitive with being #1.
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  17. Arclyte Augur

    Actually I did just that with my last Ranger. Everyone dogs on the class, "lol ranger gate" or "lol dt class". With just call of flame, your 2 dots and two decent weapons I was a major asset to DPS on any boss that wasn't immune to spells, and that was before getting stuff like haste cloak from sky.

    If you like rogue in classic that's fine, but people reading this thread need to know before they spend months of time that rogues are at a big disadvantage in the first few expansions and to be prepared for that. Even with max buffs and tons of plat in poisons.
  18. superman Augur

    Bihli isn't in game till luclin I believe
  19. 7arami Irritably sharp-tongued.

    Rogues in Everquest are in desperate need of a buff. Their damage output has fallen behind other classes, their utility has decreased, and their high level of risk does not provide enough reward. Buffing the Rogue class will help to balance the game and ensure that players have more options when it comes to selecting a class to play.

    The developers should work on providing new abilities or enhancements to existing abilities to bring the Rogue class back to its former glory, specially during classic.
  20. Hdizzle Augur

    [quote="7arami, post: 4213065, member: 465194"
    The developers should work on providing new abilities or enhancements to existing abilities to bring the Rogue class back to its former glory, specially during classic.[/quote]

    Who has time for class balancing when there's FTE to master?
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