For the Anniversary... New Race/Class Combos?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by LDEffectsMe, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. Sokki Augur

    You must of missed all the discussions about this topic the last time they implemented a new class/race combo. It definitely takes a lot more than a "couple hours". Items need updated to take into account the new combo, new quests are added to account for the new combo, epic quests need updated, and so on. There's a lot more that goes into making a new class/race combo than you realize. It's not as simple as just changing a few lines of code to allow it.
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  2. Act of Valor Augur

    First person to say Dark Elf Ranger gets sacked.
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  3. Iven Elder


    There are arguments for everything but there are also arguments against something and I want to add these to complete the picture. Basically your argumentation is based on "make EVERY race/class combo" possible which is not a good idea imo as it does dilute the races and their identity. I can agree with some of your ideas but do not see a necessarity for new race/class combos. Please explain why you want them at all ?! With 124 race/class combos there is ALOT "spice" in EQ already. Have you played them all already ?

    What if it was not a mistake ? :p Beastlords are healer/melee (shaman/monk) hybrids and Mithaniel Marr is the main god of paladins and a paladin itself. Frogloks and humans can be monks AND paladins so this might be the link. Frogloks can also be shamans (and paladins) and so frogloks do worship the g** lord. As barbarians are more or less a primitive nature based tribal society, warriors and shamans make more sense than paladins and clerics. 9 of 16 races can already be clerics and paladins.

    The monks in Norrath are fighter monks and erudites are a highly intellectual human sect that does seem to lack the necessary stamina and agility even that they can be paladins and shadow knights.

    6 of 16 races can be beastlord so there might be potential. On the other hand frogloks are together with gnomes on top rank 3 behind humans and drakkins regarding class choices. But its really unlogical that they can be shamans AND monks but not beastlords. I just wonder that their warder (pet) will be. Maybe a giant mosquito ?

    To many class choices for frogloks already I guess. Necromancer is a weird class choice for a so called neutral class so it should be replaced by the enchanter maybe. ;) Magician should be sidelined as I cannot remember the existence of froglok magicians in the city of Guk.

    Which are enough healer class choices. 1 major healer class and 2 hybrid classes + bard. They would be to similar to halflings with a cleric class option. Halflings have the cleric and half elves the bard option. All other class options for these two races are identically.

    I just wonder why half elves got listed as a good race at wikipedia and neutral at Allakhazam with such deity choices. SK would be just a logical additional choice but 9 of 16 classes already have the SK choice.

    The halflings of Norrath are not hobbits ! ;) Never have heard and seen them singing and dancing but bellowing and staggering at their many parties so their affinity to alcoholic drinks might prevent them of being good bards. :D As already noted above: Halflings got the cleric while half elves got the bard class.

    Nope, because high elves ARE magic ! If they try to be a warrior they always end up being a paladin.

    Basically nearly every class could be a ranger but high elves prefer magic spells instead of primitive bows.

    Humans and drakkins are to civilized for being good shamans and their class choices are already close to unlimited with 13/16.

    Not really as they are cold blooded amphibians.

    The current iksar seem to have lost the power of strong healing abilites by a curse. And it does not really fit to this race. It seems like dark elves only got granted the cleric class as druid and shaman would fit even less. The shaman class however does fit perfectly to the rough and tribal orientated iksar culture. No need for a second iksar healer class imo. Even the druid class would be a better choice than the cleric but seems to be sidelined for evil classes.

    All other classes can be marauders too. Every player raid is a bunch of marauders. :p The foul smell of the iksar might prevent them being good rogues anyway.

    With currently 6 of 16 class choices there is a way and they seem to be pure hearted and wise enough. As bards and warriors they can even wear plate armor already. This could be a good feature of another luclin based expansion (Return to Luclin / RtL). :cool:

    It would make wood elves to similar to half elves. Wood elves do not like to live in cities as losing the bonds to nature does make them sick.

    Frogloks neither can be beastlord but shaman. It was a bad decision in the past to give wood elves the beastlord class choice and the treant warder is ridiculous as it is not a beast. A black wolf with yellow eyes would had fit way better. If you add the shaman class to wood elves then your argumentation pattern would just lead to the monk class as beastlords use monk abilities. Wood elf monks ? No thanks !
  4. Yinla Augur

    All Vah Shir are agnostic, they are king of the beasts and worship no one, as I said previously. Druid/ranger would make more sense as they are naturebased the same as the kittys. No idea why Vah Shir never got these classes in the first place, track and forage also makes sense for them.
  5. CrazyLarth Augur

    Maybe a progression server they can remove all the race restrictions from items to a Class/ALL and allow any Class / any race.
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  6. KC13 Augur

    Froglok Bards! Michigan J. Frog, Hello my baby.............:)
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  7. Zantor Augur

    Of all the things Dev's need to work on, this isn't one them :eek:
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  8. Vumad Augur

    I can't see the reason to make any race into another class since everyone can illusion into anything and make their pet look like almost anything. Add more adventurer illusions in the casino would completely solve this problem. Actually just put the masks on the loyalty vendor and never hear about this again.
  9. Vumad Augur

    Pretty sure lore went out the window when DBC and collectors editions wiped it out with illusions for everyone.

    I'd like them to take the time for project illusion to work on pets. I can turn anyone into almost anything but I can't turn my pet into anything unless I have a clicky. Pet clickies should work on players and trade for legendary spells so I can turn everyone into Kirin.

    Also the ToV illusion armor of zek is amazing and looks like the old HoH dire charm pet so i'd love to be able to cast it on my pet. Man i'd love to have a HoH Wrulon pet and mount.

    I play a dark elf ranger. Sack away.

    I'm totally down for a dark elf beastlord with a drake pet if we have dev time to burn.
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  10. LDEffectsMe Augur

    With nearly 20 years of EverQuest time under my belt and 8 separate accounts... Yes, I've played every Race/Class combo with the exception of Froglok Monks and Wood Elf Beastlords because I do not enjoy the hub of Crescent Reach and prefer to have the "natural" starting cities for each Race.

    I believe that I explained in my original post as to the "why" I would like additional Race/Class combos. But I think you misunderstood in thinking that I wanted every Race/Class combo that I listed. I was merely providing a list of Race/Class combos that made sense to me, with a potential justification for the developers to choose from. One or two new Race/Class combos would be great in my opinion and give people something "new" to play with.

    Because when you delve into the actual code of EverQuest, Half Elves are a "good" Race. That's why if you make a Human Warrior who worships Innoruuk, you can walk freely into Neriak, but a Half Elf Warrior who worships Innoruuk is kill on sight initially. And in Kunark, Human Warriors who worship Innoruuk are welcome in the Overthere and kill on sight in Firiona Vie because they're evil. Half Elf Warriors who worship Innoruuk are kill on sight in the Overthere because they're a good race, and also kill on sight in Firiona Vie because they worship an evil deity.

    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. They're hobbits with a different name to avoid legal ramifications. I'm sure they can sing and dance with their jolly little selves.

    I get confused because I think you use the words "class" and "race" interchangeably at times. But show me another "class" that can backstab you like an Iksar Maurader can when you're running away from them.

    I appreciate that a lot of the counter points you raised made sense. But some of them really did feel like you were reaching to make up a reason they should say no. lol.

    As per Holly Longdale in The EverQuest Show, TLP players now account for HALF of the EQ player base. Show me how to illusion into any Race/Class combo on a TLP server, since the servers generally die before the casino or loyalty vendors ever come out. A change like this would be beneficial for the whole game if done properly, not just for Live servers.
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  11. Skuz Augur

    Open to debate (& it has been debated extensively before on these forums) as it depends entirely where you are sourcing that opinion from, in some fantasy Treants are animals (D&D 5e for example) that resemble trees, inspired by how some insects can take on plant-like appearances to avoid predators, though quite how an animal that looks like something else (mimicry is normally adopted by prey creatures) yet is intended to be a offensive pet is open to interpretation too, ambush (pun intentional) hunter maybe. In other sources the Treant is a fairly high-intelligence sentient plant with some human characteristics that would be more akin to a player race. So I think they can be animals, or spirits & could be warders for sure - and I am no fan of Woodelf Beastlords either, I was rooting for Iksar Berserker, Dwarf Shadowknight & Vah Shir Druid in 2013.

    I'd love me some evil druids though, Ogre or Troll.
  12. Vumad Augur

    I commend the quality of this post.
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  13. Nolrog Augur

    Clockwork pet.
  14. Roartyger Smoot Lorekeeper

  15. Dre. Augur

    I have a hunch that newer players starting in CR wouldn't even know the difference unless someone told them to do their epics.
    What modern gear/quests are restricted by race?
    Which BIS items?
  16. CazRaX Journeyman

    Vah Shir are spirit based not nature based which is why shaman is an option and not druid and why Wood Elf Beastlord SHOULD NOT EXIST!!!
  17. Sokki Augur

    It's not so much modern gear/BIS items that are the issue, it's all of the Legacy items. If they are going to add a new race/class combo they're going to do it right and make sure everything affected by the change is updated (at least to the best of their ability) which includes going back and changing everything from the past 20 years as needed. This was all discussed the last time they added a new race/class combo, it was very time consuming and as far as I know, they have no plans to do it again anytime soon.
  18. Litefighter Lorekeeper

    I think it would be cool for some new pet models or more clickie illusions like ....[IMG]
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  19. Dre. Augur

    Inflated scope refusal is a cop out.
  20. Iven Elder

    Yeah, I muddled the words class and race one or two times and my post was already locked to editing.

    I definetly disagree with alot of your suggestions but there was a few ideas which was acceptable from my point of view. Never was my intention to lug in arguments just to bust your ideas generally.

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