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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Portis, Sep 6, 2020.

  1. Nolrog Augur

    My e-xxxx is bigger than your e-xxxx
    My e-xxxx is bigger than yourrrrs.
    My e-xxxx's bigger cause he gets kennel-ration . . . .

    They censor that word.
  2. Portis Augur

    my ex is massive.. shes a tart as well!
  3. OreganoGuano New Member

    Your arrogance is astounding, yet you don't have anything to back it up. You took 40 people to kill Vox and Naggy... :)

    You destroyed a guild and caused drama in RG3....

    Merge with who? You talk about bravery but you don't post clearly who you're talking about :)

    Good luck, with you at the helm you're going to need it.
  4. Portis Augur

    WOW! I'm guessing you didn't know Guano was poop then? LOL
  5. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Someone needs a hug
  6. Portis Augur

    Hey Wakk :)
  7. SunDrake Augur

    Imagine fragmenting an already miniscule population of players in like time zones and then further alienating the remainder by acting like some awful ego-driven leader.

    Congrats on VS, though.
  8. OreganoGuano New Member

    You mean like you did when you got upset RG on Aradune formed in the first place?


    Imagine coming on the forums to boast about killing Vox and Naggy with 40 people out of era, and subliminally calling out other EU guilds in a desperate attempt to be recognised.

    Without Bonlgon you're nothing, let that sink in.
  9. Portis Augur

    I am not the leader, I simply run recruitment and have the lucky job of forums :)

    Fragmenting? The server started with 4 i think euro guilds and a larger than average euro population, more than i have seen since i played in 1999. On several previous TLPs it start exactly the same with a lesser euro population than here. On several previous TLPs, there were two remaining prime euro guilds, RG and Darkwind (a large proportion of RWT). On Rage, DW outlasted us, on Phinny RG outlasted DW (and are still going strong).. I dont see any fragmentation, with the AoCs are you saying now we cant do the current content with our expanding numbers.. or that RWT needs even more than they now have. We are not here for a fight with anyone, just to have fun... so far we are as are those with us.

    Alienating, we can barely cope with the rate of expansion we are going through.I havent heard of any alienating.. there are some in the guild that we left that hold us strangely accountable for their own implosion. We didnt poach them, they simply followed the talent.

    A funny point here.. we are finding TONS of EST/PST players who have had it with raiding late. We are not getting any younger and the afternoon raiding for them is proving very attractive. So, that all of a sudden puts our feet firmly at both sides of the fence. Remember, we have only landed really 3 weeks ago and are now going on for 70, I am bighting my lip not to say.. watch this space :) There is many months to go yet, who knows where things will be a year down the line.

    Thank you, we aim to do as much content as we can, this was a milestone and the first target we did. I doubt we will clear VP and kill Phara Dar but who knows, we have some solid RL's and a strong force building daily :)
  10. Portis Augur

    LOL are you still rattling on Bat-poop.. We killed VS/Tal and Sev.. Those were just warm up fights. I saw RWT kill Eye of Veeshan tonight also, what is your point man! You keep going on about it, spit it out :)

    Bon is certainly a great player and one of my best RL friends and he will be missed here. However, to take Bon and say RG is nothing without him is a bit silly. If you knew anything at all you would know RG3 has been run for many years by an amazing set of officers and Bon has had very little involvement indeed in the proceedings.

    You are clearly a little butt-hurt and a very bitter person.. let that sink in! :)
  11. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.


    Takes more than 1 guy to make any guild work.
  12. Machen Augur

    Curious on the use of the name, since as far as I know it's been a long time since anyone but Bonlgon led a guild named Rosengard (I believe the last one was that Ainik guy on Fippy when Bonlgon took a break toward the end...) Did Bonlgon give his blessing to the use of the guild name on new server? I see you are using his name as well, that doesn't sit well with me personally if it's not him, unless he gave the ok.
  13. Portis Augur

    I personally was one of the founders, there were 3 of us started Rosengard and chose the name. I think that gives me about as much right as any ex member to use the name wouldnt you agree? There are four of us who were officers over the years and did a heck of a lot of work. However, we did ask him for use of the name here to be polite.

    Anyway this thread has gone beyond just posting information about what we killed which was the only intent. I will refrain from being baited into anymore squabbles and just say, we are here to stay!
  14. Protagonist Augur

    This thread started off so stupid that we're not allowed to call it "Tardy" despite it being so late into the expansion, as that would clearly be culturally insensitive to OP's background.

    It has gone drastically downhill since then.
  15. OreganoGuano New Member

    Portis. Nobody outside of RG has heard of you. So to follow the talent is a massive overstatement and show of arrogance. You jumped ship from RG3 probably when the game got hard.

    You have some obsession with RWT because of Darkwind even though most of the guild isn't even Darkwind lol, but you're not even brave enough to call them out. Don't worry your guildies gave up your obsession.

    As for the boasting, Sev can be 3 grouped as can VS you took 40 players to each then make one of the cringest posts in history to try and prove to Rampage you're some legit guild like they even care.

    Notice how none of them have posted on here despite you taking shots.

    It must be hard with your ego to be irrelevant. Must be tough.
  16. Dooby dooby doo Elder

    What expansion are you 3 grouping sev?

    That would be a 15 minute fight in kunark.
  17. OreganoGuano New Member

    You just answered your own question.

    If you are raiding without resists and potions then I don't want to raid with you.

    People farming Vox and Naggy with less than 2 groups.

    They're particularly easy of course.

    No need to bring 40 level 50+ to kill them. You could easily 2 split them and get double the loot.

    So I take exception to someone displaying arrogance and talking about 'talent' all whilst displaying none.

    If you're going to talk the talk then walk the walk.
  18. Dooby dooby doo Elder

    People also claimed nag and vox were 1 groupable in kunark and turns out they meant 1 group did it at the end of kunark with 2 out of 6 toons being clerics and very well geared raid toons.

    I just think you're making up 3 grouping sev. Maybe it gets done by some hardy adventurers at the very end of kunark. Maybe. But I'm not seeing 3 group sev till velious.

    And let's pretend 3 groups can kill sev week 12. We are on week 3.

    I would be surprised if any sev on aradune or rizlona have been killed with less than 30.

    If you're 3 grouping sev then congrats. But I don't believe it. It's just weird to dismiss their accomplishment by bringing up a fake and unrealistic number.

    Like ha ha you scrubs don't kill sev with 3 groups like everyone else does??
  19. ClayPigeon New Member

    Imagine not knowing that you can do Sev in era with 3 groups as long as you have the resists and potions...
  20. OreganoGuano New Member

    What's the most dangerous thing about Sev? His fear? So if you can negate that how difficult is he? Bard + Resist Potions + Gear + Buffs and Celestial Healing Potions. Even better if you have Fungi Staffs.

    I don't care what you believe you clearly don't have the knowledge.

    Happy to be proven wrong, but at the moment you're just coming across as the OP on a different account. Clueless

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