Fixed Footloose and Fancy Free Legendary Flute

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Silvena, Mar 17, 2023.

  1. Silvena *poke*

    Category: Quest [Can Repro]
    Date/Time: Fri Mar 17 13:33:55 2023

    Character: Level 120 Rogue (Main)
    Zone: Firiona Vie
    Location: -2846.91, 3392.94, -132.14, 414.24

    Description: Footloose and Fancy Free quest. Legendary Flute groundspawn missing after hotfix. Might need a zone repop.

    Edit: This is on the Tunare server.
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  2. Luminya The Ancient

    It is also missing on aradune
  3. Luminya The Ancient

    Category: Other [Can Repro]
    Date/Time: Fri Mar 17 17:29:06 2023

    Character: Level 85 Magician (Main)
    Zone: Firiona Vie
    Location: -2839.18, 3437.43, -144.24, 317.94

    Description: I am working on the 24th anniversary quest, Footloose and Fancy Free. The ground spawn for the legenday flute in Fiorna Vie is missing. The /loc is -2840, 3365, -140.
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  4. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    EQ Resource says its in the water

    Head to Firiona Vie (as indicated by [IMG] on the map) for a ground spawn, in the water

  5. Silvena *poke*

    If only it were there. It was hotfixed to spawn in "both versions of FV" but it's missing.

    I've been in zone over an hour and a half. I've done laps. I've checked inside and outside the wall (it's supposed to be outside). It's just not there.
  6. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    Did you look where it says on Eq Resource's map?
  7. Silvena *poke*

    Yes. It's is missing. There was a hotfix to fix it. I'm guessing it didn't work.
  8. TrueNorth Developer

    The flute should now appear on all servers. Please reply here if you are still encountering issues.
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  9. Luminya The Ancient

    Thank you
  10. Wemdann New Member

    Still not seeing it on Yelinak, and I've looked all over the water, including combing the area marked on the above map. Saw someone else out here searching, and they couldn't find it either.
  11. Wemdann New Member

    And of course, shortly after posting, it started spawning on Yelinak. Couple of us in a row got it.
  12. bilorre New Member

    Still Not showing up on Drinal
  13. Vilforn New Member

    I concur. It's not spawning on Drinal.
  14. Vilforn New Member

    The flute is still not spawning on Drinal.
  15. Moege Augur

    Add to your map if you are unsure where it is.
    P -3360.6516, 2835.4763, -149.2137, 240, 127, 0, 3, 24th_Flute
  16. Wemdann New Member

    Went to complete this quest again with a guildmate on a different toon of mine. Back to not seeing the flute, even knowing where it should be spawning.
  17. Vilforn New Member

    Is this going to be fixed before the Anniversary Events are over?
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  18. TrueNorth Developer

    A new shipment of flutes has been sent to Drinal.
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  19. Vilforn New Member

    Confirmed. Flute deliverys received on Drinal.
  20. Wemdann New Member

    I've been checking back on Yelinak a couple times a day for the past 3 days and still have not seen it on any character other than the first one I found it on. Also do not have any guildies who have seen the flute since that day.