Follow up item not received from NPC, unable to progress

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Manglehoof, May 9, 2024.

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    I am attempting to do the quest "Postmaster's Challenge" ( Almost at the end of the quest you hand a bag to Ton Twotone in Freeport and he is supposed to give you a bag bound for Kelethin.

    I turned in the Freeport bag, and he refuses to give me the Kelethin bag. He gave me his other option, Highpass, without an issue. I retraced steps, and all the NPC's seem to have been complete, and won't give me any items.

    I did this quest in lock step with 3 other people, none of them had any issue and completed the follow up steps without issue. I petitioned and the GM told me they can't help in any way and to submit a big report here.

    If progress could be reset, I would be happy to try again.
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    The step to chose which to deliver - did you chose both or just Highpass?

    Will you [deliver] mail to [Kelethin] or [Highpass] for me?'

    Did you ask for the Kelethin one? Delivering a bag to him does not populate the other delivery, you have to ask for it. What happens if you try to say "I am interested in delivering mail." to see if he will offer it

    The post from Sep 17 2003 in Allah is why they altered this quest. It was blatant misuse of a quest

    Which is the step you are one so it could be that alteration they made. Players were farming that and doing it over and over so they made it so you could not repeat it and in the process broke it. If you had ever done any other steps before this attempt (like getting just the plat) then that would be the issue

    I would think this would be easy to fix by just removing the plat reward and setting it back like it was. They did make the bag heirloom but that does not help complete the task
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    I believe that is exactly what happened. Thank you for the clarification.

    Thank you to everyone who posted in this thread, it was very informative.