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  1. Frogmancer Lorekeeper

    So, now that there is *finally* a statue for Cazic Thule, I'm working on the Cazic shrine that I've wanted to build since Housing became a thing in EverQuest, but I've hit a snag - my shrine has neither worshippers nor priests. I feel as though for the priests, I could use practice dummies, but they're only flagged for use in a Guild Hall. I could move my Shrine, but the lighting and atmosphere in the new Evantil's Abode house is so perfect, I would really like to keep it in my house. Can we *pleeeeaaaassssseeee* get the practice dummies flagged for placement in houses, as well as Guild Halls?

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  2. Caudyr Augur

    I wouldn't mind seeing these 'unlocked' for use in the house, too. Heck, the current combat dummies are perfect for your cazic shrine, too...as they have the exact models on the merchant for Fright, Terror, and Dread. :D

    For that matter, give us some other combat dummy graphical models, please! I want a dragon combat dummy! :p

    Could even give us a merchant/banker that costs upkeep to put in the house...but to do this we would really need to have the NPC's 'item' store what the settings are for that thing, so that when the house 'shuts down' the instance or a patch happens the NPC doesn't get reset like currently happens.

    The image changing item is not really worth using, imo, when you have to go around and change the NPCs in the guild hall (and would have to in houses too if the above were done) every time it shuts down or the server crashes/gets patched.
  3. Frogmancer Lorekeeper

    I wish they would fix this, too. I want my Guild Hall populated by Dark Elf women in silk underpants, but every time I fix them, some of them (not all of them) just come back as their original models when the zone collapses and repopulates. Except the ones that *do* stay fixed, and it seems completely random!

    And it's not even as simple as that - when I go to fix them again, the *tool* still thinks they're a Dark Elf female in silk undies. They're not (the Geode vendor is one that won't stay switched, so he changes back to a male gnome in a robe), but the sequence that comes back up definitely says, "No, that's a Dark Elf in silk undies. Why are you cycling through the entire sequence again?"

    ...Well, it doesn't say that, but in my mind, that's what the tool would say, if it could talk.
  4. Khoza Augur

    After doing this many, many times, in fruitless attempts to make them stay by trying different things (armor type, changing hair/armor color, changing different numbers of attributes, etc) I eventually saved myself some work. Changing gender forces the NPC back to the model you had set before, without cycling back through every race. Just one click to change back, instead of more than a dozen.

    And yes, this is really annoying. You can't even predict which will change when you use a new NPC. We had several personal bankers in our hall. Some stayed, some didn't. It didn't matter which race/armor/etc you set for them, the ones that lose it, always lose it. The ones that stay, always stay. To my great surprise, when we upgraded our GH, I went to place our bankers and such again, and... those that stayed previously, had retained their settings from the old GH. (Despite having been moved to a new plot, in a new neighborhood, in a different guildhall. Not loading any layouts.)

    The one that really saddened me was the combat dummies, though. I had an entire dojo set up, complete with monks sparring. (Well, I know they're monks. Apparently, combat dummies are armorless, so you can't give them ANY armor look, try as you might.) But, all combat dummies reset when the zone does.
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  5. Caudyr Augur

    Yeah, I wouldn't mind more options for combat dummies, myself. I want some dragons and whatnot as combat dummies! :D

    That being said...I didn't even notice the whole 'random changing' thing. Also didn't even think of just swapping the gender to get 'em to return to normal. Still sucks, but that's not as bad as having to completely reset 'em. I'll probably set out a bunch of models to get the ones that save their settings and use those in my GGH, then. Better than nothing~ :D
  6. Tegila Augur

    we had someoen come in adn change all our npcs weeks ago, have had many servercrashes and changed guild halls sicne then, and the npcs are the same as that person had changed them to. when we first movedto new hall they were normal except for 1, but after the crasehs they seem to have reverted to teh dressed-up versions. not sure if its random or waht, or if you need to save the layout and reload it for htem to ertain or waht's what but they definitely dont all reset everytime tehres a patch

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