Fizzlethorpe Trading Company a Mischief guild, the PST guild you never knew you wanted!

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Azztastic, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. Defener New Member

    West Coast times, let's go! Mischief can't come fast enough
  2. Vindaven Elder

  3. Squirrel New Member

    I am down, count me in. I like having both DKP and Plat raids. I plan on running a Monk.
  4. uk6999 Augur

    Need Caster DPS-> only have Mage(1) and Wiz(2) and probably always clerics(7) and maybe druids(3). Have a boat/truck load of tanks(19 across all 3), monks(8), encs(8), bards(7) signed up. However, I believe nothing is closed yet although some classes are over flowing for a single raid setup.
  5. ASDAprice Lorekeeper

    keep on coming west coast and late night east coasters.
  6. Velomuzst New Member

    I am so ready.
  7. Vindaven Elder

    Fizzlethorpe Trading Company just announced their server choice: Mischief.
  8. The'Ike New Member

    Someone come get all this mage and Wizard loot. Still taking most classes.
  9. Vindaven Elder

  10. Vindaven Elder

  11. The'Ike New Member

    Looks like we are going to have multiple splits, all you west coast guys might as well get in here and fill up another one.. Still taking all classes up until launch.
  12. Turblox New Member

    Solaraxus and Tacobelle started a coup on Aradune in PALS. Started Mediumcore on Aradune and are now bringing that same group to Mischief.

    It is good to see a stable group of guys here, but I hope it doesn’t pull too many of our guildies from Aradune. We are still roflstomping content there and we want to see new content so I’m crossing my fingers that you don’t peel them all away.

    Goodluck on Mischief.
  13. Turblox New Member

    Are Mini, Halagren, Meldore and Wrathful joining you two?
  14. Acidburn New Member

    Late night east coast person here wanting to join, plan on rolling a monk
  15. Vindaven Elder

    Guild name is now <Fuzzlecutter Trading Co>.
  16. Krimmz The Lizard Journeyman

    working our way through the raids! getting stuff on farm, no better time to join then now!