Fix this pathetic queue system

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by dmccollum, May 30, 2020.

  1. dmccollum Elder

    For the love of Aradune, take 30 minutes of a dev's time to add an accurate updating ETA and what position you're in the queue. You obviously are already tracking what position they are. Most importantly, let people that crashed to desktop bypass the queue. Again, you already know they have a character in game. I won't even get into increasing the server capacity to let more people in.
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  2. Jesilynn New Member

    I agree with this- If they could at least fix it so that if you crash to desktop you get to bypass the queue, I wouldn't complain about waiting 3+ hours to get in. I can plan ahead... queue 3 hours before I plan on actually wanting to play... but when I do all that prep work (coordinating with friends who have done the same) and then a crash to desktop starts the whole process over... I want so badly to have patience, but that makes it so difficult!
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  3. Bubossi New Member

    People would deliberately crash their client then.
  4. Kodaji New Member

    No they wouldn't. Just tie the queue bypass to "You already have a character in the game, do you want to remove them" check they already have.
  5. dmccollum Elder

    well I was disconnected a third time. Played for two hours in queues for nine now.
  6. Healiez Augur

    I would start trying to figure out why you are crashing...

    The game crashing is generally an issue on your end, not theirs. When people crash because of something on DBG's end it is generally at a serverwide or zonewide level.
  7. dmccollum Elder

    It's not a problem on my end. Same computer that played Mangler with no problems. No problems in the mornings when the server has lower population.
  8. Healiez Augur

    If you are having an issue crashing, and the rest of the zone or the server is not also crashing, it is most likely on your end. The game doesnt randomly decide to crash one person because they dont like that person. It could be something to do with your ISP, WoW had issues on its classic servers with some comcast customers during certain times of the day.

    Maybe since zones are fuller on aradune then they were when you played mangler your gfx card is getting upset that it is having to process everything.

    Now if you crash, and everyone else in the zone crashes, then its on their end 100%.

    Saying it isnt potentially something on your end, because you didnt have this issue before is asinine. Did you play mangler every day up until aradune launched and then you switched. Could NOTHING have changed on your pc between playing on mangler and aradune. Maybe they patched something and since a file changed something is messing with a firewall exemption.

    Try some of the common troubleshoots.
    turn off log files, Delete old memory files in EQ (like UI files for deleted or unused characters). If all else fails do a fresh install of EQ. I had to do that this time around because EQ was constantly crashing after server select. Turn off any firewalls you may be running, even if just temporarily to see if thats the issue.

    If it happens around the same time, under the same conditions that is actually great. Reproducible issues are generally easier to fix. Submit a bug report and then start googling.
  9. dmccollum Elder

    The only thing in the equation that has changed is the server and it only happens when the server is at capacity. Regardless, this post is about the queue system and letting people back in that crashed or were kicked while zoning.
  10. Healiez Augur

    I know what the original post is about, just offering some insight to people that keep crashing under the same circumstances. There is most likely a fix for it, and instead of just accepting it as an inevitability you could attempt to fix it.
  11. Sikkun Augur

    Well the Dev who wrote the queue round the entire studio now and it did take her more than 30 min to do it.
  12. dmccollum Elder

    I didn't say it would only take 30 minutes to write the queue system from scratch. They are already tracking were players are in the queue, they are already tracking that you have a character in the game after a client crash or DC from zoning. They just need to modify the current queue system to display your place in the queue and do a quick Boolean check to see if you have a character online and put you to the front of the queue.