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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Gatts, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Gatts Journeyman

    This is post is all about berserkers and the issues I find with them, specifically axes required for skills.

    Other than blinding ourselves to use discs, going through endurance really fast, and sacrificing just enough hp to often get ourselves killed much more while we try to use 90% hp abilities that just don't work very well, I would like to discuss the ever hungry consuming black hole of endless axes being spent to fund our dps. This really needs some fixing.

    Recently, a component check was fixed which just made sure we used axes as we used our skills, so now we're burning through axes much faster. My problem with the axe component is I am keeping entire bags of axes and restocking them daily at increasing cost. Weekly, I spend about 3-6k at vendor on axe components. I do not know any other class that spends so much plat just to use their abilities. I find the axe component to be rather dumb from the start, but to have a class setup that burns through stacks of 100 axes like popping skittles just has me summoning axes constantly. AND WTF is with a 12 sec cd on summoning axes?

    Now that the component check is working and we're burning through our axes even more than before, I feel this needs to be stopped before it gets worse. This has been a problem way before the component check fix and has been getting worse over the years.

    Play the classes you're designing so you actually know what you're doing please. Thanks.
  2. kinadafz Augur

    What is weird is I swear my Zerker is using skills with no axes summoned at all. I've played a terrible zerker box, never to full potential. I just recently updated his burns and spams, and those spams include some, what I thought, disc's that required axe components.

    I still have never, ever bought an axe component, but when I click the disc, I do not get the message "missing component required".

    I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but maybe confirm that you can do the disc with nothing summoned.
  3. Gatts Journeyman

    Dicho requires axe components and some of the thrown axe damage abilities, also stun/snare use them too. Don't remember any duration discs that use them, just instant abilities. And the instants add a lot of dps so definitely want to be spamming them.
  4. Maedhros Augur

    The axes are 100% a non-issue.
    It is incredibly easy to keep enough axes on you. You can simply hit the "I" key to open your inventory from time to time to see if youre under 100 axes in your ammo slot or you could instead make a hot button of the top stack of axes in your bags and put it on a hotbar. You will have 100 in your ammo slot and up to 100 on the hotbar, and as soon as you hit say 25 or 30 axes on the hotbar you know that on the next pause of pulls or between events that you need to hit the axes. There are zero reasons to run around with bags full of axes. It takes 3 masterwork axes to make 100 axes of the demolisher. An entire stack of 100 masterwork axes costs you less than 3k plat. Thats 3,300 axes for less than 3k plat. I dont even know the last time I bought axe components, its been months. I just now bought 2 stacks of 100 on my berz to dbl check the prices and I am expecting to not see this vender in pok for months. If you cant afford less than 6k plat for 2 stacks every few months I dont know what to tell you. I also think youre way off on the assumption that other classes arent having any kind of expense. Chanters and clerics pop to mind with peridots and emeralds, they burn through those much faster than a berz burns through axes.
    I do raid the berz 3 days a week on open raid team and they wipe A LOT... I go through way more axes on this toon than most typical berserkers would to go through to raid content because of all the wiping.
    Before you ask, I am not some scrub on my berz. I parse well and am burning through my axes as fast or faster than most outside of the very top elite main berz players might.
    Here is my magelo

    Here is my parse from last nite Enslaver of souls on the first burn phase.
    /GU Anashti Sul, Lady of Life in 35s, 22719k @649105sdps --- Rinamor 22719k@649105sdps (649105dps in 35s) [100%]
    Have done better, but the mob got pushed to the side a lil bit and I lost 3 or 4 rounds while re-positioning.

    While I totally disagree with you on the axes being a problem, I will agree that the 90% hp qualifier to use some discs or abilities is a bummer. I hate having to spam Bloodfury or worse to throw the dice and use Open wounds to get my Amplified frenzy on, or use Frenzied resolve, but its really just those 2 abilties now and easy enough to manage..

    I gotta say that even after round after round of nerfs, a well played berz is still going to top nearly any other class on parses unless you have an elite shammy druid or necro to compete with on raids right now.

    Its hard to agree with any gripes or complaints about the berserker class at all right now.
  5. Brudal Augur

    Base reuse is 12 but can be 9 seconds if you have AA's.
    Might also look into summoning efficiency AA's
  6. Repthor Augur

    I think rather then trying to have them remove the component ask is they can make them stack to 1k like emealds and peridots this will clean out your bags pretty nice and you still have a ton of axes. Regardless 3k plat is nothing in todays eq. You can go out and trip over that kind of plat
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  7. Filter Elder

    I just play my zerker at this time but I can't tell you how many times I miss out on my full potential of dps. My ISP isn't ideal so I hit my burn hotkey but my merc heals me before the rest fires so my health is above 90%. I tank with my zerker and bot my bard with 2 healer mercs on reactive. I don't have the luxury of taking my health way down most times unless I want to wipe. This would be great if we were able to remove this trigger in the game.
  8. Gatts Journeyman

    Obviously its a problem, just because some people ignore the obvious and have voiced stupid things like omg zerkers are op, don't make anything less annoying about them to compensate. Zerkers got a lotta issues, would definitely love the 90% stuff to be done away with or fixed in some capacity.

    I really don't care about you showing off your toon to pretend you got some authority on this others don't have. All I want from this thread is axes to be fixed before it gets even worse. 3k isn't a big deal? lol.... accumulate that over years of playing at say on low side, 3k a week. I go through at least a stack of axe components weeky. So you don't play your zerker and use as many axes as I do... good argument. I don't want to be spending 150k pp on axe components each year.
  9. Gatts Journeyman

    Base reuse 12 sec. Ya I got all the aas so my reuse is lower. Still long reuse for something that doesn't really sensibly need a reuse. Usually summon 4-10 stacks at a time, but I try to keep adding stacks here and there so reuse doesn't affect.

    1000 stack axes would be nice. But that doesn't affect cost or how long it takes to summon axes 100 at once. If summoned stacks were 1000 at once, that'd be nice especially if same component cost reducing cost to 1/10th, although with more aa sometimes don't use as many components so can get lucky and not use components. Still players out there w/o max aas, so they might not want to spare their for axe summoning aas. Trend with axes constantly costing more everytime they decide to raise the components to another tier and factor that into multiple expansions means this will get worse if not changed now like it has been. Unless they decide to stay with the current component til end of game.
  10. Maedhros Augur

    Youre literally the first person I've ever heard complain about the cost of axes. What server are you on? Maybe we can start a gofundme. If youre on cazic I will give you 150k to fund your next year of axe use.
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  11. drizerker Journeyman

    I would be happy of the component was half the price they are.
  12. Mortium Elder

    I can honestly say that I have no issues with the cost of axes. I buy a stack of masterwork components and they last me for a really long time. The cast delay between summoning them is a pain to be honest. I'd rather have no cast delay just so I can get the summoning over and done with ASAP!

    One big issue is getting below 90% to activate all the abilities. It's not like you can just hit an ability and be done with it, sometimes it's a case of mashing your hurt me key like crazy just to get through the runes and HoT to even get below 90% to activate it.

    Finally, if you reroll as a druid you can get better dps and provide healer support to your group. You also don't have to chase mobs as you can stand and just move slightly if your LOS gets borked.

    #druidenvy #nilweanxisgod
  13. OHBoy(theRanger) Journeyman

  14. Angre Augur

    I agree with Mortium about the cost of Axes being such small concern for Zerkers. I buy a krono from DB, sell it for plat, and I got tons of funds for axes and will never run out of plat. I have a 36 slot bag I fill with axes, once a week or so.
    I consider it, simple maintenance for my toon, and I do this once a week. I just take a few minutes of my time, (like 20 because of recast....hint) and fill my bag. And then I am done for a week. I honestly don't understand what your problem is with getting plat. Do you loot and sell your loot? Trade skill items will bring in some decent plat (especially after the new Expansion goes live) if you set up a trader.

    Now, for this 90% health requirement for so many disciplines, etc doesn't seem it is going to work Gentlemen. I waste more time than its worth, trying to get Amplified Frenzy to fire because I am healed faster than refresh so I can click a button again, and NO thats not a reason for a nerf on AE healing or health regen :) Which is a must have for raids. Its simply a complaint about a broken part of the Berserker experience that we want you to fix. Please.

    Typically, 1 click of Bloodfury drops my health to 86-89%. So roughly a little more than 10% of our health on each cast. Please, increase the maximum amount of health reduction to atleast 30% total for Bloodfury by adding a few more purchasable AA's to it. i.e. 2 more AA's for Bloodfury, and each one reduces 10 more percent of our total health to the maximum of 70% health remaining.

    Its not too late, and It sounds like an easy fix. Could you please implement that suggestion before the new expansion goes live or shortly thereafter. OR fix Open Wounds so it doesnt bring us so dangerously close to death, please.

    Is there still such a thing as low health agro? If so, there is another argument against Open Wounds. Right now, Open Wounds won't work for me at all, so I assume it has been shut off to be worked on. Good, I hope it is because it lowers our health far to low. Like 33% or lower I believe, the first time I used it. (And that was the last time too).

    Personally I am concerned about the amount of mana I am sponging off the healer in my group. I don't want to be a burden to them. I want to have amiable to warmly faction with my Shammy :).
  15. Brudal Augur

    New versions of Open Wound and bloodfury are in the beta spell file, new open wound won't block roar of the lion which was the main reason not to use before beyond the incredible low cap amount

    I believe mercs will still empty their mana trying to heal you though.

  16. Gatts Journeyman

    Nice to see they got an improved version of open wound coming.

    Many of the posters seem to not value their plat accumulation as much I do, I'd rather save more plat on axes and spend on other stuff (very expensive cost for components vs other components imo). Sure I got plat, though I'd rather not spend so much on axes. Have been playing alts more lately since my main is max exp, but I still go through quite a few axes. Used to go through as many as I said above, a stack of components a week when there was stuff I was farming. All the money spent on axes accumulates to be quite a bit. Still would like something changed about time it takes to summon axes, cost of axes, how many in each stack, something to improve game play a bit.

    Kinda feel like there is a credibility issue in these forums and people wanna see if someone actually knows what they are talking about and they use magelo a bit to bridge the gap. Well here is my magelo:

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