Fix for Game Lagging After Returning

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by UnnamedPlayer, Apr 9, 2023.

  1. UnnamedPlayer Elder

    TLDR: Set UseLitBatches to FALSE in eqclient.ini to Fix Low FPS on Modern Computer.
    That seemed to completely fix my FPS.

    Long Explanation:

    I just returned to the game after a long hiatus and the game was lagging like crazy in POK. Framerate would only be smooth if I was looking straight down, otherwise it was like a slideshow.

    Hardware: Ryzen 7 5800x3d + AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT + 32GB
    Software: Windows 10 + Adrenalin 23.3.2 (WHQL Recommended)
    also tested: Adrenalin 23.4.1 (WHQL Recommended)

    I tried messing with CPUAffinity, ClientCore, and VSYNC in the eqclient.ini file. I also tried completely deleting my eqclient.ini and re-running OptionsEditor.exe, and still the game would lag. I tried messing with the Advanced Options and options in OptionsEditor, and reopening the game each time, and no difference.

    Finally as a random stroke of luck, I tested toggling UseLitBatches to False in eqclient.ini, which fixed the issue!

    I wanted to post this to help others who may run into the same issue and maybe as a bug report? I am not looking for any additional support. Thank you for reading.
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    Edit: I tried this and it didn't work for me i guess :(
  3. UnnamedPlayer Elder

    Edit: Didn't see you already made a thread that I responded to, my mistake :D

    Sorry that it did not work for you. Try some of the things I tried in my long explanation or maybe make a new thread with an excessive amount of details, and we'll see if we can help you or not.
  4. UnnamedPlayer Elder

    TLDR: Having Resizeable BAR turned on may be the cause of this. Turning off Resizeable BAR seems to help/fix the issue, even with UseLitBatches=TRUE.

    This thread may also be of interest: Resizable BAR (smart access memory) causes massive fps decrease

    Long Explanation:

    I learned in another thread that Resizeable BAR caused some lag for other people, and I definitely have Resizeable BAR on. So I did a test with Resizeable BAR off and UseLitBatches=TRUE and the lag seemed to be gone.

    I did not compare performance of (Resizeable BAR ON and UseLitBatches=FALSE) to (Resizeable BAR OFF and UseLitBatches=TRUE) so it's hard to tell which one is better. Most people probably want Resizeable BAR ON since it on average seems to help for most games, at least for AMD cards.

    As many already know, toggling Resizeable BAR is not a quick process, since it requires a reboot (turning it on for me takes 2 reboots since Windows seems to want me to reboot again).

    How to check if you have Resizeable BAR on:

    The way I recommend checking is using GPU-Z, since it's free and will work regardless of what type of video card you have (AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel), and will also help indicate what you may have to turn on if it's not on.

    Simply launch GPU-Z and go to Advanced Tab, and then on the DropDown select "PCIe Resizable BAR" (you may have to select your GPU in the bottom left). It will show whether it's enabled and all the requirements to have it enabled.

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    That was my response before i created my own thread :D I'm all fine and dandy here now thanks you to you and the bios update
  6. diamyyr New Member

    Refreshing this post to help anyone who has spent weeks like I have googling trying to figure out what is wrong with this game... until by happenstance finding out about UseLitBatches=False.

    This is your solution. No more 5 fps in PoK and trying to mouselook and turning 180 degrees for no reason or having to turn your clip plane to zero just to play the game. I am boxing 3 with a 7800X3D and now it's smooth as butter. I about gave up on the game when I ran my group out to Veksar for the daily and just panning the camera around the area in an empty zone about lit my pc on fire.

    Special shout-out to all the people who in 2024 tell people with performance issues in a decades old game to "turn down your settings if you lag". You were all completely useless thank you.
  7. Vorplax New Member


    I don't know how or why but I can confirm that this one change has made a huge difference with my FPS. Much higher frame rates and less dips in FPS as well.
    I have a 1080P - 170hz Free Sync monitor and use vsync=TRUE with my FPS capped at 168hz to avoid tearing. With UseLitBatches=TRUE I would see frame rates as low as 30 - 50 FPS in POK and Guild Lobby, now FPS are consistently over 100 and close to locked at my cap of 168 in all other zones.