Firiona Vie server ruleset 2024

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  1. Orablast Elder

    I'm looking for help on the latest ruleset for Firiona Via as of 2024. I've noticed that we can create more than one character now. Does this mean that loot is now No-Trade? Are there any other major changes that I should know about?
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    Afik there is no limit on how many characters on FV now. I have over 30 cause I needed to establish a custom guild hall

    Nor is it a role playing so much anymore. The one person that speaks in the old rp way is laughed at in chat.

    You do need to speak elvish. So either make an alt on a free account that speaks it to train your main or hope someone will offer to train you a point or two. Then you can merc train yourself

    99% of loot is tradeable or saleable. Even stuff like the Drunkards Stein port item from the Anniversary quest. Makes for a rich server. You can basically buy anything if you have the plat - even raid armor

    Chats are all messed up though.

    And you have to speak elvish to get along.

    Did I mention you need to speak elvish?:D
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  3. Orablast Elder

    Thank you for the update, it's much appreciated!

    We rolled Dark Elves, does dark elvish work as elvish, or do we need a purer elvish? :)
  4. Barton-Vox Fizzlethorpe Rules !!

    dark elvish is not elvish
    you need elvish
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  5. Barton-Vox Fizzlethorpe Rules !!

    These are pretty much the only differences now on FV
    Firiona Vie (Roleplaying Preferred)    firiona   
    1. EXP Rate per kill = 150%
    2. Free Trade = Can trade items normally marked NO-TRADE
    3. Role Play = races start only knowing their own language, no /ooc
    4. You can not transfer OFF this server
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  6. CatsPaws Augur

    No, sorry Dark Elvish is not the same as Elvish. Its not really that hard its just that it can really block you for communications, baz, etc. and with chat channels so messed up over there you will need to be able to communicate.
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  7. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    There are still people who roleplay on FV, but they are far far far in the minority and mostly only associate with those they already know.

    Elvish is the lingua franca for most global communication. But, it's real easy to level up language even with a single character. You can 'group' with a merc. Learn 1 point in a language from the Guildmaster and then babble to your merc to teach yourself.
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  8. ibc93 Elder

    I think FV is the most popular live server yeah? I see some youtubers & streamers like hammackj & variety void play there
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  9. Orablast Elder

    I completely forgot about training skills at the Guildmaster, that's a great idea! I'm playing with my wife, so we could both add some text to our Assist hotkey and probably level it in no time at all!

    Thanks for all the replies!
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  10. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    And most important of all: Have fun!
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  11. CatsPaws Augur

    You have to be level 21 to use the guild master for languages and usually it doesn't work on FV for some reason.

    When someone needs the skill I will help them get started until they get a point or two. They have to be grouped with you in the same zone.

    I then find a super long sentence on the internet or just type one out in google search bar then cut and copy that and back in the game set my chat to "group" and click control V in the bar where you type. Then just keep ctrl V over and over and over. Oh, and set my language to Elvish of course. Once they get a point or two then they can spam in group chat to their merc or wife or whoever:)

    There is one guy who always helps new players with languages very fast. Forget his name but watch for him cause he will announce it in both chats.
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  12. Orablast Elder

    I just checked, and you're right. I don't see Elvish as an option to train at the guild master. We are level 22. I can work-around this by creating a level 1 alt elf and train my wife, and then she can train me :)

    Thanks for the update, it's much appreciated!
  13. questor56 New Member

    Learn language:
    Set group tab to language
    Get grouped with someone who knows language and have them set group and main chat language to the language you want to learn then they need to /gsay text repeatedly. Best to set up macro
    If in group once you get to skill 1 you can also /gsay text to help others with lower skill
    Can train yourself alone with merc as group
    Will need to go to trainer to get to skill 1 to solo with merc
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  14. Crashdummy Elder

    Learning languages is not about words, it is about lines. Making a hotkey with 5 lines of /g a, or making the hotkey with 5 lines of /g asdask kkaiid kaSKOE jsjp vvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvv vvvvvv, is the same, just that longer lines can spam the chat box, not so good 25 years ago with computers of the day. Today long lines of language spam should be less tedious for the computer, but will still get old fast. The good news is that partners can spam each other in separate languages for faster learning. Tip. make a runty wood elf rogue to get both elvish and thieves cant, once you have a point in each they are disposable/
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  15. Orablast Elder

    Hey folks, I wanted to let you know that we're having blast! We spent last evening leveling up to 34 and raised our Elvish to 96! We plan on working on jboots quest soon. We're both mages by the way :)

    I liked to ask about mounts on FV. I'm guessing there is no level requirement? The cheapest option I see so far is the slow horse from the Bazaar Staples that cost over 9k. Are there any better / cheaper options out there?

    We are thinking about dropping some cash in the in-game shop and buying one from there. I see that some mounts are locked behind a certain expansion which I'm guessing is meant to be a warning to people who play on TLP servers where that expansions may have not been unlocked yet. Is this worth it?
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  16. Orablast Elder

  17. CatsPaws Augur

    Gratz! Glad to hear your having fun.

    Yes, the mounts that say they depend on the server being unlocked apply to TLP only.

    If your account is old then check in /claims to see if you have a mount in there.

    There are a couple ways to get mounts. As far as speed goes once you buy the fastest one and use it then any mount you get will be that speed. It bleeds over, which is nice.

    Anniversary is coming up next month and there are a couple mounts you can get via those quests if you can wait.

    You can also buy mounts in the DB markeplace, or the baz. If your looking in the bazaar then you will need to search using "bridle" "saddle" "reins" anything other than "mount" lol

    The "Casino Mount" is usually a favorite

    1. Go get a Gold Ticket from the loyalty vendor in PoK or from a player vendor in the bazaar.
    2. Go to King's Court Casino (in Shadow Haven)
    3. Turn in ticket to Jacob Thornblade.
    4. You can win one of 8 items; the Glowing Black Drum is the one you want. The added bonus to this mount is it is also one of the fastest in the game.

    You can increase your chances of winning the GBD on the first try, if someone (in your guild or on your server) will lend you the following:

    1. Fungus Covered Great Staff
    2. Holgresh Elder Beads
    3. Rubicite Breastplate
    4. Scimitar of the Mistwalker
    5. Ton Po's Bo Stick of Understanding
    6. Vibrating Gauntlets of Infuse

    If you have all 6 of those items in your bags, then the only 2 items left that you can win are either the aforementioned mount, or Guise of the Deceiver, which is a Dark Elf clicky.

    Finally this guy has a great listing of all mounts and how to get them:
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  18. Orablast Elder

    Thank you, CatsPaws! This is an excellent write-up and much appreciated! I'll be sure to check my /claims first. I ran across a thread about the golden ticket and left confused and you really helped clarify that, tyvm!
  19. Gialana Augur

    The Glowing Black Drum will summon a Drogmar. One issue you might have with it is when you have a levitate buff, you can't look down to lose elevation quickly. You can, however, use the "end" key to lose elevation (even if you're not on a mount).

    Also, any mount you summon will move with the speed of the fastest mount you've ever summoned. So if you use the Glowing Black Drum once but would prefer to use a different mount, the other mount will move at least as fast as the Drogmar even if it would normally move slower.
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  20. Monkeychunks Augur

    Yep golden ticket is the way to go. You can buy them via the loyalty vendor and they are lore so if you buy one then you need to go turn it in and get your first item. Could be a drum or ??? Hang on to the item for future alts also. You can pass them around. I have one set of the items I have used for well over 15 characters.

    If your in a friendly guild someone might loan you those items. Or you can buy them sometimes in the baz. If your on an old account then your loyalty points are maxed so you can use those to pick up about 6 tickets.

    Now how all that works is those items are also"Lore" like the tickets so you can only have one. Turning in a second ticket will never get you the same item again. So once you have all the lore items there is nothing left but the mount and the mask. Or you might get it on the first turn in.

    I liked my Drogmor and had no problem moving around with it but when Anniversary events come around you can easily get this: Whirligig Flyer Control Device make sure your level 80 by March 16th when they start. It looks hard but most servers leave the drops rotting and don't mind if others loot them
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