Firiona Vie Christmas Collections Giveaway (12+ Sets)

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    It's that time of the year again! Typically every year around Christmas I try to do a big giveaway but for the last two (three?) years I have not done anything. That changes this year with one of the biggest Collection giveaways I have ever done!

    Throughout the month of December this year I will be giving away over a dozen different Collection sets to players on Firiona Vie! A list of all the of the sets I am giving away can be found below. Not all of them are easy to find or cheap.

    Each set is worth about 10 AAs (or more) and the Collection achievements count towards other cool/useful rewards that you may be interested in. I will be sending you ALL of the sets when you ask; it is A LOT of parcels so be sure to check them before logging off or some of them will get deleted. If you want to save me some time (sending 100+ parcels per person is time consuming) specify a specific set(s) that you'd like, I will send only those set(s) to you.

    Please keep in mind that you may not receive the entire collection set once I start running out of full sets to send. Use my screenshot below of Almar's inventory to judge availability of a specific set that you want; if I barely have any left in the screenshot and the giveaway has been going on for a week then it's safe to assume you probably won't get the full set anymore =( (unless we get lucky and someone donates more to me)'s Stuff/Misc/00Collections Giveaway.png

    Remnants of Air (Stratos)
    Bright Baubles (Plane of Health)
    Memories of Nurga (The Temple of Droga) Very short on Supply Orders
    Remnants of Flame (Argin-Hiz)
    Small Parts (Gnome Memorial Mountain)
    Tomb Tokens (Sathir's Tomb)
    Echoes of the Dead (Howling Stones)
    Sebilisian Medallions (Sathir's Tomb)
    Crypt Dust (Sathir's Tomb)
    Fallen Footwear (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay)
    Frontier Festivities (Frontier Mountains)
    Deadman's Dinner (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life)
    Raiments of Rot (Crypt of Sul)
    Royal Weaponry (Neriak Fourth Gate)
    Rotting Remnants (Crypt of Decay)
    Wulthan Ceremonies (Gorowyn)
    Tribal Currency (Howling Stones)

    Note: If you'd like to donate a Collection set to me for giving away, please parcel it to Almar on Firiona Vie. None of the collection sets on Almar are ever sold for my personal profit. They sit on him for an entire year until the next Collection set giveaway. For what a random stranger's promise is worth on the internet, I promise that any collections donated to me will be given away during this year or next years giveaway. On that same note, PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME INCOMPLETE SETS!!! Unless you are helping me restock a set I am low on, please do not give me just a few collection pieces.

    To receive your free set of Collections please create a post below with the character name you'd like me to parcel them to OR send me a message here on the forums with the character name you want me to send your items to.
    Once you submit your name give me up to 48hrs to send your parcel, I promise I won't forget as I write down all names. Sending out mass parcels is time consuming and parcels are subject to server lag and other hiccups so if I goof and miss an item in the set I apologize.
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    Sent out the first batch last night and will do another tonight. I'll start advertising ingame about the giveaway on the 12 days leading up to Chirstmas. Since that's when I will get the most people and it'll take like hours each night to send out all the parcels
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    Thank you!
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    Thank you!
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    Smallpoxie. Thanks!
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    Hey, this is Wikichant from the guild Root Down on the the Test Server (same name on FV). I'm the guy who generally stocks the Test Server bazaar with 1p collectables.

    I am asking for a set so I can testcopy it for the people on Test.
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    Thank you
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    You're a saint for that. If there's other things you can use to help out on Test send me a PM. I don't mind loaning for a cause.
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    Sent out a bunch this morning. Accidentally held shift on a few items and sent out a whole stack instead of an individual item :eek:

    Hopefully the guy mails them back (i sent him a mail) but if not I'll be missing pieces from these two sets:

    Wulthan Ceremonies (Gorowyn)
    Remnants of Flame (Argin-Hiz)
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    Jynxxed please and tanks)
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    Thank you Almar! Got them today!
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    Sending out another set now, sorry for the delay I got busy.

    Also bumping the post for the weekend =)
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    Ty sir.
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