Fires of Heaven - Everquest AMA

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    The FoH community isn't the same as the old FoH Guild.

    There are decent number of members that were in the guild, but the FoH community is ~3000 people that just love games in general, had some roots in an MMO (EQ or WoW usually), found their way to the forums and have stuck there for 10-15 years now. (personally I was never in the Guild. I never played WoW and I wasn't in the FoH EQ guild).

    The community discusses literally everything, the most active thread being politics, but also movies, tv, finances, screenshots, and more. The beauty with the FoH boards is that every "topic" is one giant mega-thread. A continuous discussion that never ends. Instead of 100s of 0 or 1 reply threads made by spammers, trolls, or "noobs".

    You'll find discussions on Pantheon (the #1 compilation of "falling" gifs the internet has ever known), EQ (at least 10+ threads), WoW, politics (MAGA), raising kids, buying a house, getting a divorce, game of thrones, avengers, star wars hate threads, Disney stuff: Aladdin, frozen 2, lion king, and a healthy NSFW section. It's a hilarious collection of topics that stretch the gamut and I'd wager the average age of the typical poster is 35.

    So basically what I'm trying to say is, the "hate" against FoH is misguided as it's not the same group that formed the EQ guild, in fact Furor doesn't even post, might not even be registered, and a number of other vocal "toxic" people from those days are long gone.
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  2. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    I bet Sam Da Man would post, during his 30 mins of computer time a week in jail...IF he had his account unbanned.
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    My apologies for associating modern FoH with some of the toxic people and things that happened over a decade ago. Heck everyone changes and moves along, discussing houses and kids is a far cry from what I rather vaguely recall now about some of what went on in the 00's
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    I don't like to make posts or threads that look like I am trying to promote.

    That being said, I received the rest of the AMA which is another 65 questions or so. I edited them up and posted them on the forum.

    If any of the community organizers would like me to make a thread here with all the information I can do that as well just let me know.
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