Firefall type 7 augs

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  1. alanus Elder

    You are underestimating the rarity of these augs. I am almost at 100% experience on cloak 5, been pretty much exclusively doing hunters and FF, and still haven't seen Radir. I've seen 1 Jingle aug still. Over 110 named.

    It'd be nice if the devs would comment
  2. Axxius Augur

    You have become better at Sub Cancelling Threats (42)!
    You have successfully reduced the chance of getting a positive response or a solution to your issue.
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  3. alanus Elder

    I'm at 120 named and still no aug. It'd be nice if the devs would at least comment
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  4. Rylak Elder

    I'll detail a simple calculation below, but the reality is getting a Tier1 Type 7/8 has the potential to be very frustrating as several have mentioned in this post. Getting the exact one you want could be even more maddening. My assumptions and analysis:

    Type 7/8 augment shares loot table with Otherworldy Items (assumed)
    - 4 Type 7/8 augs (Tegi, Kaas, Smoldering Core, Jingle)
    - 22 Otherworldy (7 Vis, 9 Non-Vis, 4 Weapon, 2 Augments (Type 4/7/8 and Type 5))

    Named has a chance to drop T1 Aug / Otherworldly 25% of the time
    From there its a 1/26 chance (3.85%)

    Total chance to get specific item you want [25% * 3.85%] = 0.96%

    So basically you need to kill 100 named to get the item you want. Now throw in RNG, which i would roughly say can skew this by a factor or 3-5x in either direction.

    You are now looking at a scenario where you will need to kill anywhere from 20-35 T1 named on the low end to 300-500 T1 named on the high end, to ensure you get the specific item you want (i.e. Smoldering Core of Radir)

    This is a significantly worse scenario than going to camp one specific mob in prior expansions and potentially having to kill it 2-10 times to get the item you wanted. Yes, you can now in theory comlplete the bulk of your group level gearing by camping 1 named mob and just doing the 4 missions, but is this the game design the DEVs were looking to capture in this new model. I hope not...
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  5. Whulfgar Augur

    Good thing you were never round when tov launched and the named in velks neemzaq.. literally took weeks.. of camping to get it to spawn once..
  6. Swiss Augur

    That should have been fixed quickly as well :p
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  7. alanus Elder

    133 named now and nothing
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  8. Alez New Member

    Abysmal drop rate on these. Spent 3 full days in Firefall killing named, and not only 1 dropped. Devs need to fix this. Beyond frustrating.
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  9. Flatchy Court Jester

    This is truly one of the most maddening expansions for getting what you want. Ive been at Rock Lobber forever and a day looking for an essence of power for my 2 handers. (I need 3 mind you) and finally got an otherworldy was the damn one hander. Some lucky sk in general got a free loot. Not ever had that nasty crab drop an aug for me.

    I just got my last visible T3 item on my main so he is fully T3, Selelion cloak is max as far as I can take it. Hunters done, max AA. If they wanted to find a way to stretch out the expansion THEY FOUND IT BUT WENT A LIL OVERBOARD.
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  10. Cloud the Third Augur

    Is this like the drop rate for There are 2 of them in the same room with 45 sec spawn rate and magelo list them as dropping a Fragment of Legendary Alaran History at 1.2% of the time but I killed around 600 of them yesterday and got no fragments and I heard of a trival loot issue so I ran my low level box over there and got exp for another 1000 kills and still zero fragments?

    I did get lucky on my first closed door mission and got my cloak 1 kill so drop rate on that must be way to high even though I hear everyone talking about it being rare. I also have done 27 24th anni mission and out of the 10 augs that can drop I only have 5 of them so far.
  11. Svann2 The Magnificent

    You can kill in shadeweavers tangle now. Some pulls are still more difficult but the mobs have their hps fixed.
  12. Flatchy Court Jester

    Just do your overseers and you can buy the Alaran fragments in pok from the shadowman up by the library. If you wish to do it the manual way do the task over and over. I would suggest getting a box mage or two for coth set up by the task giver and the ent to the caves, it will save you time running back and forth. Task is simple. If someone else is there doing it team up with them the kills count for both of you .

    Cloak is a pretty common drop in When one Door Closes task. I have been giving them away left and right or letting them rot.

    The anniversary mission drop rate seems pretty normal except for the enhancement aug , that one was a bugger to get.
  13. Qwalla Developer

    Seems like I missed this thread when it was first made, so apologies for the SUPER late response. I just wanted to chime in and say that the Fowl Matriarch PHs are only a Firefall falcon. A soot-specked-hawk is not a PH; EQ Resource is wrong about that one :p
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  14. Svann2 The Magnificent

    I think you are mistaken. I have pulled only soot specked hawks and got it to spawn. And it definitely spawned in locations that spawn non-pathing soot specked and not the other.
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  15. Knifen Augur

    That doesnt "feel" right, when i camped him I only killed soot specked to pop him, or my memory is bad, which is possible but, dunno that just doesnt seem right

    2 stationary soot all by them selves is where I popped it if my memory is right.

    And dang, if it is the other way around the amount of PH what just tripled?
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  16. alanus Elder

    Yeah, when I did it for hunter we only pulled soot-speckled hawks
  17. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Qwalla: "These aren't the birds you are looking for." /Jediwave
  18. Qwalla Developer

    I suppose I can't make you believe me! But, I made the zone and am currently looking at the data in our database and soot-speckled hawks are not on the same encounter table as the Fowl Matriarch.
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  19. Knifen Augur

    You should make a bug post then on the forums.

    It hurts my heart you specifically designed the ph to be one of 14 Hawks, rather then 1 of 8 Soot-specked.

    That makes baby Tunare cry too.
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  20. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Play alts? TLP? Actually this expansion I have spent less time trying because it seems pointless. The way loot works makes me completely unmotivated to even try to get some of it. They have passed a threshold on gatekeeping loot for myself and probably plenty of others.

    I myself am keeping busy doing Anniversary and holiday stuff this year. I've just accepted that I'm not getting Tier 3 augs this expansion and pretty much am not going to try to get them. I'm also not going to log into an alt and not consume the content I'm already not consuming.
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