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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by weredingo, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. weredingo New Member

    fire pet used to instantly cast its nuke win you hit pet attack, then cast on a set delay like clockwork.

    now you hit attack and it cant run in to melee and get also get a random 6-15(so far with my limited testing) delay befor it does anything.

    was someone abusing fire pets in some way that they needed to be ruined? they had some small niche. i used to try and talk other mages in to trying them out win tanking wasnt a large concern, now i cant see myself using one.
  2. Fluid Augur

    Been broken every which way for a while. It is like they have 'Kindle' up all the time, immobile after an attack command. Really a PIA in dungeons where they lose LoS and just sit there.

    We did have that brief period where they were tossing high end nukes at low levels which is why I tend to believe it is something to do with Kindle implementation. DB 'We are one bug away from a new patch' Player 'How long will it take you to add the bug?'
  3. divirgmar Journeyman

    If a tank is pulling to a spot, found fire is usefull, turns mages into little wizards. Put the fire pet near the tank and have him guard while you hang back with the clerics. He'll cast his little heart out. the tanks - even SK's will swear you have taunt on- I say even SK's- when you have taunt off, he casts so much.
    A little fire bug. SK's will have to work a tad more for agro , s'true.

    I'm hoping the attitude will change on raids because they will cast until they are blue in the face then start meleeing, and with raid buffs, they rarely run out of mana.

    Only issue is you need like a summon companion clicky handy to bring them along. One small pebble is a mountain, they get stuck and cant get over cracks well..
  4. Brohg Augur

    mag fire pet nukes ought to aid in fulminating magician Covenant /nod
  5. kizant Augur

    Didn't fire pets use to cast low level wizard spells? Not sure why a wizard would help with mage alliance!
  6. Nylrem Augur

    For the longest time, fire pet has sucked compared to any others...

    It's been less than half water pet's dps for a long time.

    Just checked again, just incase something changed... parsed fire pet, including meleeing, at just over 20k dps, water pet like 43k dps, with just normal self buffs and Aura. Maybe it's dps has dropped a bit, but it's still horrible, and should only be used in the most dire of circumstances...

    Other magicians have done well, to refuse to use fire pet, unless absolutely, and I mean absolutely necessary.
  7. MysticOne Elder

    I've been using the fire pets and this last patch it took away aura spells from other classes in my group from working in my test using druid frostreave. You can see the aura icon in the buff box but now it's doing ( ZERO ) dps not triggered when the pet nukes. So good bye mage from my boxed group. No longer usable to me. The dev's definitely have it out for mages and pets classes.
  8. Fluid Augur

    On the bright side if you like DB bugs that make things marginally easier. The Fire Elemental in Infected Paw no longer cast a damage shield. Been some busy little bees out there working on Fire Elementals.

    I really can't complain, I ran a new character up like 50 levels when the Fire Pets were bugged and casting ~300 pt<?> nukes from ground level. It's been long enough that I forgot the details but remember the results. :) You just have to be ready when the breaks go your way.
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