Fippy/Vulak No Longer Preferred Servers on Server Select

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Croak, May 18, 2015.

  1. Croak Augur

    I just noticed Fippy & Vulak are no longer listed as preferred servers on server select.

    They could actually be the ideal home for players when they get bored after a month playing on Ragefire, to keep their subs going, or accounts active until Kunark.

    Ragefire has gutted the population of Fippy in recent weeks, though Citizen is still raiding and kicking , and the server is a lot more family friendly than most (a lot less gutter talk).

    I am assuming at this stage that Vulak will also be merged soon, and that a VoA vote will pass.

    If that is the case Fippy then becomes pretty much a new "blue" server from around the time of Vox launch... we are even in the middle of anniversary celebrations, so the time of year is even similar.

    When Vox launched, all existing servers gained free to play. It is part of the "progression" for the group game and adds a new market for tradable goods that are not prestige.

    With VoA will Fippy get free to play?

    I know that access to progression servers has been a selling point of all access membership, but with Ragefire launching, that "exclusivity" still remains, and it allows Fippy (and maybe a merged Vulak) to get the benefit of free-to-play.
  2. Geddak New Member

    I think it would be a great idea. Curious to hear if there are any plans for this.
  3. Numiko Augur

    makes sense to merge them now, I noticed in the FAQ for ragefire they state the progression server would stay open until it catches up or can no longer progress... and for sure with the population it has now Vulak has stopped progressing.
  4. Batbener Augur

    They aren't on preferred list, but they also aren't ftp, which is kinda odd. I was hoping they would be on the ftp list, because with a year and a half until AAs, I am going to have some free time. Would be nice to play on fippy if there was a population increase of people wanting to play progression that don't want to sub.
  5. Mezrah Augur

    I expect they will go free to play after the official launch of Ragefire.
  6. Aenoan Augur

    I think the gutting of Fippy and Vulak had nothing to do with Ragefire but I do think a merge is more then a necessity at this point
  7. taliefer Augur

    ragefire isnt the only reason for sure, but it sure hasnt been a good thing for fippy up to this point.

    its long past the point where merging fippy and vulak was necessary. instead of merging for the health of the servers, they chose to gouge the players and charge for transfers from one to the other.

    even if the massive technical difficulties were the reason they couldnt merge the two, they should have at least offered free transfers off vulak to fippy for a limited time. i have to imagine the money they would have kept from active subs of a healthy server would have at least offset the temporary income they got from selling transfers.

    the lack of a merge/free transfer option is the single largest reason Fippy and vulak are in the states they are in imo. its kind of a sore spot with me.
  8. Sifl New Member

    Why merge? Vulak can transfer to Fippy (or even Live) if they want out. Vulak players are quite happy with our server as is. I don't understand why people always want to tell others what should happen to their server.
  9. yellowzombie Elder

    Why would anyone want to cleanly jump into Fippy/Vulak when they "get bored" of the shiny new progression server, exactly?
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  10. Katmandu26 Augur

    Out of curiosity, which expansion is each of the servers on?
  11. Croak Augur

    1. There is an active raiding guild if you want to experience raiding that content in era
    2. You can play the current expansion on the server without buying any new expansions, at least for another year, maybe 2
    3. You can't transfer to the server other than from Vulak so the server isn't plagued with tons of old money... sure there is some from existing players but you don't get the influx of plat like other servers from cross server trading that caused hyper-inflation on Vox
    4. VoA & RoF are really good expansions
    5. General chat is pretty family friendly compared to most servers now
    6. People are generally helpful if you have a positive attitude

    On the negative
    Fippy is like an unwanted child and almost never gets necessary bug fixes unless by accident

    Fippy is on House of Thule, expansion beaten, 2 weeks til VoA vote - Citizen is still raiding and even split-raiding so no shortage of numbers.

    Vulak is on SoD, but the guild that beat SoF left Vulak over a year ago, all transferring to Fippy, though they all quit a few weeks ago for Ragefire. Vulak's most recent guild doing progression disintegrated due to the leader being banned (or so I hear from former members who are now on Fippy)

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