Fippy Server Flagship for Darkpaw

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Gherig, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. Gherig Augur

    The Darkened Sea - lvl 105 -- but the highest level that still plays regularly is 91. I hit 68 last night on a Wood Elf BST

    I would say 90% of the day the server looks like this for the last few months .

    Pretty much just me and some one from Phinigal in cross server general chat.
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  2. Elbereth New Member

    Out of all the servers I played over the years, Fippy was the one that felt like home. I remember taking the day off from work and putting in a super marathon the day it opened May 2011. I remember taking lots of other days off, too, to grind the day away when a new expac dropped. Never hardcore enough, it was my first and only prog server with a talisman of vah kerrath and a 2.0. Hate to see my chars wiped, but would rather that then think about it the way you're all describing in this thread: a barren ghost town. Really sad that it's caught in that kind of player-less and progression-less limbo.
  3. Machen Augur

    There's a solution to that. Everyone that feels nostalgic about Fippy could always just log on and start playing there again. I'd probably join a Fippy Revival guild if there was enough interest to make a serious go at it.
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  4. Gamzum New Member

    I was on this server the other day and had 5 players online and the a little later I was all alone. Lol this server is the definition of ghost town
  5. Ansata New Member

    ROFLMAO... my life is complete.
  6. Gherig Augur

    There were 7 people online ... at the same time .... for at least an hour the other day !!! Although one is my two box Heroic Cleric I made to be able to at least open task missions/instances with 2 char and at least +1 merc, lol.
  7. Dailor Augur

    Got me too.

    Privet Fippy.
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