Fippy Fest 2024

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Veteran_BetaTester, Feb 28, 2024.

  1. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

  2. Beardsy Elder

    I'm hoping there's still some available Friday. I regret spending $ last week lol I woulda spent it on this instead.
  3. Hekaton Augur

    i would assume that with the effort to build that website and those prices they are probably going to be on there for a bit. first come first serve is just for the $1500 meet up
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  4. Eaedyilye More stonehive bixies.

    I went and bought the Patron pack for my main and enchanter. I really wanted the Valkyrie illusion. They look pretty cool.
  5. nitrocutter Journeyman

    Did you get the bag immediately? If it's immediately, I may buy it, but if I have to wait 3 months to claim ehhhh
  6. Knifen Augur

    Seems pricey for illusions that dont work on mounts again.
  7. eqgamer Augur

    Can you cycle through the weps and includes shields?
  8. eqgamer Augur

    Answered my own question...the Blade Orns do NOT cycle BUT they do fit into ANY wep.
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  9. Bilderov Augur

    At least the physical tickets aren’t $1500…

    They’re a steal at $1499…

    One of the guest speakers better be Taylor Swift!
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  10. Eaedyilye More stonehive bixies.

    Yup, I got everything immediately including the bag. I claimed it and have it on my mage.
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  11. Eaedyilye More stonehive bixies.

    I hardly ever use mounts anymore. My mana lasts forever on my mages.
  12. Knifen Augur

    Im always OOM. But I use it for speed, getting A to B, so if I'm about to run out comes the mount. Go Go Bard Speed.
  13. uberkingkong Augur


    Its limited tickets so, I suppose it makes sense, because maybe they only room for 50, and if it was at $50, sold out right away. But $1500, gotta think about, you really want the devs. If so, the people really wanting to meet will get to meet.

    Me personally, all those rewards junk.
    All junk.
    Just like the EQ store, everything junk.

    Its not like GW2, where I'm like, I'm broke and there is 100s of things I want in the store.
    EQ, I got money, but everything is junk, I aint showing support for junk stuff.

    The only thing that is worth having? They never give.
    Heroes Forge.
    They never give heroes forge thats the only I would like from some pack.
    This game charges for AP, charges if you want to wear certain outfits no matter.
    this game charging everything.

    They get money from expansions yearly.
    Sub money too on top of it.

    milk milk milk milk

    consider 3 boxing so we can
    $$$$ x3
    $$$$ x3
    milk milk milk milk x3

    and after all this milking
    some players like "should they increase the prices"
    $$$$ x 2 x 3
    $$$$ x 2 x 3
    milk milk milk milk x2 x3

    If EQ is doing really good, its the salesperson keeping EQ alive. Those other titles under whoever owns EQ, those other games need better salespeople.

    I'll give you some money, include heroes forge in something then I'll think about it.
    That entire list, junk, 1 heroes forge is better than alll that junk.

    I'm kinda done with giving $$$ for EQ to survive, its kinda like old, you did good, I don't like life support I'm ready to move on do great things with the kid, EQ3.
    I'm ready to go all in EQ3. You did good, but gonna spend money the kid now, its in the womb, soon.
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  14. Eaedyilye More stonehive bixies.

    Illusions in most cases are junk. But if it's one I like. I'll pay through the nose to get it. I like the pretty girl/lady illusions for my team.
  15. uberkingkong Augur

    Yes I know what you mean, and yes I like those too.

    Like to see more armor, the old school vibe kind too.
    If they did ornaments ARMOR, not weapons, its always weapons, never armor.
    I told year after year for the past 5 years, quit doing weapon ornaments those are junk
    proceeds with weapon ornaments, no feedback. They'll probably we heard you and we are listening. Dead wrong you are.

    Old school vibes. Not no cartoony vibes.

    Back in the days
    I play EQ because WoW looks cartoony.

    EQ today, making a new heroes forge thingy, cartoony.

    Opposite of why people like EQ.
    Opposite improvements for EQ for the community stuck around.
    Prefer EQ like looks than cartoony WoW

    Make heroes forge like old school EQ.
    Look at the high elf attires, look at the half elf, wood elf. those kinda vibes you know you know.

    Should be option in that bundles.
    Exclude everything for a heroes forge. Sure lets do it. What am i gonna do some weapon ornament, some mount i could careless, some whatever else junk. this illusion garbage.
    heroes forge, now thats something. Especially since gotta pay for it for every character, I aint buying that outright, its milking thing like AP buying it outright.
    GW2 wardrobe system fashion wars, free. FFXIV APs free. EQ gotta get milked.

    I don't need no AP, but heroes forge, be fun, gimme some of those free, as in free from being in the bundles such as these.
    $50, cmon gotta give something good, not list of junk.
    $250 bundle, bunch of junk. gimme some heroes forges.
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  16. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    250 being the price I'd expect to pay for an in-person event in this era of event pricing, thats a guaranteed nah from me.
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  17. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    The pricing of the event is hilarious. But then again, someone will pay for it. Headboss still around? lol
  18. Herf Augur

    But but ALSO includes a FREE T shirt! NOW how much would you pay? :D

    [though I expect they will run out of the larger sizes and us fat people will end up with XS shirts.]
  19. Herf Augur

    The way I see it so far is that this is so lacking in published detail, and knowing how some software companies work, some poor low-dev-on-the-totem-pole will be drafted to go and represent :)

    I haven't seen anything this overpriced since (any) Creation Con.

    For $1500 I want to be able to sit down and look at the source code related to my most hated bugs :)
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  20. Flatchy Court Jester

    For 1500 bucks Fiorina Vie better be visiting me back at the hotel.;)
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