finially on and people are already 30levels ahead of me

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Canofpepsi, May 23, 2015.

  1. Canofpepsi Lorekeeper

    terrible service
    its as if your trying everything in your power to avoid a second server.
    too cheap I see
  2. Widukind New Member

    Do you need a hug?
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  3. Mrs_Brisby Elder

    I'm terribly sorry that my 25 levels are providing you with terrible service. I'll... I'll try harder. I swear.
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  4. Canofpepsi Lorekeeper

    think daybreak needs a 24hour ban for anyone lvl 15+
    give a chance to other players
  5. Liquid Augur

    I say "wipe it"! The names I have used for years were taken!
  6. Alexanders Augur

    Finally on with a new member non all access account... impressive you go get em. I'm sure if you group up and grind mobs in shifts with several other people for 24 hours while using the exp potions you will gain levels super fast too. You might even catch up to them... at 50 where you can wait at max level for the remaining 5 months and 26 days we will be in classic.

    And remember...

  7. Synisca Augur

    Your "chance" is to start actually playing instead of wasting time being ridiculous on the forums. hth
  8. Vulak-Arkadius Augur

    Do you need to create another account cuz your other got banned from forums more obvious next time goober
  9. Vulak-Arkadius Augur

    Ban means done for good you mean suspension
  10. Liquid Augur