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Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Gerzer, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. moogs Augur

    Hard to say that the BiC aug is worth doing at this point. It was a beautiful thing for a long time, though.
  2. Tucoh Augur

    I could give 1HP more than its competitor ( ) and be worth doing, +gooderer is always worth doing. I'd only recommend that someone do it if they liked questing / wanted to see GoD though.

    But I'd only recommend it to someone who was pretty much kitted out with everything else in the above list. It's all about prioritization and the BiC aug, Tear of Alaris etc are the tiny morsels at the very top of the tree.
  3. Rakknar Elder

    I recreated my TBM armor (I hoard). I used only things I had available pre EoK. The only thing I can’t erase is new AA’s. Hopefully this gives more insight on what someone could be AC wise entering EoK. All visible pieces are Crypt Hunters except BP which is Highwater. I used all resplendent stone of the sturdy augs and type 5 dex augs. I have the “deft” versions from TBM. I removed current mount and used TBM’s.

    Here are some ACs:

    13055: TBM gear and current AAs (I can’t erase anything new). This was my "naked" AC.
    13223: After pure metal energeian power source added.
    13463: After merchant’s feast/brew.
    13938: After pridewing mount, gnoll totem, conch, champions aura.
    14181: Upgrading to Geomantic power source.
    14371: Popped a cleric merc removed Geomantic.
    16242: Stout Defense rk. II, Field Protector rk. II (This is what I was at for most fights)
    17243: Activated tribute and trophies
    17486: Put Geomantic back on (This was for the toughest events and named)

    17486 could be sustained if one is willing to spend the tribute and burn the powersource. However, it wasn't necessary to do so.

    There are no other buffs used.

    Current "every" fight AC 17772( 18593 with bard songs I use). Then I could hit tribute / trophies, use Geomantic steelstone, and of course buff myself with my level 105 bard to hit 19861 AC.
  4. Ratbo Peep Augur

    I'm farming and self-tanking most EoK named.... :)
    The upgrades over previous gear are quite notable.
    Get the all the defensive AA 1st - so you'll survive the gear farm.
  5. Tucoh Augur

    Nice breakdown, I don't see any gaps. What bard melody do you use?
  6. Nindienx New Member

    Whats the quickest way to get the Vendors in Health to open up and sell you the stones and gear?

    I have done the 2 entrance quests (my friends Warrior), and now doing the 4 HA's that need to be done 6x to unlock the spirit armor, but i dont know its thats what i should do or not? farming gear thru these currently so.

    Do i need to do the group missions in Health to get access to the gear?

    Right now he can buy gear in PoT (no stones), but nothing in Health (gear or stones). I have done all 4 HA's once with him.

    Its confusing what you need to do, my Necro (main) has down about all of the quests etc but still cant see everything concerning the blighted gear so who knows LOL. I am thinking its the group missions thats holding us back. Necro main has down the 1st group mission, and thats it.

    I want that 17k AC ! nice !
  7. moogs Augur

    To buy the augs in PoHealth you just need to do that one mission in Crypt of Sul to get the mirror.
  8. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    Tried Tithnak today for 1st EoK named and he smoked me 3x made some adjustments each time (thanks Rakknar for the assist) but I continued to get smoked with Warr - Bard -Mage swapped toons out to Mage Wiz Chanter and he dropped relatively easy....Mage has almost max pet AAs and I had to summon 2nd pet but was a breeze compared to experience with Warr.....

    Not giving up but maybe for now i'll kill named on that set and farm the armor upgrades for theWarrior...

    gotta say....was impressed with the ease of Mage+Chanter+Wiz...
  9. Nindienx New Member

    I have made some good upgrades, sitting about 12k AC with nothing. Hit around 14k with Bard and other things going. I can tell a big difference, but i still have some work to do AA wise and more gear / stones.

    Thanks for all the intel, 9.
  10. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    Nin have you tackled any EoK Nameds yet? I want to see if its just bad execution on my part with this spider

    Warr + Healer Merc
    Bard + Healer Merc
    Mage + Melee Dps

    Syruus is about 140k 11kAC no buffs and I am firing off proper discs during fight - Furious to start - Last man etc.

    Pull with Bard as a sacrificial toon to get mezzed - but then have issues getting named slowed
    DPS seemed low...

    I handle all trash mobs with no problem at all...maybe the mechanics of this fight are tougher for this trio...I could swap in Chanter for Bard if needed.

    Gotta say I miss challenges like this!
  11. Nindienx New Member

    No i have not, i am trying to get him fully set up for just that. I want full TBM Gear, and Max defense AAs before i hit it (3/7 Physical enhancement, and 3 or 4 rks left on CA & CS), i want to own that new Wurmslayer !

    I actually box 4, Bard, Necro, Mage, and Warrior. DPS is usually fine, but i have trouble in the tanking area. I just got to the point where i can tank TBM named, but my warrior skills are not very good, so he could probably tank more.

    Plus 4 boxing is tough, you dont reach your full potential with a given toon i dont think.
  12. Tucoh Augur

    What's your disc/ability rotation against him?

    You might get more utility out of fortitude instead of furious if you have the BP that extends its duration. If you do use furious consider switching to 2H and popping heroic blade + rampage to maximize DPS in that period.

    For posterity this thread has a lot of good and recent info on disc/ability usage:
  13. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    Got Tithnak to spawn and took him down with


    No mercs died and Warr never got mezzed - DPS was steady and the DoTs from the chanter+Helix were a huge help it seems.

    of course only the sash but hey I killed my 1st EoK named!!! First current expansion named kill in over 10 years..... feels gooooood

    Thanks for the help here all!!! now to keep working the loot train!!!
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  14. Tucoh Augur

    Great job!
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  15. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    UPDATE -

    • Never swapped the slot 5s so still mulling that - can get 1/2 price that I paid for them
    • Only missing Hands/Boots/Arms for T1 visibles (Spider and others have been kind)
    • Working various T1s now to equip non-vis slots
    • Updated bard/shaman spells and that has been a massive plus to DPS (Roar is well...nice)
    Base group is now
    Merc healer
    Merc melee (to maximize roar)
    Thanks again for all the help here! Nice to feel accomplished again in game :)
    Going back and knocking off some stuff from that list of goodies Rakknar posted
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  16. Janakin Augur

    I like using the fear fruit from RoF when tanking mobs that mez :)

    Reading this thread made me think of all the "nerf warrior" posts I have been seeing. There are so many items and extra work that one can put in to building up the strength of their warrior only to have some people just assume that what they are seeing is a whole class that is over powered.
  17. Tereil Elder

    So...I really enjoy this thread. Tons of guidance that can be applied across tanks. The updates are great too.
  18. Brohg Augur

    If that still works for you you're probably slacking on the innate item AAs :p
  19. Fohpo Augur

    A couple of the items from Rakk's list aren't on Allakhazam, like Ruuarbi's Fist. Where can those be found?
  20. Tereil Elder

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