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Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Gerzer, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    Upgraded all 3 accounts to EoK

    All are 105 CoTF T2 Group geared (had TDS but never ventured in other than for spells and never bought TBM when it was current)




    Warrior is my passion and try other classes as I might I always come back to my Tanking roots. I want to get him stout enough to Tank group named in EoK. I understand about TBM gear and how to build an armor set from remnants so I am doing that with mage/wiz/chanter and giving all proceeds of missions to warr. I will get him his mirror in the next few days

    Question is what weapon & shield should I be on the look out for? May eventually raid but for now I need to get him capable of tanking in EoK and would like a quick list of stuff that generally rots in TBM zones... I'm fine hanging out for a few hours here and there looking for scraps.

    Seen a few recent threads on gear but not specific on weapon and best spot to find them.

    On Cazic-Fennin if that matters

    Thanks all!
  2. Brohg Augur

  3. Critts Augur

    I would say get the bought TBM shield and primary before you ever set foot in EoK. There is a good chance you may be able to snag a Rot item if you hang around in SW or Chardok the chardok gear is far better then The group bought items from TBM.
  4. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    Who has the shield & primary? Are there progression tasks needed to unlock? Been trying to research all this on allah & eqreaource, but both sites have been real buggy for me lately.

    Appreciate the responses!
  5. Xarbokk Elder

    What server do you play on? I camp Bridgekeeper from time to time and see the shield rot
  6. Brohg Augur

  7. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    Cazic - Warrior is Syruus. Raided with TMO & Darkstar Alliance back in the day. 2002-2006. Not sure how to change forum name to reflect his name
  8. Tucoh Augur

    I box a war/brd/mage.

    My recommendation:
    0. Continue what you're doing with TBM TBM quests/progression to get a full set of vendor bought TBM gear for your warrior with Remnants of Tranquility. The CotF breastplate you have might be better than the TBM one, but the TBM rings/earrings/etc will be a huge upgrade, especially AC-wise. With three characters getting Remnants of Tranquility each step, you can pool them quickly (they are tradeable). You can also check the bazaar for it, but on Bristlebane they are hard to find (because nobody is doing TBM).

    1. Go to Frontier Mountains, farm bears there, spawn the Denmother, kill it and get the Wurmslayer. Do the same for the Tome of Obulous for your mage.

    2. Look at the named here: for Frontier Mountains, Lceanium and Scorched Woods. If a named looks easy and has gear you want, give it a shot. The bard has a huge advantage here over the enchanter, because you can keep an eye on track to find named. Don't be rude and take other people's named. Being polite with a group and asking before hitting a named might be your ticket to get first pick on their rotting gear.

    3. Keep a keen eye toward general/ooc in those zones (FM is the most populated on Bristlebane and has the most rotting loot) for rotting loot. If you're unable to kill a lot of the named, rotting loot is your best way to get gear. Funnel the loot to your warrior, it is very gear dependent and your mage/bard is not.

    3b. You may want to take a look at the tier2 zones and get familiar enough with them to be able to run your bard through to the different areas. You can drag your mage's corpse around the zone, rez them and then CoH your warrior. This will allow you to get rotting loot there, especially the

    Because of how shield AC works, this will be a huge upgrade.

    4. Do the Lceanium progression up to:

    Which can be difficult/tricky to do while being under-geared.

    5. If you get an opportunity to do that quest with someone else who can help you through it, take advantage of it. If you don't get that opportunity before you get geared and build AAs, try it out yourself.

    6. Once you get passed that quest, you can probably go through the rest of the progression at your leisure. The Group Missions will be difficult until your warrior gets fully geared.
  9. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    Thanks for the info Tucoh! Great rundown. Looking forward to getting this warr back to respectability!

    Taking advantage of the XP boost and grinding Gribbles for some extra AAs for Warr - then back to TBM farming. Any particular missions I should just cycle?
  10. Tucoh Augur

    The progression in TBM is somewhat limited in options.

    My recommendation: Do the intro quests until you can get
    Lxavnom Labors, In Defense of Health, Fate Rewards the Bold and We Make Our Own Rewards.

    and then do each of those up to 6 times (or until you get enough RoTranquilities).

    There may be some merc/partisan quests that are high value and repeatable, but when you complete TBM you'll have to do those quests 6 times as part of the progression so you may as well grind them.
  11. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    All gear has been swapped to TBM vendor stuff, but kept CoTF BP

    type 7 Augs are mostly heroic 30AC ones but unbuffed I am currently about

    120k HP

    This going to to be enough to start in EoK? Those numbers seem low.
  12. Tucoh Augur

  13. Gerzer Lorekeeper

    Made some add some adjustments so now at about 10.5 AC buffed. I went with :

    Was trying to stack AC and HP. I am finishing out the EoK AC AAs and the upgrade to physical enhancement - looks like a 1% gain to over mit & avoidance per level.
  14. Rakknar Elder

    10.5 buffed how? My group geared warrior was 5k more than that going into eok (probably 17k self buffed). Now, self buffs, merc buffs, t2 armor puts me mid 19k AC sustainable. I think you are missing quite alot. Knowing exactly what you have would help. Also, there are quite a few things that add AC outside of the 20 gear slots.
  15. moogs Augur

    Power Source. Type 13 augs. Tribute. Clickies. Food. What's going on with these?
  16. Tucoh Augur

    I don't know if you're able to sell those sulstones back, but I'd go Sturdy over Valiant. 61 AC is better than 1k health, especially around 10k AC.
  17. Rakknar Elder

    Here is the AC gear you could/should have had before stepping into EoK. The dev might have tuned mobs assuming this.

    1.Radiant Platinum Pridewing bridle
    2.Gunthak Swabby’s Eyepatch (if you didn’t get bridle above)
    3.Bloodmetal Inlaid Gnollish Totem
    4.Violet Conch of the Tempest
    5.Merchant’s Feast
    6.Merchant’s Brew
    7.Pure Energeian Metal Orb
    8.Geomantic Steelstone (for named tanking if needed)
    9.8 Stone of Tranquility
    10.Augs with an average AC of 48-50 per
    11.Prayer Shawl of the Duke
    12.Stone of Judgement
    13.Soul of the Grandmaster
    14.Frosty Gem of Enhanced Protection
    15.The special slot 5 augs from TBM for even more AGI if you like AGI
    16.Highwater Bp
    17.Resplendant Soulstone of the Sturdy in all gear slots
    18.Essence of Talendor
    19.Replica of the Qeynos Claymore
    20.Spirit of Rallos Zek
    21.Trophy of Duality
    22.Trophy of the Landing
    23.Trophy of the Seafarer
    24.Idol of the Fallen (7 trophies could be run all time or when needed)
    25.Trophy of Dreams (alt to Essence of Talendor)
    26.Trophy of Sleep (alt to Idol of Fallen)
    27.Tribute , Bulwark of Honor I & II (and maybe the hAGI ones if you like)
    28.Heros Fortitude AA at rank 30
    29.Hero’s Resolution AA at rank 15 (stats)
    Non-AC stuff
    1.Gladiator’s Plate Chestguard of War
    2.Ruuarbi’s Fist
    3.Manifested Etheric Breastplate of Havok
    4.Silken Trillium
    5.Diplomatic Papers
    6.Overflowing Urn of Life
    7.Blood Drinker’s Coating
    8.Miniature horn of unity
    9.Kjarl’s Ring of Negation (strip mobs buffs)
    10.Rage of Rolfron
    11.Feral Guardian Channeler
    12.Cursed Rage Channeler
    13.ETC ETC

    All AAs should have been maxed before EoK (the tanking ones). Weapon stances enabled. TBH, for all the tanks who haven’t put in the work for the gear above you will not have the same success as others. More importantly, if you tanked what’s required to get all that then you would have a ton of good experience and EoK would be a snooze fest.
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  18. Nindienx New Member

    Rakknar, can you expand on the 17k AC with group gear please?

    I am helping a friend get his Warrior current, i got him to 105, and he is at 9600 AAs. Working that now, trying to max defensive's 1st of course.

    Anyway, he is 9500 AC no nothing, but gear etc. Gear wise has a few pieces of CoTF Raid gear, BP, arms, Legs, weapon, shield i think a few others. I know augs are an issue, but what are some of the less obvious ways to boost the AC?

    Currently farming TBM gear, it will be group only, unless his raid gear is still better. Sturdy augs, with Hagi is the route i intend to take.

    Thanks, 9.

    LOL he beat me to it, will work on that list, thanks !
  19. Brohg Augur

    I opine that much, even most, of that list is things to work on well after engaging with EOK and looting great base armors, for a currently advancing tank. You have to build the house before hanging curtains.

    If you're not fully geared, then yeah - it's a Good Idea to max out defensive AA on content you're comfortable in before trying a new round of bootstrapping.

    If you're not fully geared, then it's a Good Idea to make liberal use of defensive discs, and to employ an actual puller or some kinda legit crowd control, and make sure you have debuffs on mobs and insist on a real healer, not a slow mercenary.

    But you do it, you get stuck in. When to start is when it takes Fortitude & Last Stand & Pain & Dichotomic all piled up and enchanter debuffs and cleric heals -- but you win, even if it's on the second run. And you loot a piece of armor so next time you gettim on the first try.

    Honestly, I can't imagine tier1 EOK taking all that. Friend of mine has 95% Huntered tier1 with just a mercenary tank (I helped out with Darg Hillock in Lceanium). Players have sufficient abilities to outtank a 105 mercenary from at least 96.
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  20. Tucoh Augur

    I agree with Brohg. Rakknar's list is a good checklist for any new tank, but certainly isn't a list of gear you should have before stepping into EoK. I don't think Rakknar is really stating that, just creating a comprehensive list of non-gear things you can get. I also don't think the mobs are tuned to tanks who are pretty much top of the line TBM group geared. I was pretty close to that when I started EoK and I had an easy time with any named in EoK.

    Some of that gear is only available during anniversaries. Some of that gear requires a tremendous amount of time to get. Ex: the coldain shawl which requires you to level all your tradeskills and then do some 25 quests.

    I mean you can step into EoK and get a rotting T2 shield from Chardok that will improve your tanking more than the worst half of that list combined.

    Everquest is all about efficient usage of your time and prioritization. If you're in a mixture of TBM gear the low hanging fruit is in the toughest content in EoK, if you can hang there or get lucky with rots. The high hanging fruit is those long epic quests like Breakdown in Communication, the Shawl quest, doing Plane of War for the stone of judgement etc.

    One thing on the list that I will say you should get is a Geomantic Steelstone. Spend an evening and farm a few of these and then pop them in when tanking named. Will dramatically increase your stats if you've got purity augs in everything.

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