Finally make it into the game. Zone and disconnect.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Evade, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Evade Augur

    This is a nightmare
  2. InsomniAddict Journeyman

    Server went down
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  3. Dragon Jockey Lorekeeper

    Ah....thought it was just me....was stuck at zoning.
  4. Evade Augur

  5. InsomniAddict Journeyman

    Yeah, I've been watching the server status page, it went down, pop is Low now

    Unless you're refering to Selo's which isn't relevant since it will always be a low pop server....
  6. Tendrils Journeyman

    Then why are people still playing on the server? It's not down. The server select says down, but that is just not true.
  7. dd15cm New Member

    how are streamers still streaming on a down server? LOL
  8. InsomniAddict Journeyman

    Mangler just went down twice, is back up and locked right now until they know its stable
  9. Trizek Augur

    As if this can be fixed by simply programming. This issue is relieved by one, and one thing only. Money.

    DBG would rather not spending 10s of thousands of dollars to simply handle the day 1 traffic. Like ALL other EQ1 launches, literally ALL OF THEM. The next day, there is no issue. It is always that day 1 hype that draws in the players by the thousands. People taking off work, avoiding studies/family for the day 1 launch etc. After day 1, it will be just fine due to the player count severely dropping.

    DBG is no Blizzard. They're not pushing 100s of millions of Dollars every month. They can't invest a large sum for better servers simply for 1 day out of the year (the average new TLP cycle being 1 year)

    if you really want to avoid a headache, stress, anger .. Wait until the next day. Or simply do what I do and be patient knowing their servers can't handle the day 1 crowd.