Final Empire on Povar

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Dibab, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Dibab Augur

    Final Empire on Povar is looking to add to our rosters. We raid Sundays 5pm-10pm CST Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays 7:30pm-10:30 CST. We finished TBM 14th server-wide with all events on farm.

    Right now our class needs are
    2 Bards
    1 Beastlord
    2 Berserkers
    1 Clerics
    1 Druid
    1 Enchanter
    2 High DPS Mages
    1 Monk
    1 Ranger
    1 Shadow Knight
    2 Shamans
    1 High DPS Rogues
    1 High DPS Wizard
    visit us at

    Any class not listed is considered closed, but exceptional applicants can always apply or send a in-game mail or tell to either Throkmorten, Istraa, or Dibab

    Come join us and have some fun while you're at it
  2. Bobsmith Augur

    Great guild, good people. Bump.
  3. Zaviere Augur

    Love this guild, just watch out for Toetatu if you're female~
  4. Bobsmith Augur

    Or even just a female toons =-p
  5. Dibab Augur

    Bump. Still seeking dedicated players as we farm TBM
  6. Bobsmith Augur

    Looking for a couple of quality players to keep targets down and get phat lewtz
  7. Bobsmith Augur

    In search of a drama free shaman :)
  8. Dibab Augur

    Bump still looking to fill in some holes list above updated
  9. Dibab Augur

    updated still looking for more awesome players
  10. Dibab Augur

    Bumped. updated for current needs. Check us out and come have fun clearing TBM
  11. Raikage New Member

    Whaddup Zaviere and Dibab =p how you guys been?~
  12. MrMajestykx Augur

  13. Dibab Augur

  14. Bobsmith Augur

    Come check us out
  15. Throkmorten New Member

  16. Beneden Lorekeeper

    Come join the fun before the next expansion launches. Many classes are open for dedicated raiders looking for a new home. Applications are now being accepted at our website Final Empire.
  17. GinODin New Member

    No one ever wants tanks :(