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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Orbital101, Dec 12, 2018.

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  1. Vdidar Augur

    This is a terrible take.
  2. Piemastaj Augur

    What is the right thing? If you are doing the task and the mission expires, but you received loot, and you do not get the lockout for doing the task how does that fair? Killing mobs in a task until it depops is 'doing the right thing' and yet if you do not get a lockout or are able to re-get the task immediately after that is a grey area.

    There is nothing clear about 'do the right thing', when the developers have never posted what the right thing entails. There should be clear expectations as to what is right or wrong, as it is currently there are none.
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  3. FawnTemplar Augur

    Use common sense is exactly the kind of answer you will get from the Devs, there aren't going to be clear cut guidelines because the game is ever changing and evolving and people are constantly finding new ways to exploit it. If you think it is possible that you could be exploiting the game based on what other people have done and gotten caught for then don't do it.

    How about this guideline: Better to be safe than sorry.
  4. FawnTemplar Augur

    In the example you listed, that would be you discovering a bug. The right thing to do is to report said bug and wait the usual lockout before trying it again. Going back in because you are bugged and didn't get a lockout is called an exploit.

    I am guessing you have played this game for a while now. You know that there is supposed to be a lockout after each mission. This is why using common sense works. You sound like you are just playing stupid.
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  5. gotwar Augur

    Does this include "Challenge" achievements that are mutually exclusive (or that you fail on the first run and want to try to get again), hunter spawns in HA's, and collectibles that only spawn after a certain task step has been reached? I asked for clarification on this last year and was met with a vague answer.

    If yes, just about anyone who has completed hunter/collection achievements has exploited.

    Honestly Ngreth, this is silly. I even vaguely remember a dev post around the time COTF launched saying it was OK to drop a task and re-get it in order to farm the collectibles that spawn after a certain step, which runs contrary to what your post says here. If you don't want people to farm drops in missions, add loot lockouts to everything to prevent it.
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  6. Vdidar Augur

    Nothing in his post would be a big lol. Those all happen naturally.
  7. smash Augur

    I 100% agree on it being an exploit.

    But I also gotta say that there should NOT be any group events that should have a 2.5 day lockout. All group events should have the standard lockouts of 6 hours.
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  8. Linder New Member

    People are just trying to chat their behavior into righteousness. They know exactly what they are doing, and why it is wrong. Again, I bet, the studio could go look at who started exploiting this first, and I bet they were all on Test. I bet they would see other similarities, such as guilds. In my opinion!
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  9. Piemastaj Augur

    Not getting lockout because you are not doing the task is not a bug lol.
  10. Pano Augur

    Especially with failed achievement messages, the game is pretty much telling you to drop the task and try again. Is this entrapment?
  11. Arkeal_Rathe_Bots Lorekeeper

    Pie, I've known you for sometime. You know exactly what they mean. The instance is for the mission, NOT to farm items. Pretty obvious dude
  12. Piemastaj Augur

    And what about faction? The amount of grey areas with this is crazy for people saying do the right thing.
  13. Arkeal_Rathe_Bots Lorekeeper

    How there is even grey areas to you with this is beyond me. It's pretty straight forward. It's a mission, you zone in, do the mission, then zone out. Nothing grey about that... like... at all

    Quit trying to make a mountain out of a molehill...quit acting like something is being taken away.
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  14. Pano Augur

    Are you telling me you have never dropped a task when you know you failed an achievement to try and get it on the next go?
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  15. Alekzandre Augur

    Players have been taking advantage of exploits they find in testing for years. many are the same that are doing it now. They are allowed to get away with it. My take. DBG could stop it, but they have not. The question is why.
  16. TheStugots Augur

    If you have to ask yourself if you should be doing something (in game or out), you probably shouldn’t do it.
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  17. Arkeal_Rathe_Bots Lorekeeper

    Of course I have.. are you intentionally playing stupid? There is a difference between THAT and (why cant we farm in there, why cant we just let the mission expire, etc. etc.)...which is the problem. You can't be serious with this...

    Trying to get an achievement is one thing, and THAT isnt the issue here. The issue is people doing crap they shouldnt be and (to cover their , calling it something its not) I would think that A member of RoI already knows what is right and wrong...smh
  18. NeverPayForLag Augur

    This is only a joke. If exp in an instance is an exploit and we should get roasted in an overcrowded first zone where every named AEs half of the zone then I am done with this game.

    Inability for programming and giving out such "rulesets" is simply out of every mind. I don't know one single game on this planet who dares to treat the customer like a child like in this game.

    The idea behind every game is simply find out strategies to make it work. That does not mean cheating but if a game provides certain mechanics and a gamer uses it - esp. something so trivial like xping in an instance to avoid collisions in main zones then something here is very wrong or this statement is meant completely different.:confused:

    Feeling here like a sect-like structure. Does anybody here has a mind for a real life outside of the addicted game and some real brains?
  19. Pano Augur

    No, because the same mob that drops the chase loots are the ones whom the achievements are linked to (whom are broken). We have had to cycle that mission a few times to figure out every single one of these didn't work.
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  20. Belkar_OotS Augur

    They changed the call of the forsaken instances to give nearly all the experience at the end completion in the "you can get experience or loot, but not both," mentality that dominates this game.

    I think dropping from instances is often necessary since things are so often poorly designed. Auto agroing mobs, instances not resetting, adds finitely spawning on a wipe, getting summoned immediately on zone in, not being able to reasonably continue once a step is failed due to auras or event mechanics.

    Named mobs and collections should never have existed in instances to start with, especially when we get 5 hours lock outs for "playing their way," with the additional time commitment of actually doing the mission to often near completion and having a chance* aka welcome to EQ rng which means that I'll have to do it literally hundreds of times to get what I wanted. Either give us 80% spawn rates or better or realize that you design the game to encourage "the wrong way," and deal with us being more reasonable with the time constraints. A 5 hour lockout equating to 5 hours of place holder camping is a long time of camping a mob to not see a spawn for most people - I of course can spend all day at a camp and never see the named keeping all of its placeholders down which is another aggravation but reflects how crazy it is I still play this game.

    Adjust the experience, add a chest on completion, or lock out the loot some other way, but restarting instances should NEVER be an exploit.
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