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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Orbital101, Dec 12, 2018.

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  1. Orbital101 Augur

    Considering the mission doesnt drop a chest but does drop Evolving items WE ARE NOT exploiting the mission to farm the evolving items.

    k? thx
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  2. Thrillho Augur

    You play a risky game!
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  3. Orbital101 Augur

    Im testing it for you all!
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  4. Pano Augur

    For real though, we hit a bug a few times where the Udex and Grieving Soul Scent wouldn't spawn with Evasion Flame Desires.
  5. Cailen Augur

    I'd like to know the answer to this too...…. but they wont/cant answer. The items are not a quest reward but loot from a mob legally killed and are a rare drop so I'd -u-me it's legal. But then I assumed things that had been brought to their attention for years and not fixed were legal also and got a week off. IMO it's no different than farming collectables or hunter kills from instances.
  6. Moege Augur

    A mob is just a chest with hitpoints, it is an exploit, stop doing it.
  7. NeverPayForLag Augur

    The instance is the only way to kill something without interfering with all the people who flood the only accessible zone from start. If they drop loot, cool. But honestly I am using the instance for killing and no single drop was there. This is surely no exploit - esp. if that thing drops rare. If this is not normal then EoK Missions are all full of exploits.

    It is ridiculous either that bugs from devs side gets people in histerical modes... says a lot about the state of this game...
  8. Cailen Augur

  9. Cailen Augur

    I'm not doing it haven't once, nor are you Daybreak CS, just an on the innerweb with an opinion same as me.

    and chests have hit points newb
  10. Moege Augur

    Never claimed to be one sunshine, go back to your newb exploits if you wish
  11. Cailen Augur

    again I haven't done this nor do I intend to..... go back to your newb Trolling
  12. Cailen Augur

  13. Horyuken Augur

    Why not have a chest spawn with a 5% chance at the item, or a 95% chance at a zonk!
  14. Ayragon New Member

    This is a fun mission that gives currency. Never seen a drop though, must be missing something.
  15. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Purposely avoiding a lockout or replay timer is an exploit, especially when doing so to repeatedly farm something, be it items, exp, faction, whatever.

    For story reasons... the Udex "ejects" you from the zone.
  16. ~Mills~ Augur

    You guys say this but this is the only rational way to actually farm collects and hunt named in some instances. And many people flip for cartography achievements.

    You could spend weeks or even months just trying to spawn that last rare collect or final named otherwise. First hand have taken 45 flips of a HA to see the named I needed and know I had issues with rare collect of a set a few times taking 15-20 instances before it finally dropped.
  17. Piemastaj Augur

    What if you spend 6 hours in the task? I don't think you will get a lockout because it was not beaten, but the 'lockout' starts on request.

    There should be some clear guidelines on this by now...
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  18. FawnTemplar Augur

    I would think the guidelines are the following:

    1. Use common sense
    2. See guideline 1
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  19. Piemastaj Augur

    And literally that could not be any less clear or concise lol.
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  20. Linder New Member

    That is very clear, you just don't want it to be. Just as "Do the right thing, and you will not have any problems" is clear.

    At the studio, they know exactly who got what and how they got it. They can take it away, and will if it was exploited.

    There is no need to do a roll back to take the items away. They can do it individually.

    As far as the I am testing it comment. It was probably noticed in test, and not revealed, if I had to guess, so it could be exploited.
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