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    I had heard grumblings that on TLPs, Ferocity didn't affect Bards until a certain expansion due to the AA nature of Bard Double Attack. I did some light testing. Maybe I'm the only one who was even concerned, and this was a waste of time.

    TL;DR: Ferocity seems to be working as expected on Bards

    This is during DoN era with a level 70 Bard and all relevant AAs (Burst of Power 5 - 15% chance to Double attack). Ferocity V lists a Double attack increase of an additional 15%. 15% of 15% is 2.25%, so I'd expect a 2.25 percentage point increase on double attack rate.

    The item I tested with was Shoulderpads of Warfare. First a baseline without them equipped, then a parse with them equipped. The parses were ~20minutes each because there are no parse dummies so I couldn't just afk overnight for a consistent long duration parse.

    I equipped a Rusty Short Sword (28 delay) and my only buff was Symphony of Battle. With OH AAs, I was at 208 haste, for an effective delay of just over 1.3 seconds. Offhand held a drum to eliminate dual wields.

    Parse target was a 70 druid using /duel. Druid facing away from Bard throughout parse.

    Without Ferocity: Double Attack rate of 12.9%

    Total Attacks: 1162
    Double Attacks: 150
    Double Attack Rate: 0.12908777969018934

    Ferocity V: Double Attack rate of 15.3%

    Total Attacks: 1035
    Double Attacks: 159
    Double Attack Rate: 0.1536231884057971

    These are fairly small sample sizes, but I think it shows a statistically significant difference. In both cases, the rate is slightly below what I'd expect since it should be a base of 15% (according to the AA description). This could be due to the parser being consistent, but not 100% accurate.

    I hacked the parser together in a few minutes just to test Double Attack rate, so it's not been thoroughly vetted or anything. The code is here: DoubleAttackParser/Parser.html at main · Trebla7th/DoubleAttackParser (github.com)

    I can post the full parses if anyone is really interested, but since the data doesn't show anything aberrant, I don't see a point.
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  2. niente Developer

    If you have an item with Ferocity (SPA 177 - Double Attack Chance), but do not have either the Double Attack skill or SPA 225 (Burst of Power - Grant Double Attack), Double Attack won't work.

    If you have Burst of Power, you can get a bonus from Ferocity as well.
    Interestingly, the chance to double attack is slightly different if you do not have the skill.

    Chance to Double Attack:
    • If you do not have the Double Attack skill or SPA 225 (Burst of Power), exit
    • If you have the Double Attack skill, Chance = Skill + Level (PC Level). Otherwise, Chance is 0.
    • Bonus = 500 * SPA 225 / 100
    • Chance += Bonus
    • If you have SPA 177 (Ferocity),
    • Chance += Chance * SPA 177 / 100
    • Roll 1-500. If you roll below your chance, it's a successful Double Attack.
    Written more simply: *Only include Skill + Level if Skill > 0

    DoubleAttackChance = (Skill + Level)* + 500 * SPA 225 / 100
    DoubleAttackChance += DoubleAttackChance * SPA 177 / 100
    DoubleAttackChance /= 500

    For a level 70 Bard in DoN with Ferocity V and Burst of Power 5:
    Skill = 0
    Level = 70
    SPA 225 = 15
    SPA 177 = 15
    Chance = 17.2%

    For a level 120 Bard in ToL with Ferocity XIII (or higher) and Burst of Power 62 (from TDS, or higher):
    Skill = 250
    Level = 120
    SPA 225 = 45
    SPA 177 = 21
    Chance = 143.8%
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  3. Lluianae Elder

    To see posts like this from the devs is really cool! Much of the old research us players did on subjects like this vanished with TSW.

    While I never did double attack parsing (Clerics never had it then!), I still remember testing things like Improved Dodge and Dodge % in the arena or elsewhere with jt_buff in order to come up with equations like these. It's neat to know we were on the right track all along.