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  1. Accipiter Old Timer

    We've had Fellowships on Phinny now for a long time. I've never bothered with the XP sharing aspect of Fellowships. I decided to try it recently. Here are my observations, and some questions. Observations:
    1. Both the characters wanting to share XP and those wishing to receive XP turn on XP sharing. You do this in the Fellowship window (Ctrl-Shift-F). I believe the Fellowship leader can toggle this for anyone.
    2. Online characters give XP, offline characters get XP.
    3. The XP goes into a pool called Vitality. You actually have two pools; one for regular XP and one for AA XP.
    4. In your inventory window, below your XP bar is a green bar that shows your current Vitality. It's like the pet health bar. You won't notice it if you have no Vitality.
    5. If the character wishing to receive XP is at max level (105.9999 for example) then that person won't earn any Vitality. This is true even if you aren't maxxed on AAs. I assumed that if I was max level but not max AAs that I would accumulate some AA Vitality. Nope. If you are unable to earn Vitality, the Fellowship window will show "Capped" in the XP sharing column.
    6. When you want to use the Vitality you have accumulated, you need to turn off XP sharing in the Fellowship window and then go XP like normal.
    7. When XPing with Vitality available, you will earn regular XP at 5x the normal rate and AA XP at 3x the normal rate.
    8. Regular XP Vitality pool has enough Vitality for 10 levels of XP.
    9. AA Vitality pool has enough Vitality to cap your AAs (or so I read).
    Now for the questions:
    1. If my contributing characters burn Lesson of the Devoted or use an XP pot, does it contribute to the offline players' Vitality more quickly?
    2. Do I need to worry about whether my contributing characters have AA XP turned on or off? I doesn't seem to matter but I can't be sure. I have AA XP off for now and both Vitality pools seem to go up.
    Feel free to add any of your own observations.
  2. Zipe The Healer

    The system is kinda buggy and that dual-vitality-pool thingy looks really messed, because when going full into regular XP you'll also drain some of your AA XP. Over the years, that made me think that even if looking buggy, best you can do is to systematically focus on one or the other.

    That said, and answering your questions, what I have been doing and worked flawlessly:
    If I wanted to level a char from 100 to 105, I turned AA XP to 0% on all involved characters and Share on. You don't need to have the "receivers" offline, only out of group. I turned LoD on the "givers" and I noticed a faster Vitality pool increase on the "receivers".
    Once "receivers" Vitality was maxed, I invited them to group, turned their share off, turned LoD on and leveled them, 5 levels in 2 LoD's (Usually I had a LoD preactivated). I have been doing that for Buffboxes and portbox for the last 4 level increase Expansions and it was always 2 LoD's to max.

    Once the "receiver" was max level, I ungrouped it and turned AA XP to 100% on all chars, repeated the process while farming the AA that I felt I would need.

    That said, I read somewhere time ago that when a char is flagged as "capped", when it's a "giver" it'll give more XP per kill (since it's not banking Vitality anymore, it's giving all the XP to the "receivers" instead of taking some for its own pool).
    So, whenever I did a "vitality" session I made sure that all my chars where shown as "capped". The quickest way to make them show as capped is to, while exping, ungroup them for a couple of kills so they turn into "receivers" instead of "givers", then'll show as "capped" on the next Fellowship window update. Note that if you die you'll lose the "capped" status, etc.

    Last, as you mentioned, the AA-vitality-pool is really tiny compared to reg one. I can't compare it with absolute numbers, only have "time" as reference as "how much time do I need to go from 0 to 100% vitality" and, clearly, AA-vitality-pool is depleted way faster.
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  3. Duality Augur

    I can't say with certainty, but it definitely seems like LOTD on grinders makes for a quicker cap. I've recently leveled up some more to 100 on selo where I would burn a lesson on mains with FS on and then swap over to the others and burn up the vitality on them and even after 95 it would still be enough to make it worthwhile. (FS sharing takes about 30% of regular gain, so a loss of 30 aa on sharers during a lesson still gave about 30% extra regular level xp on receiving end.) The split doesn't matter on the receiving end either, and the sharing seems to go the same on mains set to 99% to AA.

    If you're planning on capping vitality before burning, the regular xp cap for max gain is enough to get 10 levels, up to I believe 5 levels before current cap. (after that you won't get anywhere close to 10 levels of vitality before it caps) For AA, you will cap sooner the higher the number of banked AA that you have saved. The unfortunate part is, you can't only pull vitality from one pool at a time, so I'll usually just do 10% to aa so both have meaningful gain while I'm leveling something up.
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  4. Accipiter Old Timer

    OK, I didn't realize that.

    Good strategy.

    I'll have to do that. I noticed that only half my givers show as capped. Probably because they die now and then (especially the tank).
  5. Accipiter Old Timer

    Thanks for the additional info. It all helps.
  6. Machen New Member

    Zipe gave some good info, but on these two particular questions.

    XP taken for sharing is pulled out prior to most bonuses being applied. So you won't donate more if you are using a potion or lesson (and in fact this is a waste of lesson if the characters you are sharing from still need xp.)

    AAXP verses non aaxp only matters with regard to vitality being capped. The regular xp pool caps at a different point than the aaxp pool. More importantly, if a character is completely full on regular xp when receiving vitality, but not aaxp, he will become capped very quickly as Zipe described (you have to be out of group to receive vitality and have at least some xp going to regular xp at the time, and vitality is distributed about every 20 minutes, so it can take up to that long to show capped. But once capped you can bring him back into the group and switch to full aaxp until you lose some regular xp from a death and then you need to repeat the process.)
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  7. Duality Augur

    The vitality distribution seems to be way less the more people are receiving. Rather than just a single player receiving 1/3 of the total vitality gained when there are 3 toons receiving, it seems to be more like half of that. I did a LoTD burn on 5 toons all with sharing turned on with 1 toon receiving. Grinders made 91 aa during the lesson, and I had to go another 20-25min after that until it showed capped for the single that was receiving vitality.
    The next day, I turned 3 toons on to receive with the same 5 sharing. After 5 hours they still weren't capped, and when I checked their vitality the aaxp was capped, but regular was only at 50%. It may have had to do with the level as the single toon was 75 at the time and when i did the trio they were at 85-86. I was under the assumption the vitality rate would fill the same regardless of level as long as it wasn't within 15 levels from current cap and faster after that.
  8. Machen New Member

    This is not correct, and that's your problem. Vitality for regular xp is "full" when you've got enough vitality stored to gain the current level 5x over (or 10x? I forget which.) Since level 75 takes a lot less xp than level 85, it takes a lot less vitality to fill a level 75's bank.

    This is also why your vitality appears to drop significantly when you gain a level. Since the vitality pool is based on the amount of xp needed for the current level, when you gain a level and the xp needed for the next level is much higher, it appears to shrink your vitality pool. In reality you still have the same actual number of vitality points (minus what was spent on the one mob you just killed to ding), it just appears less because the ratio between vitality and xp needed for level has changed.
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  9. Accipiter Old Timer

    Ah, that's something I didn't know.
  10. Accipiter Old Timer

    I should have thought of that. I wondered why it's gotten fairly slow at 97 on my rogue. I'd say it takes me 4-5 hours to bank 25% vitality with 5 characters contributing.