Fellowship vitality, please explain.

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    Since the servers are down.

    I returned after a 10 year break and find I've forgotten more than I knew. I'd be most grateful If someone could explain how to pass XP on to an alt via Fellowship vitality.

    For example, I have a 91 monk with several 65-85 alts on the same account that I'd like to pass XP down to. I also started a second account to play with the monk that also has an alt that could do with some extra XP. How do I do this and how much XP would the monk lose and how much would the alt(s) gain?
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    This one has the most info you're going to find. The XP loss on the person sharing is about 30%. Toons will have a larger vitality pool as they level up. I haven't bothered checking how much exactly it is.. yet.. But from level 87 to 88, the toon I did look at had a 15% larger vitality pool from that one level.
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    I always forget that this vitality thingy exists and tried it out today for the first time.
    Is it correct, that there will be no regular vitality shared if the sharing character(s) have slider to 100% AA ?
    Is it also correct, that vitality is only gained within standard grouping range ?

    I had a group killing stuff in ToL with 3 chars (120) sharing xp, all set to 100% AA. As offline receivers I had a level 100, who got 2/3 of his AA vitality bar full but nothing in regular vitality and a level 86 who got nothing at all.

    Is this intended or a bug ?
  7. Gialana Augur

    When it was introduced, they said characters needed to be within group level range to share experience, so I never tested if I could share experience with someone who's level was too low. From what you wrote, it does seem to be functioning that way.

    Also, it doesn't appear to matter where the kept experience is going; the vitality bars on the leechers are filled the same way. You will see the vitality bar for AA fill up much quicker than for regular experience because the maximum experience stored in the AA vitality is much smaller than for the regular experience vitality. Even though it looks like you're only filling the AA vitality bar, if you were to kill something with that character, you should see a message that vitality was applied to regular and AA experience.
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    I've been able to share vitality with a level 85 heroic character as a level 115, but I have not tested level 120 to level 85/86 characters. It'd be pretty disappointing if you had to bring a new heroic character to 90 before sharing XP with them.
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    Vitality is amazing i use it daily. AA vitality will take you to 240 exp vitality will take you to your next level. If you only want reg exp vitality then cap your aa's on your toon your feeding vitality to.
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    This is how I personally run it..

    6 toons in a grp.. max out their banked AA.. then flip their sharing on.

    1 toon not in grp is also sharing.

    Once max vitality is reached on all 6 toons
    (As indicated via the super skinny green line) toss the 1 character out of grp into the xp grp.

    Now xp as normal toggle off sharing on toons.. and click a lesson on the toon who received the vitality. (Max AA per kill is capped at 5) yes it stacks.(vitality and lesson)

    I've take one toon to well over 300aa in 1 lessons timeframe doing this. I've never used this method to level up. So perhaps I ought to attempt that.
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  11. RPoo Vox.Dandin told you, 'your better then me =D'

    If anyone is at 99.9999 regular exp while sharing or receiving vitality they will say capped and won't share/receive.
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    Once the toons in group are max aa does all of the exp now go to vitality for the one outside the group? Thus maxing that toon's vitality really fast? Also, does your normal exp need to be maxed also?
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    I apologize. Yes. Lvl does not need be capped. Only aa xp bar. Banked aa from what I could tell.