Fellowship Vitality bugged

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Senlronia, Oct 14, 2022.

  1. Senlronia Journeyman

    Have a few boxes in our fellowship. Cleric was max regular xp but not max AA, the SK was roughly a fresh 75 and still working on AA's as well.

    Fellowship shows that the cleric is "Capped" when trying to share, and the SK is not. Both were set to share and not in the group. SK was getting Vitality, Cleric was not.

    Was told that it was because the cleric was at max XP, so i killed the cleric, she was now at 95% xp, 0 banked AA's, still shows as capped. Then I was told you have to wait a while. 3 hours later, and it still shows capped, xp is still at 95% vitality is still at 0%.

    So far it seems the only difference is that the cleric hit max regular xp, and that shut off the ability to gain vitality.
  2. Soulbanshee Augur

    - The vitality pools have caps: approximately enough for 10 levels of regular experience, and enough to reach your AA cap for AA experience.

    Also a character at max exp cannot share vitality with the fellowship because they are gaining no exp.
  3. Senlronia Journeyman

    Yes, i understand that, I am saying we have an SK that is getting vitality, and a cleric that should be getting vitality. Only the SK is getting vitality.

    Cleric is currently sitting at 95% xp, with sharing turned on, not in a group, and the vitality bar is still at 0%.

    Sk is less xp (not sure exact) has sharing turned on, not in a group, and the vitality bar is filling.