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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Maesin_FV, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Tatanka Augur

    Suggestion of the year. The FS joins 12 >people<. As was the intent when the created them.
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  2. Tatanka Augur

    I never said it wasn't a good idea. However, one is within your power to do now, without waiting for changes. The other is not up to us, and may never happen. So it couldn't possibly hurt to mention it.

    Also, what's with the "@"? It's easier to see a reply if you just use the reply function.
  3. Aurmoon Augur

    This would be awesome, IMO.

    Perhaps another related suggestion: i would love some methodology of decreasing the timer on my fellowship token. I don’t care if it is a quest, an achievement, a pre-order expansion feature or what! Heck, make it 5 ranks to reduce it by 1 min per rank at a cost of 200aa per rank. Offer it as an additional reward for completing slayer (I haven’t completed this yet).

    Or how about this: make it a reward for gaining a certain number of achievement points. 25,000 points and you reduce the timer.
  4. Aurastrider Augur

    I second this but I don't understand why there is any limit honestly. There could still be a limit in terms of xp sharing so only the first 12 toons in the fellowship can share or the leader can determine who is able to share. Having a limit just creates for more time sinks and creative measures to achieve the same thing as have already been suggested in this thread.

    An alternative is to keep fellowships they way they currently are and add a new kind of fellowship item that does not allow xp sharing but can have unlimited members. Maybe its limited to being in the same guild or some other restriction such as prestige. This would give more players a reason to keep all of their toons all access instead of being only partially all access throughout the year to farm AA's and then convert back to ftp which I am guilt of myself.
  5. Hitty Elder

    Remove the stupid limitation of changing from fellowship to fellowship which is much worse. If people from other fellowship want to have a lift or simply you have no mage and want to bring somebody for rotting stuff - it sometimes shuts you out for a day. THAT is really bad. If you need help and somebody has a group you could bring him to the camp with a jump but sometimes people cannot rejoin the first group for that - some limitations in EQ are simply useless and prevent players helping each other.
  6. Coagagin Elder

    Adding other types of fellowships to fit various different needs would be more appropriate. You could have a "very small fellowship", temporary usable for one group for a limited amount of time, say one hour. The current standard fellowship we use today that doesn't have that "Goldilocks" feel any more and a something akin to what is in real life referred to as a "council circle" for a dozen or so toons to gather. Something less than a guild banner but larger than the current campfire.

    These changes could be AA or Store bought. Let the boxers buy the "box" edition for 2-6 and AA the council ring but make anyone wanting to use the council ring variant to spend some hefty AA or whatever is deemed best for the long term development of the game.

    Both boxers and long standing in game friendships are here to stay and add value to the long term success.

    Now, go make it happen.

  7. CrazyLarth Augur

    I always thought that at some point that they would add a new Clicky for Groups.
    But you had to pre-buy a Group Banner to plant (3 group toons) and the 6 group toons can click to it.
  8. Angahran Augur

    "2 group content" ?? It's hard enough finding enough people for 1 group.
    Maybe they need to look into allowing us to use multiple mercs at the same time.
  9. Metanis Augur

    This! Outstanding suggestion!
  10. Khaliss Augur

    guys, you are making it a bit too complicated, DBG probably doesn't have a lot of dev time/resources to allocate on doing a major overhaul of how fellowship work, as their focus should be on the upcoming expansion. Let's stick with the OP's original suggestion of increasing the fellowship to another (at least) 4 characters, that's just a simple switch in the code. It's due time anyway, been a LONG while since they increased it the last time (which was also 4).

    Let's keep it simple.
  11. Eniner Augur

    You are asking for them to toy with some of the older orig coding of everquest to alter the number of fellowship members. Not many at the company can even toy with those sections kinda why nothing is done in old xpacs to enforce change but instead of merged into reg stuff its add ons such as the instance epic guys all around. I personally just dont think its even possible for them to alter that without causing mass disruption code wise game wide. Same thing when epics was attempted to be altered.
  12. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Massive disruption is: N=12 to N=16
    Prepare for the Tsunami! /runs
  13. Eniner Augur

    There is a lot more to coding in everquest then just "a simple switch of a code" You must know the injection points which most there no longer do as creators for those codes are long gone or sub contracted. This is why many things in the game have not been altered or changed because they dont know where it can be done correctly without causing crashes and such.

    But what can be done is create a new fellowship type code and alter it to their settings that can be changed etc. Of course it wont be same type thing but they can replicate most of it to a new one.
  14. Angahran Augur

    If you can't handle old code you shouldn't call yourself a developer.
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  15. Khaliss Augur

    I worked in the IT industry for 20+ years now & dabble into coding every now and then. I imagine switching the binary value of the cap size for the fellowship from 12 to 16 (which should be set in the server side) shouldn't take an EQ dev more than 60 seconds, assuming they know exactly where to look.
  16. Eniner Augur

    As i said anyone can alter a code. But knowing exactly where to alter said code is another story.

    A simple ' or even space out of place can completely crash a game. It is very tedious stuff its not a simple go in make a simple change thing. If you understood coding you would know this that even the slightest hiccup and crash all.

    So yes anyone can deal with old code but are they willing to spend time on a guessing game on where to alter the exact code? Doubtful.
  17. Eniner Augur

    I would like for you to sit back and honestly think. Why have they not updated epics? Why have they not updated auras? Many more features that could use a update but dont get it. Because no one likes playing a guessing game on where its safe to make changes and where its not.

    Def when you got players who pay to play and want to play and you have people who complain about announced scheduled patches playing a guessing game crashing a game causing disruption to players is no fun.

    They could open a private server with same code settings and alter from there but to try to alter things on its current form would hurt more then help in long run.
  18. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    I found the QA.
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  19. Selerra Journeyman

    This request has been around as long as Fellowships existed (and it's already grown before). I recall the dev reply back in the day is that you have groups for small groups, Fellowships for medium groups, and if you want more than the Fellowship supports, that's where Guilds come in. While it's not helpful for everyone, as some people are raiders and their friends might be groupers and thus may not share the same guilds, this explanation still makes sense.

    Instead of extending the size of a Fellowship to essentially be a Guild, it may be more beneficial to allow for multiple Fellowships (as others may have mentioned above), or Alliances of multiple Guilds (thus giving some Guild/Fellowship-like benefits to others in the Alliance).
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  20. Khaliss Augur

    It's a simple yes or no... do you agree to expand the fellowship size from 12 to 16? Cite why you agree or not, so hopefully we can get a dev's attention and escalate this request. Let's not talk about drastically changing the fellowship mechanics itself, that should be on another thread. Thanks!

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