Fellowship Plus Four guild recruitment

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by drew0987654, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Ketchup4 New Member

    Hey I'm down to help and play I never played much after be lipid but down to try again. I can roll Druid or Mage or chanty or rogue. My email is nobadge4@yahoo.com hit me up
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  2. Yavinmaya New Member

    It would be awesome to do this, but I'm not sure if I would be able to be on all of those days and times that you set due to my work schedule, and I would play anything that benefited the group as well. I can always learn a class outside of my norm. When I played all of the time my main was a Warrior, but I had a lot of fun being a Cleric. My work usually runs me Monday-Friday from 0600 to whenever we finish for the day. We usually finish around 1800-1900 though. I would love to play from the very beginning a relive the older days of EQ. Just don't want to hold anyone back due to my working schedule. My E-Mail is avenger_pikke@yahoo.com. Had this E-Mail when I first created my EQ Account haha.
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  3. Disruptt New Member

    Classes left are Mage,Cleric,Druid, Bard and Rogue.
  4. Rogue Augur

    I call druid! named Patrick, send me tell so we can figure out how to get in guild please!
  5. Zoron New Member

    My Shaman (Zoron) is created! And I signed up on guild website can't wait till it all starts!
  6. TEIOH New Member

    would really like to rogue for you guys. hell i'll play any of the five =)
  7. Disruptt New Member

    Oh ok so that means Mage, Cleric, and Bard left!
  8. drew0987654 Augur

    we have our first group! we'll be starting on Friday to give everyone enough time to see that we're ready to start! I'll PM everyone, hope to see you there!

    do you guys want to meet up in freeport and go from there?
  9. drew0987654 Augur

    some of us have already gotten a little head start, but this thing is about to officially kick off.

    join us at 5pm EST August 1st to be most likely to find a group to work with. I'll be starting in freeport at lvl 1 around this time. all classes welcome to join our progression guild.

    I really hope to recruit a whole additional group of 6 ppl by the time we start. we'll need at least some kind of tank, some kind of healer, some kind of DPS class, and a few other chars. the more we have when we start hitting the raid targets at lvl 50, the better. anyone interested in signing up for this next group?
  10. TEIOH New Member

    Our launch night was very fun, even though half our players didn't show up. We grinded in commonlands for about 4 hours and are coming back tomorrow. We really want more people involved with us, so it seems we've decided to halt progression at levels 10-15 until we get more people. Don't worry about being left behind! We will be using leveling guidelines to ensure players stay on the same page, regardless of schedule!
    Check out http://fellowshipplusfour.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=416029 for information, and request to join.