Fellowship Plus Four guild recruitment

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by drew0987654, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Disruptt New Member

    Do you have/need a shadowknight?
  2. drew0987654 Augur

    would I be wrong to assume we have a shadowknight now? if not, welcome!
  3. Disruptt New Member

    Thank You! Just a quick question when does it all start up next month?
  4. drew0987654 Augur

    as soon as we have our 16 players we'll be ready to go! at this rate it should take another week or two.
  5. drew0987654 Augur

    UPDATE! we got our Paladin, who signed up through the guild's website. the roster now looks like this:

    Necromancer - Calco (AKA Wharwick)
    Warrior - Graddox Twoaxe
    Monk - Protocol
    Wizard - Rhaistlinn (AKA Rhastlin, ingame = weaver)
    Shadowknight - Disruptt
    Paladin - boltstatic (ingame = Primus)

    4 more spots are also reserved for me, PlushyOgre, Baliaan and his friend. only 6 more!
  6. Disruptt New Member

    Ok cool! I can't wait!
  7. Disruptt New Member

    Hey I have someone who would be interested in playing a shaman if that's cool name is Zoron.
  8. Jazhara202 New Member

    Hello there!

    I am quite interested in this type of adventure. I havent played EQ in so many years, i feel this would be a good chance to have some good times in the old days again.

    Do you have room for a potential Enchanter?

  9. drew0987654 Augur

    nice, we now have a shaman and enchanter! 4 more ppl to go!
  10. TEIOH New Member

    Greetings, all. I posted on the F+4 website earlier today, but figured I'd post here as well. I'm interested in a variety of classes and wouldn't mind playing whatever needed of me by this group, as I'm quite enthusiastic about becoming a part of this adventure!
  11. Wayylon Augur

    I want in, Berserker if available. Paladin if it becomes available.
  12. Disruptt New Member

    I also have someone who wants to play a ranger
  13. Rogue Augur

    Was beastlord picked up yet? If not, claimed!
  14. Disruptt New Member

    So far we have Monk, Beserker, Ranger, Wizard, Shaman, Beastlord, Necromancer, Enchanter, Warrior, Paladin, and Shadowknight now if I'm not mistaken (sorry if I forgot someone). So what's left is Cleric, Druid, Rogue, Magician, and Bard if i'm not mistaken.
  15. TEIOH New Member

    I just put in for rogue on the guild site, but am willing to take on any of the other classes if a die-hard rogue wants in. Just say the word, as I'd like to get the character made in the near future =)
  16. drew0987654 Augur

    beastlord has sadly already been claimed via PM 2 days ago, I'm sorry I didn't update this forum but an up to date roster is posted in the forums at the guild's site.

    if you're adamant about the beastlord, you can sign up for Group 2 and at this rate it will only take a few weeks b4 that group is started.

    the classes left for Group 1 are Magician, Cleric, Druid, Bard, and Rogue as Disruptt correctly pointed out. I'll reserve a spot for you in G1 though just in case you're interested in playing a different class.
    he can play a ranger in Group 2 if he needs to be a ranger, but as you said:
    this post was later, so maybe you realized afterwards, but your friend should sign up for Group 2 if he needs a ranger.
    I addressed the issue in the guild's official forums... I don't know what to tell you if you're not available during our hours....

    if you want, we can set up an alternative group specifically for whatever times you'd want to play. maybe this will be popular enough that anyone will be able to play with a group whenever it suits them best. I'm not opposed to anyone LFG for their own times in here or the guild's official forums.
  17. drew0987654 Augur

    ah I forgot to mention it here, you're in!
  18. TEIOH New Member

    While that would be nice, I am willing to do whatever it takes to be a part of the initial experience. A more detailed plea has been posted on the guild site. Hope to hear from you soon =)
  19. Emphant Lorekeeper

    Am I reading this correctly that if all 16 people don't log in...you guys aren't going to play that day?
  20. Rogue Augur

    I think thats just for raiding, doesn't seem to specific on how you are allowed to level up though