Fell Foliage.

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  1. Smokezz Augur

    I wasn't even fully buffed. Rogue burn didn't fire correctly (Rogues Fury and Third didn't fire right away... loss of DPS there). Bard songs didn't start. Zerker died at 11%. Doing it with everything going right and full buffs, it would be sub 60s. So yeah, with group geared chars I'm pretty confident I could burn right through it still.

    And yeah Horyuken, ISB makes it easier for sure. I don't have to alt tab to do things. But I still have to hit the buttons to do things. Nothing is automated.
  2. Horyuken Augur

    Yes but to cast a spell or heal on 3 toons do you have to click that gem 3 times on 3 clients or one time on one client to get 3 different results? You're automating 2/3 of the toons.
  3. ptah Augur

    what a joke.

    caster raid gear.. better focus? what about your EM item? More hp and mana.. more chance to over come an AE or damage spike.. sure caster prob see less return over raid gear to group gear.. but don't like its not different worlds.

    I will take the difference in spell damage.. better spell list.. and all the benefits of that gear.. with equal skill.

    Now Hybrid and meele.. way different stacks on them for the inflated gears and weaps raitos. but yeah whatever it makes little difference. the double Hsta. raw hps.. ac.. that is nothing.. so why peeps chase it.. haha.. Smokezz is what he is.. smoke

    And yes.. control of that or this disc is a larger mod to playing than gear.. but that raid stuff is still putting that player in a different world of play.. room for error.. recovery.. raw powa to just push thru without thought.

    If gear didn't matter.. support a mod to game play.. raid gear is only for raid content.. and if not in raid content player x must spin back group gears.. so ideal balance has a chance. /duck on inc raid stomps claiming I afk for 3 hours a night to get my gears.. beside a rock.. me have rights to elite fake ego .. enuff said
  4. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Not so sure. I went from group gear to raid gear one expansion. Not even the latest expansion gear and it made a very big difference. There is no denying that skill and ability account for a Lot but benefit of raid gear is not inconsequential.
  5. Smokezz Augur

    Distort it however you wish, but you're wrong. Whatever you all say though, make sure you cry more that things are too hard when you don't even apply the basics to your chars.
  6. Smokezz Augur

    Of course it's not, but it won't make someone suddenly a good player if they were just mailing it in. Someone not using discs, not using defensives on a tank, not using AA's will still die immediately while tanking, they will still heal poorly, they will still do very sucky DPS with raid gear vs. group gear. What it will benefit is the player that actually knows how to play the game.
  7. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    That depends much on who gets hit with the spines and how often.
    Our last try with pure-melee DPS is some time back, and at the time it WAS impossible to keep up with the spawns.
    Either we were more lucky with that recently or they've reduced the frequency of the cast or something, but yes recent tries were somewhat better in that regard. Still, this is in my eyes clearly tuned towards casters. While i do much prefer melees usually, that's not true for this mission sadly.
    The only truly farmable mission, the only really easy one, is Gorowyn - when OT's supposed (in my eyes) to be the easy one.
  8. Smokezz Augur

    My method for dealing with that is... to ignore it. I group heal on the Cleric, single target heal the tank on the Shaman. It's not perfect, as you can see from the video the Zerker died near the end. This was on the newly revised version. I know the mobs spawn slower now, number of adds needed to lock HP was increased. But I don't think spines was changed.

    All of this said, the arguing about group vs. raid gear is silly. This is the first group mission in the expansion. It really shouldn't require such high DPS. It went from being stupid easy to stupid hard to fairly hard.
  9. Kelset Lorekeeper

    Gear can compensate for the lack of skill, skill is harder to compensate for lack of gear.
    As a group geared box team, my biggest challenge on the harder content is the survivability of the tank. A bad round of multiple mobs beating on you with a large dd or dot hit and it's easy to wipe. Using the right combination of aa's and spells helps to mitigate this but not always. FF its a bit easier to do but doing it through 5 waves of End of Empire is a different story.
    Caveats: I use merc healers so handicapped on any mission I can't find a non-merc healer. I don't raid so can't speak to the difference between gear other than watching the difference in how raid geared groups handle the same content I do.

    To the OP, nice vid and breakdown, gave me a few ideas for my team, thanks for sharing.
  10. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    True but I know I get a BIG boost in raid gear over group gear. Can it be the difference between many fails to succeed at a mission? I would think so. It can be the difference between easily doing the mission and for it being a nail biter. It also makes it easier to learn an encounter and how to deal with it when you have solid raid gear to fall back on. I think this is especially true when boxing. Sometimes its about hitting the right key combos for an encounter just right and learning that is much easier if your gear is helping keep you afloat.

    No doubt about it a player who has figured out all the best ways to play his class, or is in a raid guild that values that knowledge above other things and teaches everyone to play their class well, will do much better then those without that knowledge.

    I would advise more group players to ask raiders about class loadouts and strats. Many will be happy to share info they might hold back a few favorite trade secrets but overall I think they will share what they know.

    One question I have isn't this mission the one devs said should be the easiest of the expansion? Or am I mixing this up with another mission?
  11. Tolzol Augur

    They decreased the frequency on the adds and increased the amount of adds it takes to hp lock with last patch so that’s probably why you had a harder time before. And when we did the atrocious achievement prenerf it was done with war/zerker/rogue/bst/Ranger/cleric. So mainly melee heavy group. This mission is a pain in the for melee but it’s definitely doable with just melee dps and id still say on the easy side. Pretty much every time I’ve done it has been a with melee dps only. You just have to pay attention to your buffs if their defensive buff procs onto you (the DS). It’s not a normal DS, a certain percentage of the damage you put out you take yourself on a melee swing. I have killed myself a few times because I’ve hit Dicho right as i get the debuff. Yes if your gonna go in with all melee you need a healer that stays on their toes and the melee have to be aware that some stuff might not be able to be used if it’s a huge amount of dmg in a couple swings if you have the debuff and you may have to turn attack off at times. And yes i know I’m raid geared but in all fairness it’s probably more of a pain for raid geared melee than none due to the nature of how the DS works.
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  12. ptah Augur

    Nerf my group gear misses.. unfair that I avoid the DS mech on OT.. big slow and dumb.. its the man in mirror

    Imo yes the FF mission Is the easiest and most simple of the 3.. Goro maybe so if you the raw resource checks.. dps etc that is pretty easy too.. SF.. we still working the it.. fellowship doesn't appear to be interested in finishing out EotD.. and it bugs me.

    Troll wanta be out.
  13. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    The typical raid-gear vs. group gear arguments exchanged here, and each stubbornly pressing their own point only.
    Raid gear up's melee DPS significantly, far more than for casters imo. It also up's everyone's chances of survival. (e.g. making all of a difference when a raid-geared tank is allowed to drop to below 30 or 20 at any given time, it'd kill a group geared one) That's when nothing else has changed.
    You're right - number of casts/using the discs and synergy effects with other classes is not something that comes with raid gear; that needs not be said, it's a given.

    I don't say this mission were not possible with group gear only for key positions - i just never tried it that way yet.
    But since we wipe even with key-personnel in raid gear at times (with 3players boxing 2each; hardly when we are 4players and not anymore when we are 5 or 6), my guess would be that the group-geared players need a far more perfect group - and that excludes most melees for this one still in my eyes.
    Overall, i simply don't like the design of this mission much - as you said, it went from far too easy to far too hard to fairly hard. Due to the mission's make-up i guess the "proper" tuning is hard to impossible.
  14. TheStugots Augur

    No toon from my box team has ever raided and they’re all in RoS group gear only. I box this very, very easily.
  15. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Boxing this, very easily, in group gear? Cool to hear!
    Guess we're missing something important here then since, like i said, when we did it with 3players boxing only two each, we wiped. So, what're you doing right that we're doing wrong?
    Or are you just one of the "boxers" (botters really) that automate their boxes?
  16. Sancus Augur

    Since this is Forum Quest you're probably serious, but I got a good chuckle out of this nonetheless.
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  17. TheStugots Augur

    Wow. So quick to toss out judgement about others simply because you have issues boxing this mission. Very nice.

    I don’t know what you’re doing wrong or different than me, but I don’t automate anything. I don’t bot anything.

    I was just stating that you don’t need raid gear to box this mission. No doubt it would definitely help and make it easier, but it’s not mandatory.

    Stay classy, Zhaunil.
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  18. segap Augur

    The most important part is making sure the tank picks up the two adds so they don't eat dps. Also, don't waste any abilities on the scion. Just slowly kill it than hit the boss hard with everything. 700kish total dps should be enough to win it before the hp lock. Group geared dps boxes should be able to put out 250k-300k in a 90 second window. You just need 3 of them for the win.
  19. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    you overlooked the questionmark obviously, hm?
    If somebody is boxing this "very, very easily", and in group gear to boot when we struggle with 3 to 4live raiders of mixed (and, granted, suboptimal) make-ups and boxes to fill up slots and give achievements, then you must forgive me for thinking that either we're missing something real important that hasn't been mentioned yet or there's some cheating going on.
    And asking a question has never hurt anyone - except perhaps those that felt caught by someone voicing it.

    With the scion you mean the initial monstrous one i guess - yes, we weren't.
    One thing our group lacked was a live healer - it was both boxed cleric and shm or in another case even merc and boxed shaman. one go was with (raid) ROG and, iirc, RNG for DPS; another was with NEC/MAG (NEC main, MAG boxed). With (raid) WARs*2,CLR merc,SHM,NEC+MAG it was a win, but after some learning wipes. But even when we tried with a live SHM, we almost always had issues with keeping up with the spawns - we made it but were also failing or close to fail more often than not (i.e. the recent wins were much too close for comfort).

    Before the initial nerf to this mission, yes we burned it down - even with suboptimal groups.
    Ever since, we were not able to do so anymore (i usually go through my defensives, secondaries and pain again before we end it, so that's more like 10mins rather than 90s). It got somewhat better after the FEB patch, but it's still the most bothersome mission for us. Even before SF, which is really only about the soulfeasters and two people knowing how to click (and wipes until they do).
  20. TheStugots Augur

    Never mind. Just get better at pushing buttons.

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