Fell Foliage mission changed?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by tnot, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. tnot Elder

    I tried the mission for the first time today. Wasnt like what I read on EQR about the encounter.

    Burn initial trash mob.

    Cactiki spawns. Fought him at max range.

    First add pops after about 10 seconds next to cactiki. Killed him.
    Second Add immediately pops next to Cactiki.
    Third Add " A renegade succulent" popped right next to my group, killed my Mage in about 2 seconds.

    Throughout the encounter random players are 'Warped' around within about 200m of where theyre standing.

    I found it impossible to box w/ 3 mages & 3 reactive healer mercs due to the warping around, as well as Adds spawning right on top of my group w/ pets 200m away.

    Is this how the mission was? or has it changed?
  2. Smokezz Augur

    That's always how it was... it's easier to just kill the initial trash mob as slow as you feel like it. Then just roast Cackiki. Don't even bother with the second add, just full on burn Cackiki. Mission is done very quickly provided you know what you're doing. If you do, you won't even get bounced elsewhere. That doesn't happen until you're about 60s in. Only happens to me if I misclick burns.
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  3. tnot Elder

    Huh. alright, may give it another try, ignoring the first add.

    Edit: Got him to 35%... Just don't have the dps though. Boooooo!

    Are any of the adds mezzable?
  4. tnot Elder

    25%... Oh well. 3 Lvl 106 Mages... Maybe with an Earth pet, my 110 spears, 110 chaotic, and full Focus AA's I will be pretty close to boxxing it. Really gotta pump out that DPS, crazy.

    & I'm chaining firebound alliance between 3 chars, too.
  5. Huna Journeyman

    Your not running a full real group, makes a huge difference. Get lvl 110 then come blast it. Also once you do make sure you have lockouts or your screwed.
  6. Lily Augur

    If Smokezz is correct, then it has changed. Every time I did it, the main mob's HP locked if more than 1 add was up. Adds are not mezzable.
  7. Riou Augur

    RoS like most expansions and events in this game, is all about how much DPS you can bring to the fight, yea :p

    The lower your DPS the harder it is and such as you have to follow actual mechanics
  8. Bigstomp Augur

    The point is it dies before you get more than one mob up.
  9. Monkman Augur

    Anyone know which mobs to combine for atrocious? We got brown thumb today just need atrocious now.

  10. Jaerlyn Augur

    I've seen that said over and over... But I' never had it happen that way. It always required THREE or more adds up to lock it's HPs.
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  11. Brohg Augur

    Definitely locked with two in 2017
  12. Lily Augur

    Hardly. Reread Smokezz post.
  13. Kolani Augur

    Find a tank and some real melee dps, not mage pets. I have no problem with sk/shaman/ranger.
  14. Smokezz Augur

    What about my post? You burn. One mob is up when it dies. If you don't burn and kill it fast, well.. then you need to probably kill some of the spawns? It hasn't changed. I just did it.
  15. Jaerlyn Augur

    Never had it HP lock with two in 2017. Didn't have it lock with two today, either.
  16. Lily Augur

    You said not to bother with the second add, but if you don't kill the second add, the hit points lock.
  17. yepmetoo Augur

    Not sure where the disconnect here is.

    Dps cactus, 1st add spawns, kill it, back on cactus, burn it, it should be dead before more than 1 MORE add spawns is what he is saying:

    Attack cactus
    Add (1) spawns
    Kill add (1)
    BURN cactus
    Add (2) spawns
    Mob dead
  18. Jaerlyn Augur

    Or just:

    Attack Cactus
    Add (1) spawns. Grab aggro on it, then ignore it. Keep burning cactus.
    Add (2) spawns. Grab aggro on it., then ignore it. Finish killing cactus.
    Mob Dies. Adds Despawn. No HP Lock.

    We've done it that way, constantly, since expansion release. Including today.
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  19. Intenso Augur

    I had three adds up didn't lock mob died
  20. tnot Elder

    Same. Had 2-3 up hit points didn't lock. The initial add, plus deranged, plus some dark blue smaller cactus thing which was not a roamer but an encounter pop

    It's the Add that's just like the First, which , if it pops, locks hit points, and there's an emote msg on screen that tells you so. It is not ambiguous.

    It may be time based. Believe I killed the first add when this happened, a second just like it popped, plus the other 2, then emote and lock.

    If you off tank first add, and second add pops ( the deranged cactus ), you can still hurt him for a bit, another 10 seconds at least before more stuff shows up and you get emote.

    So yes you can have 2 or even 3 up, but after the second add ( who is like the first ) pops, he locks.

    So burn him down in 60s with 1 add @ 20s, or burn him down in 75-80 if you can deal another add or 2 and still burn him.

    Seemed that way to me, anyway.

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