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  1. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    After the recent Overseer changes, I'd like to make a feedback post to suggest another tuning pass on the Overseer system. Lets start with the purpose as described by the announcement post for Overseer:

    I think keeping the mission statement behind this new aspect of the game in mind while tuning is very important to help it be successful at accomplishing the stated goal.

    Removal of Current Expansion Rewards:

    The most recent patch removed the ability for a player to claim a reward from the expansion their server is currently in. I understand the motivation behind this is to prevent players from using Overseer to obtain the most current Collectibles / Tradeskill materials.

    I think its worth mentioning the curve of activity that all servers, live and TLP alike, follow. There is an initial flux in activity on launch. Players are completing quests, farming hunter achievements and currency for Type 5 augs, EXPing, farming augments etc. As an expansion ages, players complete their objectives and stop grinding out certain aspects of the game.

    This leads to a lower pool of players consistently doing current expansion content, and in the case of the market reduces the availability or influx of new collection and tradeskill materials.

    I would argue your logic for removing these current expansion rewards is well founded, however I think there is something to be said about the back half or fourth of an expansion. Once we are about 6 months or 9 months into the content, there isn't as much activity in the expansion. At this point I think the Overseer system should kick in and start offering current expansion collectibles and tradeskill drops. For TLP servers I'd say the last month of a 3 month expansion.

    Overseer Tetradrachms:

    Currently missions award about 275-1800 Tetradrachms. The amount awarded scales up based on duration of mission and difficulty (Common / Uncommon / Rare / Elite)
    • 6 Hour Missions reward players 275 / 367 / 458 / 550 Tetradrachms
    • 12 Hour Missions reward players 500 / 667 / 833 / 1000 Tetradrachms
    • 24 Hour Missions reward players 900 / 1200 /1500 / 1800 Tetradrachms
    Based on these mission prices and about an 80% success rate, a gold member can earn around 4,000 currency per day to start off. After a while once you've acquired all elite agents and you are offered multiple elite missions every cycle, you can probably reach around 8,000 currency per day. I think its fair to say that many players will be accepting rewards other than the currency (Tradeskills, Collectibles, EXP, Merc EXP), but for now lets just consider players solely focused on earning currency.
    Lets imagine three different players.

    Player A - Reaches maximum efficiency in Overseer, earns 8,000 per day and logs in every day of the month. Earning 240,000/month
    Player B - Is running a combination of different missions, earns 6,000 per day and logs in 20/30 days in a month. Earning 120,000/month
    Player C - Runs common missions only, earns 4,000 per day and logs in 10/30 days in a month. Earning 40,000/month

    Based on the mission statement listed above, Player C is who this system is aimed at helping. Players who are optimizing their gameplay and on daily aren't those who need help. It's the people who are on occasionally and generally just getting the bare minimum currency out of the system who could use the help.
    Players can spend their Tetradrachms at the 'a mysterious prescence' in PoKnowledge. Currently the only items on the vendor are:
    • Urthron's Ultimate Unattuner - 175,000
    • Ak'Anon Clockwork Cloth - 175,000
    • Ak'Anon Clockwork Ornaments - 70,000
    • Token of Resurrection - 43,750
    • Crystallized Luck - 35,000
    • McKenzie' Special Brew - 26,250
    • Common Agent Catalyst - 17,500
    • Essence of the Transposed Elddar, Elddar, Corroded Clockwork - 4,375
    Player A could earn any item for sale within a month. This is to be expected for a hardcore player optimizing their play and playing every day. Player B could buy everything but the two most expensive items on the list after a month. Player C could buy the lowest prices items, not even able to purchase one rez token after a month... at best they could buy a single Crystallized Luck or 1 McKenzie's Special Brew.

    Lets look at the Loyalty Currency values for the three items that are offered on both vendors. Keep in mind a gold member who has been active for one year earns 120 Loyalty each week or 480 Loyalty each month:
    • Urthron's Ultimate Unattuner - 432
    • Token of Resurrection - 86
    • Crystallized Luck - 1,000
    So after a month of just logging in players can buy 1 Unattuner or 6 Rez tokens. After about 2 months of just logging in a player can buy 1 Crystallized Luck.
    Lets contrast this to Overseer for Player C, the fairly casual player. He has 40,000 currency after a month. He could spend it on almost 1 Rez tokens or 1 Crystallized luck. That is his reward for logging in 10/30 days a month, running 5 missions on each of those 10 days at an 80% success rate and accepting only the Overseer currency as his reward for all successes.
    Here are my take-aways from this:
    There is no consistent "value" the developers have placed on these items. It doesn't make sense that a months time is worth 1 Unattuner for Loyalty but its not close to one for a decent amount of effort every play session for either the casual or the moderately active player in Overseer. It also doesn't make a ton of sense that it takes 0.75 weeks to earn a Rez token for Loyalty but its closer to 4 weeks to earn one for Overseer for the casual player. The Crystallized Luck is even more odd. Being able to get 1 every 2 months from Loyalty but managing to get 1 every month from Overseer?
    In my view, Overseer requires some input from the player beyond maintaining an active subscription. The Crystallized Luck is the only price point that actually makes sense. As a reward for putting in the effort the casual player can earn one Crystallized Luck in half the time it takes them to earn one through Loyalty.

    This should be extrapolated to the prices for Resurrection Tokens and Unattuners. At 1/2 the Loyalty time, it should take a casual player about 2 weeks for an Unattuner and about 1/3rd a week for a rez token. This would change the prices:
    • Urthron's Ultimate Unattuner - 175,000 > 20,000
    • Token of Resurrection - 43,750 > 3,333
    I know these are huge price cuts, but really these items are not enormous power grabs within the game. The Loyalty system has already determined the rarity of the items and the prices they were readjusted to after the most recent patch are absurd.
    With the recent patch the McKenzie's Special Brew was changed such that a server must have VoA unlocked in order to purchase the item. This is a good change, players on TLP servers shouldn't be able to buy in era raid loot from a "catch-up" vendor. That being said, the price change on this item seems like an extreme overreaction.

    A casual level 85 player who returned to the game with the heroic grant who is earning 40,000 currency/month and may be trying to catch up in gear would only be able to buy about 1.5 Brews per month. This would take about 9 months to buy a single piece of the cheapest gear off the vendor. Which is extremely ridiculous.

    Again I would suggest looking to the Loyalty system. In the Loyalty system there were "Bags of Currency". Each bag could be claimed and then clicked to summon between 10-100 currency based on the scale each currency system used. I would suggest for McKenzie's Special Brews, to keep this price point but instead sell Bag of McKenzie's Special Brews and have each bag reward 10 currency. This way a player could get a piece of gear every month and a half by buying them. However realistically, a Heroic character doesn't really need McKenzie's gear. The default Heroic gear is better, and McKenzie's would just be useful for getting clicky items. Which leads me into my next suggestion.

    Expanding the items on the Overseer Vendor:

    Keeping in mind the goal to offer an avenue for returning players to catch up to current content and the idea behind offering McKenzie's Brews already:

    1. Offer bags of all the other Underfoot - ToV group currency.

    The loyalty vendor already offers currencies from DoN to UF. Perhaps the Overseer system could serve as the venue for Underfoot+ currencies (fits well since its level 85+). In the Loyalty system Bags of DoN-UF currency costs between 7-50 Loyalty currency, when active members are earning 480/month.

    Flag each of these currencies to unlock on TLP servers maybe 1 month before the next expansion launches on 3 month servers. On live unlock the ToV currency about 9 months into ToV. Alternatively if you want just unlock them in the following expansion releases thats fine but I don't think that should be the case.
    • Bag of Brellium Tokens (UF) -- Items prices 200-1200 -- Bags worth 100 coins -- 250 Overseer Currency Price per Bag
    • Bag of Dream Motes (HoT) -- Item prices 30-500 -- Bags worth 10 coins -- 500 Overseer Currency Price per Bag
    • Bag of Marks of Valor (CotF) -- Item prices 180-960 -- Bags worth 100 coins -- 500 Overseer Currency Price per Bag
    • Bag of Pieces of Eight (TDS) -- Item prices 180-3570 -- Bags worth 100 coins -- 750 Overseer Currency Price per Bag
    • Bag of Remnant of Tranquility (TBM) -- Item prices 10-1250 -- Bags worth 100 coins -- 1,000 Overseer Currency Price per Bag
    • Bag of Sathir Trade Gems (EoK) -- Item prices 400-750 -- Bags worth 100 coins -- 5,000 Overseer Currency Price per Bag
    • Bag of Bathezid Trade Gems (RoS) -- Item prices 500-1000 -- Bags worth 100 coins -- 10,000 Overseer Currency Price per Bag
    • Bag of Fettered Ifrit Coins (TBL) -- Item prices 500-750 -- Bags worth 100 coins -- 20,000 Overseer Currency Price per Bag
    • Bag of Frostone Ducats (ToV) -- Item prices 500-750 -- Bags worth 100 coins -- 30,000 Overseer Currency Price per Bag
    It is relevant to keep in mind what each vendor sells. The UF, HoT, CotF, TDS and TBM vendors off wearable gear of lower quality within the expansions themselves. The TBM, EoK, RoS, TBL, ToV vendors offer upgraded Type 5 Augments and bags.
    For a returning player they are potentially going to purchase CotF / TDS / TBM currencies to acquire new gear, or they will purchase TBM / EoK / RoS / TBL / ToV currencies to buy Type 5 augs.
    Using these prices, a casual player could get 3 of the top Type 5 augs from TBM every month or they could get 2 Type 5 augs from EoK or nearly 1 from RoS or 40% of one from TBL.

    I think this is a fair rate of acquiring gear to catch up to live players. Prices and bag output could be adjusted of course but something in this region is ideal for helping players catch up.
    2. Fragment of Legendary Alaran History

    After a certain level (110?) I believe all alaran mobs are now green/grey cons meaning you cannot progress the alaran tear through killing, only through fragment clicks. To go from 0 to max rank, a player would need 400 Fragments. This is one of those incremental items that should take awhile to max.

    I think this should be added at a price of about 5,000 currency per Fragment. This is about the max currency most players will obtain in a single day. For someone to go from 0 to max off currency alone it would take roughly 400 days. This is an extremely long time but for some people who don't need assistance with gear because they have guildmates or friends helping them, this could be where they focus their Overseer efforts to advance their character and catch up to the players who have consistently been around for 21 years and have everything.

    3. Powersources

    Offer three tiers of Powersources on the Overseer vendor. Each higher level powersource should cost progressively more currency than the lower tier ones. I left off TBS ones because loyalty vendor offers Phosphite or Orum, and ToV ones because they’re new and sellable. But for anyone returning to the game with a Heroic Character that they’re trying to progress with, having access to decent Powersources as they level would be a nice option for them to use their currency.
    • RoF - Xorbb’s Caged Hatred -- 5,000
    • TDS - Geomantic Steelstone -- 7,500
    • TDS - Combine Power Shard-- 7,500
    • TDS - Thaell Ew Totem-- 7,500
    • TDS - Ocean Purification Stone-- 7,500
    • RoS - Cliff Stone -- 15,000
    • RoS - Magma Stone -- 15,000
    • RoS - Enchanted Dragon Scale -- 15,000
    • RoS - Scorpikis Worry Stone -- 15,000
    Collectible Rewards:

    The most recent patch changed the missions (Trade / Exploration / Diplomacy) which reward Collectible Items to go from granting the collectible item summoner 100% of the time on success to only granting them 25% of the time on success.

    I think that this is fair for the common mission which has basically 0 requirements to succeed regularly. But the chance should be increase in higher tier missions. 25% Common, 50% Uncommon, 75% Rare and 100% Elite. To encourage people to level up and do harder missions for better chance at collectibles.

    Additional Recruitment Missions:

    Currently there is only one recruitment mission type and they appear to grant 5-6 new agents on a success, take 48 hours to complete and not offer a new one for 48 hours.

    I’d like to see there be 2-3 different versions available. Specifically shorter duration, quicker reuse recruitment missions that only reward a single agent or maybe 2. For example a 6 hour 1 agent mission or a 12 hour 2 agent mission or 24 hour 3 agent mission. Perhaps name them:
    • Quick Pitch (6hr 1 agent)
    • Enlisting (12hr 2 agent)
    • Conscription (24hr 3 agent)
    Additional Reward Set for Tradeskill Missions

    For the Tradeskill reward set (Research / Harvesting / Crafting missions) you’re currently offered some generic silks/pelts/ores/essences/etc. from expansions SoD-ToV. I’d like to see a few more reward sets added to this Overseer mission type. Keep the Harvesting and Crafting missions with their current reward sets. Then change the Research missions to offer a variety of new reward sets listed below which would help people get items necessary for reaching 350 in tradeskills.

    **Reward Option 1** - OOW Smithing/Tailoring

    This reward grants about 5-10 Tradeskill items that pull from 3 groups. The rare, uncommon and common components. Each reward would grant 1-2 rare, 2-3 uncommon and 3-5 common pieces. A common mission only rewards Common components, an Uncommon mission rewards both Common and Uncommon components, and a rare mission rewards all 3. An Elite mission would reward increased amounts of all 3 components.

    1-2 Rare Components:
    • Pyrilen Flames
    • Gelidran Ice
    • Essence of Discord
    • Lightning Core
    2-3 Uncommon Components:
    • Magnetic Metal Brick
    • Feran Blood
    • Murkglider Blood
    • Bazu Blood
    3-5 Common Components:
    • Tanned Damaged Feran Hide
    • Tanned Ruined Feran Hide
    • Tanned Feran Hide
    • Tanned Pristine Feran Hide
    • Damaged Feran Hide
    • Ruined Feran Hide
    • Feran Hide
    • Pristine Feran Hide
    • Damaged Murkglider Skin
    • Ruined Murkglider Skin
    • Murkglider Skin
    • Pristine Murkglider Skin
    • Tanned Damaged Bazu Hide
    • Tanned Ruined Bazu Hide
    • Tanned Bazu Hide
    • Tanned Pristine Bazu Hide
    • Damaged Bazu Hide
    • Ruined Bazu Hide
    • Bazu Hide
    • Pristine Bazu Hide
    • Damaged Magnetized Gauntlets
    • Splintered Magnetized Vambraces
    • Gashed Magnetized Breastplate
    • Bent Magnetized Pauldron
    • Cracked Magnetized Bracer
    • Dented Magnetized Helm
    • Broken Magnetized Collar
    • Twisted Magnetized Belt
    • Mangled Magnetized Leggings
    • Smashed Magnetized Boots
    **Reward Option 2** - OOW Jewelcrafting Augments

    This reward would grant 1 rare augment and 2-3 common augments. A Common and Uncommon mission would only reward common augments. Rare and Elite missions would reward both types.

    1 Rare augment
    • Apatite
    • Celestine
    • Citrine
    • Howlite
    • Kyanite
    • Sodalite
    • Sphalerite
    • Titanite
    • Tourmaline
    2-3 Common augments
    • Bloodflow Stone
    • Boneflow Stone
    • Emberflow Stone
    • Fireflow Stone
    • Mossflow Stone
    • Mudflow Stone
    • Shadowflow Stone
    • Skyflow Stone
    • Starflow Stone
    • Stormflow Stone
    • Voidflow Stone
    • Waterflow Stone
    **Reward Option 3** - TSS Global Gems

    This reward would grant 2-5 of each gem from the below list. Amount of gems would increase based on difficulty of mission.
    • Taafeite
    • Harmonagate
    • Prestidigitase
    • Staurolite
    **Reward Option 4** - LDoN Forages

    This reward would grant 2-5 of each from the below list. Amount of each would increase based on difficulty of mission
    • Goblin Bones
    • Pondweed
    • Ice Lichen
    • Gargoyle Granite
    • Sand Verbena
    • Polished Quartz
    • Amethyst, Geode
    • Sedge Branch
    ** Reward Option 5** - Luclin Tailoring

    This reward would grant 1-2 of each of the following silks/furs. Common/Uncommon missions would reward only the common silks/hides. Rare/Elite missions would reward both sets.

    Rare Silks/Hides
    • Flawless Rockhopper Hide
    • Superb Rockhopper Hide
    • Greyhopper Hide
    • Mind Worm Hide
    Common Silks/Hides
    • High Quality Rockhopper Hide
    • Medium Quality Rockhopper Hide
    • Damaged Rockhopper Hide
    • Shade Silk
    • Shadeling Silk
    **Reward Option 6** - Velious/Luclin Smithing

    This reward is randomly 1-4 of each of the following, with the amount increasing based on difficulty of mission.
    • Windstone
    • Essence of Wind
    • Bloodling Plate
    • Block / Large Brick / Small Brick of Velium/Acrylia
    **Reward Option 7** - Velious Tailoring

    This reward is randomly 1-2 of each of the following silks/furs, with the amount increasing based on difficulty of mission.
    • Othmir Fur
    • Holgresh Fur
    • Velious Hound Fur
    • Velium Mastodon Fur
    • Crystalline Silk
    • Ice Burrower Silk
    • Tigerraptor Hide
    • Black Panther Hide
    • Haze Panther Hide
    • Arctic Wyvern Hide
    • Cobalt Drake Hide
    • Yew Leaf
    • Cobalt Cod
    • Drake Egg
    **Reward Option 8** - Assorted Cross Expansion Rares

    This reward is randomly 1-2 of these rare components used in a small number of recipe from the following -
    • Bloodroot
    • Stone Beans
    • Bloated Root Worm
    • Black Bees
    • Nest Drake Eggs
    • Bazu Bones
    • Murkglider Sinew
    • Iridescent Scales
    • (Anything else you can think of that is a <1% drop)
    I think some or all of the changes suggestion above would help make Overseer a core part of the game for both returning players and active players. It wouldn't be overpowered but it would be worth investing the time into progressing your agents and your mission tier access.
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  2. Qbert Gallifreyan

    I'm not going to comment on the rest as it is a lot to take in, but I have been offered purple recruitment missions that will/would reward a single specific/named agent upon success. It seems this point at least is considered over time. For what it's worth, I started seeing these when I reached level 2 in that category on the stats page.

    I've also had three recruit missions running concurrently on one account at one time, whereas other accounts have yet to see a single recruitment mission offered.
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  3. Bigstomp Augur

    I have one account that critical failed a recruitment then failed the next. And was at 10/10 success/fail before the recent change. that account has been cursed I think.
  4. Vdidar Augur

    If you implement a system to help people catch up and less than a week later you need the rewards so bad it takes years to catch up I think you are still playing Everquest.
  5. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    This is a very well written thoughtful post. One wonders if Darkpaw has given this much thought to the Overseer system. From the posts on the forum from the Devs, I know they think deeply about the game and care about it and work hard. So I wonder how they came to a totally different place.

    As for the tradeskill items, are there really people at lower levels making tradeskill items they actually use where it doesn't take a hour or less to get the components to make an item? Or is it solely designed for the TLP servers? And can they make tradeskilled items that are better than those gotten in other ways? I don't understand that part.

    All I know is that the OP should, in my opinion from my very limited knowledge of how this all works, be something that the Devs at Darkpaw should be passing around, discussing, and seriously using to change the Overseer system. Because the way it is now, I have yet to find a single person who thinks the Overseer system is worthwhile.

    Goodness knows how much Dev and programmer time it took to make the Overseer system. Right now the value gained to EQ for that work seems negligible.
  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Nicely writen post, but you leave out a lot of possibilities for trasdekills, PoP, DoN, DoDH, to name a few, ideally their should be TS mats from all expansions as no one enjoys farming greyd, with the higher level quests yealding the better items.

    Research quests yeald the better TS items so I would leave that one as it is and change Harvest quests, but add more items to some of the other TS mats for research, RoF, HoT, etc add only 1 - 4 items where as RoS adds 10.

    Recovery Quests don't appear to be in game, or at least I've not seen any in the last week, so not sure if their are any items associated with them, but they could be some of the missing TS mats or something else.

    I've noticed we can get 7 item collect dispensers every rotation from different quests, I have suggested else where that these are changed to only give 1 expansion instead of all 7, works out nicely as their are currently 7 expanssion (not includeing ToV) with collects. While I can understand they don't want to kill the market place, but there are many of the older collects that are never for sale and are rather rare. Crypt ones from TMB, Oversized from SW in EoK spring to mind as the worse sets to collect. It may even open up the market a bit more with some of the older collects once again showing up in the market place for those who don't want to do Overseer.

    Overseer could be a great catch up tool, with a few adjustments to rewards. There are plenty of things which could be added to the vendor which would help players out, there are a lot of older clickes which while they do not add much to the player they help without being over powering.

    I would also suggest adding GMM HF to Overseer, both raid and group ones, very few managed to get the raid set finished and they are as far as I am aware the only ones which are not anywhere on a vendor.

    Prices are high, but I'm sure with some calm logical arguements we can show DPG those items which are over priced.
  7. That0neguy Augur

    Very well thought out. Would be nice to have an open conversation about this with the dev team. I wish this much thought had gone into it originally. Hopefully they are willing to take the feedback and improve the system.
  8. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Many are still working on the Artisan aug, which means maxing out most tradeskills to 350. A lot of the recipes require very rare componants and an awful lot of grey killing, not to mention a lot of sub combines. I'm personally down to 78 recipes needed for tailoring to max it out and I've looked at those recipes and I don't fancy farming any of them! I need something like 600 Blacksmithing recipes and again I don't fancy farming any of that stuff either. Overseer is making RoS blacksmithing and tailoring easier, ores, silks and pelts from doing the research quest are a great help, they maybe expensive to make but not going out and farming greys or needing a group to do old stuff makes it a slow but easy way to get things moving again. 15 pelts or ores or 128 silks work out at 7 possible new recipes (1 for each slot) to learn, RoS recipes were by class so that is a lot of pelts/ores/silks needed but also a lot of possible recipes to learn, 7 classes use tailoring (4 cloth, 3 leather), with the remainders all needing smithing for chain & plate, it will take a while to get what I need with their only being 1or 2 quests per rotation, but it sure beats trying to get a group together to farm them.

    Hope this explains the TS needs a bit better for your. :)
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  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I'm only commenting on things that I'm responsible for. Internal to overseer rewards (recruits, recover, convert) are the responsibility of a different designer.

    The amount also increases by LEVEL, so a level 5, Elite, 36 hour quest will offer 4800 Tetradrachms
    Also there is a case that makes more than your estimated efficient player at 8000 a day. Someone who buys quest completions can do more a day (I'm told up to 20, though that may not be correct with retrieve, recruit, and convert quests where you can't get coin).
    my original prices were based on that, but there is internal discussion that the unattuner and token are vastly UNDER priced on the loyalty vendor. The new pricing was based on a perception of actual value of those items. I'll still bring up the fact that we **may** have swung too far the other direction. (I can make no promises)
    Overall. A maybe, though the pricing will be under discussion. It was definitely a thought, but time was in issue.
    And don't forget you own estimation of 4000 currency a day for casual play, much less the twice that of focused play... we don't want to give out full sets in one week of overseer work.
    we do that, but as I mentioned there is also LEVEL. so, it is a three dimensional "curve" (It's cal;led something else when it's three dimensional, but, that's not important so I'll just say curve) that at the higher end results in 100%. Crits even give you a 100% AND currency at the HIGH end of the 3D "curve"
    I definitely considered older, but time stopped me :)
    for the way the system works, I'd probably be consistent and give all of them to all "Worker" rewards (Harvesting, Crafting, Research) overall, Harvesting and Research offer longer quests so they would inherently get the "more" side of listed components
  10. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I really appreciate the response Ngreth.

    Good to know regarding the levels of the missions. I had assumed levels only changed the types of missions you were offered but it sounds like it amplifies the rewards as well which is a good thing.

    I think the resurrection token price for loyalty really is pretty reasonable considering the availability players have with mercenary Rezzes and how inefficient a combat rez is now a days. The Unattuner I was honestly shocked to see the price on it on the overseer vendor. Due to how gear inflates each expansion there isn’t much value in gear that isn’t max level. For example I don’t think a ton of people are after TDS or EoK chase loot still now a days since the groupable gear is better. But that’s a minor point in my post.

    I do hope you consider the other group currency from past expansions. While I understand your concern with players getting a full set of gear in a week of overseer play, I don’t see any issue with someone getting say... a full set of TBM gear and Augs in a few months of only Overseer play. Or a full set of EoK Type Augs in only a few months of Overseer play. I agree that you shouldn’t be getting full sets on more current expansions, but that’s why you could scale up the price on currency. Doing so would allow the system to be useful for a level 85 heroic person returning who wants full gear sets from expansions 4-5 years old and also useful for someone who is level 115 and casual but could use one or two new Type 5 heroic Augs from more recent expansions.

    I did notice after I made the post one of my rewards saw a 50% collectible chance. So it sounds like that was already incorporated! A+!

    As tradeskills have greater and greater impact on gameplay I do think offering a bit of a short cut to returning or casual members towards 350 skill by offering some overseer reward options for rare grey-con dropped components from past expansions would be a good idea! I hope to see some of these make it to live in future patches when more time is available.
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  11. Vigilance New Member

    I'll only comment on this, because in it's current state, the Overseer function is dead, but now you're talking like you'll be increasing prices on rez tokens and unattuners on loyalty vendor?

    Nothing says thanks for the years of loyalty like taking away from the loyal customer.
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  12. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    That’s not what he said. Just that they felt they made a mistake in the past with prices. People are so negative about everything!
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  13. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    Are we supposed to be getting those? Nothing I have 3's or 4's in have ever given me above a level 1 quest.
  14. That0neguy Augur

    Thank you Ngreth for engaging in this discussion with us. Just the fact that you can share that the rewards do go up is a huge bit of information. I know the team prefers us to figure it out on our own. But when you look at the prices and the amount of Tetra's you award currently without knowing they go up, there is 0 reason to even invest in leveling the system up to ever find out that there are higher levels of rewards.

    In regards to other items for sale. This has to be implemented for the vast majority of people to use this system. Not everyone that needs to catchup plays on live or is at the end game. There needs to be a range of rewards for everyone from 85 to 115 and they need to be available during that expansion or at the very least 1 behind the current expansion they are in.

    If you look at the OMM brews specifically (and since I am not aware of any other rewards other then the Hstat Augs), as you currently have them implemented it would take someone about 200 days to get one of the mid tier items. Then you moved these to only be available in VoA where that gear has 0 value as the group gear obtainable during that era is far superior and faster to get. I think everyone can agree that a full set of armor in a week is too fast. 1-2 items a week is probably pretty reasonable.
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  15. MyShadower All-natural Intelligence

    The unattuner is not really something I think about but it seems reasonable an item like that get adjusted upwards based on how much they give away in tokens. The rez token increase makes a lot of sense. You can battle rez for 96% with them...any class can click and rez any other player at any time. Out of combat, anyone can already merc rez and get a 96% for next to nothing. Rezzing out of combat is a quality of life thing, battle rezzing is balance changing.

    It reminds of how they went crazy with fade powers then rolled them back.
  16. That0neguy Augur

    I think you are looking at the rank or level of the agents Job. The number in the ( ). The level Ngreth is talking about is of the quest itself which I believe is based on your progress level that can been seen in the stats tab.

    It is not very intuitive and the tutorial doesn't really cover it. It would of been really good to have a help button that linked to a support article or wiki that described the system in much greater detail.
  17. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    I play almost exclusively on test. We've been playing with this system for a while, including being able to mass retire agents for overseer XP thanks to testcopying tens or hundreds of thousands of tetra 2-3 times a day and buying commons once it hit live. (And since I'm not on FV as a live server, atm I can only do about half that a day, but since collection boxes arent worth taking any more, itll go a lot faster with tetra collection to copy for the copies I can do, I suppose)

    I know what level he's talking about, and I know I've never seen anything above level 1.
  18. Greymantle Augur

    Well thought out post . Thanks for that. I Like the idea of the targeted tradesklill rares from LDON and the jewelcrafting stuff.
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  19. Krool Lorekeeper

    Fragments of legendary Alaran history being added as a reward option at an attainable rate would make me a very happy Ogre.
  20. Vigilance New Member

    You can get a guaranteed 4 fragments in about an hour, every 6 hours, for an entire group. VOA - Pillars missions.

    Plus any that drop from kills.

    Next expansion should just be alaran, level it like the rest of us.